Will Grey’s Anatomy have a 20th season? Other Updates of the Series

On March 27, 2005, Grey’s Anatomy, an American medical drama on ABC, started its second half of the season. The word “Grey’s Anatomy” refers to Henry Gray’s famous textbook of the same name, which came out in London in 1858. Fans will soon be able to watch Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Shonda Rhimes came up with the idea for the show’s pilot and wrote for it until 2015. Krista Vernoff is in charge of the show now. She has worked with Rhimes before.

Even though the show is in Seattle, Washington, most of it was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Los Angeles, California. Here is everything you need to know about Grey’s Anatomy Season 20.

Grey's Anatomy

Will Grey’s Anatomy have a 20th season?

According to RadioTimes, ABC has said there will be a 20th season of Grey’s Anatomy. It was announced in March of this year that the show would be back for another season. Meg Marinis would take over Krista Vernoff’s job as producer. If the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, has anything to say about it, we may be able to watch Grey’s Anatomy for many years.

When will the 20th season of Grey’s Anatomy come out?

We don’t know when season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy will be available on Disney Plus in the UK, but we can make a good guess.

Based on how the previous seasons came out, the new season is expected to air on ABC in the US at the end of September or the beginning of October 2023. The UK started showing season 19 just a few weeks after it did in the US.

If season 20 follows the same trend, it might come out in the UK by the end of October 2023. Once a release date is official, we’ll keep this page current.

Grey's Anatomy

Cast of Grey’s Anatomy Season 20

Right after the end of season 19, there were rumours that several longtime Grey’s Anatomy cast members would be back for season 20. TV Line says Chandra Wilson, who plays Miranda Bailey,

  • James Pickens Jr., who plays Richard Webber,
  • Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo Wilson,
  • Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, and
  • Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia Shepherd,
  • Kim Raver, who plays Teddy Altman

have all renewed their contracts so far.

will also be in season 20. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s likely that Harry Shum Jr. (Benson “Blue” Kwan), Adelaide Kane (Jules Millin), Niko Terho (Lucas Adams), Alexis Floyd (Simone Griffith), and Midori Francis (Mika Yasuda), who all played important roles in season 19 and the finale, will return as Grey-Sloan Memorial’s impressionable interns.

Chris Cormack (who plays Atticus Lincoln) and Jaicy Elliot (who plays Taryn Helm) are also expected to return now that their relationships with Jo and Mika are stronger. Given how important Catherine Fox is to the hospital and how she is married to Richard, it’s likely that Debby Allen will also play her part again.

Grey's Anatomy

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What will happen in Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy?

OpenmediaHub says that Grey’s Anatomy, an American medical drama on TV, started on ABC on March 27, 2005. It filled in for the original show’s first season, which had already started. This medical story shows the lives of surgical residents, attendings, and trainees. It helps them balance their personal and work responsibilities while they move up in the medical field.

The main character is Meredith Grey, who works as a doctor. He wants to be a surgeon like his father, Dr Ellis Grey, who is one of the best doctors in the world. Meredith and the other doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital deal with many personal and professional problems throughout the series.

The first season was fantastic. It had just the right amount of heart and humour, even though the hospital was full of horrible people. The never-ending personal problems of the main characters, on the other hand, got old after a while. In Season 19, a lot has happened. Meredith left the town where she was born and raised to become a famous surgeon in Boston and look for a fix for Alzheimer’s there.

Grey's Anatomy

A group of interns who don’t get along very well are trying to return to the residency show. This is the family history of Blue, Jules, Mika, Simone, and Lucas Shepherd. Three of the five recruits live together in Meredith’s old house.

The other two secretly see each other, and this scene is starting to remind me a lot of Season 2. What problems will these new interns face in Season 20, and how will they make their teachers get grey hair? That is still not decided. In the next season, the show should stay true to its roots.

This focuses on the personal and professional lives of the doctors at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, even though it’s way too early to guess what will happen next. Also, the storyline from the last show of the 19th season will likely continue into the next season.

Is Grey’s Anatomy over after the 20th season?

After the show’s title is left, people still wonder if season 20 is the last. Good news: the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, told fans they have no plans to end it soon.

“I might be a very old lady by the time we get to the last season because it doesn’t seem to be stopping, which is great, and I feel like the world belongs to the fans, and the fans have been very clear about what they want,” she told Deadline.


The person who made Bridgerton also said, “It’s such a great show, and it’s doing so well as it goes on. I’m going to leave it alone and see where it goes. We’ll keep doing the show as long as everyone wants to be there and the fans want to be there.”

Where can I watch Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy?

Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy is expected to air on the ABC TV Network in either 2023 or 2024-2025. It will also be available to watch on Netflix.

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