Who is Bert Kreischer’s girlfriend? Everything You Want to Know About His Wife

Bert Kreischer is a well-known American stand-up comedian, actor, and TV figure known for having a personality bigger than life. But every great man has a great woman behind him.

In this case, that woman is LeeAnn Kreischer, Bert Kreischer’s wife. Look more closely at what she does, who she is, and how she has helped her husband’s work.

LeeAnn Kreischer is a talented film writer, director, and podcast host. She is married to Bert Kreischer. She is a respected figure in the entertainment business because she has worked on well-known TV shows and movies.

Bert Kreischer's girlfriend

Who is Bert Kreischer’s girlfriend?

LeeAnn Kreischer is an actor, writer, podcaster, and social media star from the United States. She is known for her show, Wife of the Party, which talks about family, kids, and marriage, among other things. She is married to the famous stand-up comic, podcaster, actor, and internet personality Bert Kreischer.

LeeAnn Kreischer Biography

She was born in the United States, in Bowdon, on August 19, 1971. Jimmy Kemp is LeeAnn Kreischer’s dad. On Instagram, she calls him “Papa J.” She was born in the United States and is white. She went to high school at Bowdon. Later, the writer went to the University of Georgia to study writing and get a degree.

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What kind of work does LeeAnn Kreischer do?

She is from the United States and works as an actress, podcaster, writer, and social media star. She started as an author. She helped write the teen comedy My Biggest Fan, which had members of the Dream Street Band in it and came out in 2002. As an actor, she is known for her part as a nurse in the short film Destiny Stalled (2000).

Bert Kreischer's girlfriend

How did Bert Kreischer meet LeeAnn Kreischer?

LeeAnn and Bert Kreischer met in Hollywood, where they both worked, in 2003. When they saw each other for the third time, the film writer was amazed by Bert and started to like him. She then asked her friend, Bert’s roommate, to give Bert her phone number. LeeAnn was waiting for Bert to call, but five days later, he still hadn’t.

So, she called her friend to find out what was happening with Bert. She discovered he was new to dating and didn’t know how to talk to her. Then LeeAnn talked him into it, and they started going out. The two people have been together since they got married in December 2003.

Bert Kreischer's girlfriend

How many kids do LeeAnn and Bert Kreischner have?

A year after they married in 2004, they had their first girl, Georgia. After three years, they had Ila, their youngest daughter. The girls were recently on their mom’s show, where they talked about Georgia’s tattoos, the family feud, and other exciting things.


LeeAnn Kreischer makes podcasts, writes, and is well-known on social media. She has two children with her husband, Bert Kreischer, whom she married in 2003. Bert is a stand-up comedian and podcaster known for his Open Tabs, and Something’s Burning shows.

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