Who is Beabadoobee dating in 2023? All You Want to Know About Her Love Life

Beabadoobee had already found the person they were looking for. She was dating a director named Soren. We don’t have a lot of information about her connection.

Even so, the two people feel more safe calling each other their best friend than calling themselves a couple. Soren is also the main force behind many of her popular songs, such as Coffee and many others. Currently, she is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend.


Who is Beabadoobee dating in 2023?

According to HollywoodWorth, Beabadoobee is dating her boyfriend as of 2023. Jacob Erland is the name of her boyfriend right now. There aren’t many clues about how long they’ve been together because the singer has chosen to keep that information private.

Jacob is the head of photography in London, so you should know that. His Instagram account is named @jakerland, with more than 10.8k followers.

He has also been there for his girlfriend, and Beabadoobee has addressed him in some of her Instagram posts. Also, we can see Beabadoobee in a few of Jacob’s Instagram posts. So, we think Beabadoobee and her boyfriend Jacob are doing well in their relationship behind closed doors.


Have Beabadoobee and Soren split?

There’s a rumour on the internet that Bea and Soren broke up, and some sources say it’s true. Beabadoobee is the stage name of British-Filipina singer and songwriter Beatrice Laus.

People have already started sharing the rumour that Bea and Soren broke up, even though neither has said anything about it on the internet.

Beabadoobee and Soren

They look like they want to know what’s going on. We won’t know if the internet rumours are true or not until one of them tells their viewers and friends what’s going on.

More About Beabadoobee

Beabadoobee was born on June 3, 2000, in Iloilo City, Philippines. When she was three, she went to London with her parents. She grew up in West London, where she listened to music from the Philippines and pop and rock from the 1980s. She listened to bands like Karen O, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Florist, and Alex G when she was young.

Before she finished her 13th year at Hammersmith Academy, she was forever excluded from Sacred Heart High School. This is the official term for being kicked out of school in the UK.


Laus took violin lessons for seven years before she bought her first guitar used when she was 17. She learned how to play the guitar from YouTube lessons made by other good guitarists.

Kimya Dawson and the music from the movie Juno made her want to make music.

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Beabadoobee Career Highlights

Beabadoobee taped her first song, “Coffee,” in a friend’s bedroom in September 2017 and put it on YouTube. Even though she planned to show it to her friends, the song quickly got over a hundred thousand views. They hired him in early 2018. That same year, she put two EPs on the label: Lice in March and Patched Up in December.

She wanted her music to sound bigger, so she brought in a bassist, Louis Semlekan-Faith, a drummer, and Jacob Bugden, a guitarist. In April 2019, Beabadoobee released the Loveworm EP, produced by former Vaccines drummer Pete Robertson.

It gave her songs a heavier grunge and shoegaze sound, and in July, an acoustic version called “Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions)” came out. The Space Cadet EP, released in October of that year and again produced by Robertson, was an even louder tribute to indie and alt-rock from the 1990s.

Beabadoobee was still doing well in 2020. Along with a February tour with labelmates, 1975, Powfu’s song “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head),” which sampled “Coffee,” became a viral hit with billions of plays after a social media meme used it.

The song was in the top five in several countries, including the UK and the US. It also got gold and platinum certifications in some of those countries.


Beabadoobee’s first record, Fake It Flowers, came out in October. It was built on the alt-rock-meets-pop sound of Space Cadet, produced by Robertson and mixed by Joseph Rodgers.

The record did well in the charts in Australia, Japan, and the US, and Harry Styles and Taylor Swift became fans. In May 2021, Beabadoobee returned with a new EP called Our Extended Play EP. She wrote and produced the EP with Matty Healy and George Daniel in 1975.

It includes the song “Last Day on Earth,” about the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, she worked with Budgen on her second record. While in quarantine, she used the time to write songs about her painful past that used folk, bossa nova, and hip-hop styles.

Jacob Erland

Beatopia, named after the made-up world she made when she was seven years old, came out in July 2022. It had input from Daniel, Healy, PinkPantheress, and Georgia Ellery of Black Country, New Road. Beabadoobee is a person who uses social media. As of 2023, she has more than 170,000 fans on Twitter and 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

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