Physical Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Expected Plot and Trailer

Season 3 of Physical has begun, so grab your bright leggings and get ready to sweat. The current season of the dark comedy on Apple TV Plus starring Rose Byrne will be the show’s last. Annie Weisman’s 1980s-set Physical follows Sheila, a struggling housewife who discovers an odd source of power in aerobic exercise.

We’ve watched Sheila leave her unhappy marriage, associate with sketchy characters, and face her demons on the path to building an exercise empire. So, what exactly does her future hold? Everything you need to know about the third season of Physical.

Physical Season 3

When will Physical Season 3 be available?

According to WhattoWatch, On Wednesday, August 2, brand new episodes of Physical season 3 will debut exclusively on Apple TV Plus. On August 2, they will drop the first two episodes all at once, and every week after that, we’ll drop a new one. Season 3 of Physical will conclude on September 27 with the final episode’s release.

Who Are the Cast Members of Physical Season 3?

Image from Apple TV+’s third “Physical” season starring Zooey Deschanel. Rory Scovel co-stars with Rose Byrne as Sheila’s husband, Danny. Scovel’s recurrent performances on Inside Amy Schumer and Superstore have made him a household name. In addition, he co-starred with Margot Robbie in the Oscar-nominated epic Babylon. Paul Sparks is John Breem in the role.

Physical Season 3

Sparks has starred in critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, including The Greatest Showman and Mud. Dierdre Friel plays Ernie’s wife, Greta Hauser, and Lou Taylor Pucci plays Bunny Kazam’s boyfriend, Tyler.

Della Saba plays an aerobics instructor named Bunny Kazam. Zooey Deschanel, whose breakout role on New Girl ended, joins the cast of Physical this season as the show’s most notable new addition.

Deschanel’s character, Kelly Kilmartin, is a sitcom actress who has decided to branch out into the fitness industry to build her brand.

Physical Season 3

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Expected Plot of Physical Season 3?

Collider says that The teaser gives the impression that the arrival of Kelly Kilmartin and the mental turmoil it causes will be the story’s primary focus. Sheila’s battles with healthy eating will play a significant role in Season 3, creator Annie Weisman promises, because “recovery is never easy.”

Weisman added, “One thing that we’re talking about as we explore the idea of a third season is intimacy,” when speaking to Decider about the potential for a third season.

Physical Season 3

Not only in spiritual but also in romantic settings. It’s the concept of the relationship between hunger and desire. The more we learn about the story, the less it seems to be about food and more about passion and the body’s connection to the world.

Check out the Teaser for Physical Season 3!

On July 12, 2023, the first teaser for Season 3 of Physical premiered.

Physical — Season 3 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

In the opening scene, Sheila discusses her progress and resolve to improve. Her exercise routine is becoming national headlines, and her company branching out into new areas like meditation suggests things are swimmingly. Kelly Kilmartin, a rising fitness sensation, ends this fantasy. Sheila grows increasingly unstable, making it difficult for her to achieve professional and personal success.

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