Best TV Shows to Watch on Apple TV | November 2023

Apple TV is here giving tough competition to big names in content streaming sites like Netflix and Prime Video. The streaming giants are facing quite a time with Apple TV dropping some extraordinary content that the audience is running wild for.

Allow us to make things easier for you here and guide you on exactly what the best TV shows on Apple TV are currently. Let’s conquer this up-and-coming streaming platform – a giant in the making bit by bit.

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The Crowded Room

This classic whodunnit limited series is a must watch. Starring your friendly Spiderman, Tom Holland, this is no less than a treat for many.

The premise is simple. It’s the 70s, and a man, Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland) is arrested after a shooting incident in New York City. Is he entirely to be blamed for it? What made him play this role in the shooting?

The show spans 10 episodes but this show is the reason that Tom Holland took a break from acting for a year. Only the show solved our intrigue as to what made him do this.


We saw Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne and we were already prepared for the best to come and yes, the show served!

Sometimes all we want in life is someone who understands us despite all our ups and downs and gets why we just screw up at times. And that is all that Platonic is about.

Two college best friends Sylvia and Will, run their course after college, and years later, they come back together and sort out their differences. They become each other’s emotional support during the tough times. But it is the comedy that keeps it all fun and digestible for all. It’s Seth Rogen after all.

This is a must-watch. This will keep you motivated, so do not miss out.

The Morning Show

This Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and Reese Witherspoon starrer take its limelight on Apple TV.

The Morning Show is a breakfast news program that gains quite a good rating but everything doesn’t come to clean for things to stay on top. The show encapsulates the struggles of the #MeToo movement and its impact in the industry.

The show is a thrilling watch and needs to be added to your watch list.

Truth Be Told

Murder mysteries aren’t always fun to watch for all but this one cannot be missed especially with Octavia Spencer in the lead as Poppy Parnell, a podcaster formerly a journalist, so of course, this isn’t going to be something ordinary.

Poppy is reopening a 19-year-old case where a boy, Warren was indicted for a murder he had not committed. Since it was Poppy who had played a crucial role in portraying him as suspect and his indication, she means to rectify it all.

Will she be able to fix what she did? Or was she never wrong?

With a fantastic pace and story unraveling, the show is a must-watch on Apple TV.

Defending Jacob

What happens when an upper-class living Assistant District Attorney and his wife have their 14-year-old son, Jacob indicted for the murder of his classmate? Defending Jacob is all about finding out.

Unraveling the events of the before and after of the murder and how the parents might now need to shield their kid. The father, Chris Evans is fighting for it all, whereas Michelle Dockery wants to believe her son’s innocence but also questions everything along the way.

So, what really happened? Stream Defending Jacob on Apple TV to find out.

Ted Lasso

We really needed to end this list with something excellent and comedic. You deserve it for sure.

So, Apple TV brings Ted Lasso to you. The perfect comedic sketch that just makes it all the best for you. In all honesty, it is Jason Sudeikis who makes every moment worth the watch for us.

When Lasso gets hired as the manager of Tottenham, one of the leading soccer clubs in England, his southern American roots in this new country come with quite a clash. It is all that makes it even more interesting to watch. The comedy is on point, especially for sports fans.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all for our list of the best watches on Apple TV as of now. There is a lot more to unravel on the platform and you will get the update in due time. With that said, enjoy these TV shows that we have mentioned above and leave your verdict in the comments section below.

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