Is Youtuber EDP445 Dead Or Alive? Kidney Failure Claim Explored

There are new rumours online that the former YouTuber EDP445 is dead. Since it came out that the content creator had inappropriate conversations with girls under the age of 18, he has gotten a bad image online. Netizens are still very interested in his life, though.

Surprisingly, some friends went on the internet and said he had died. But the rumours are not even close to being true. The internet character is still going strong.


Who is EDP445 ?

Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland, who went by the online name EDP445 when he was young, was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 15, 1990. In June 2010, he started posting videos on YouTube of himself cooking, reviewing items, cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles, playing video games, vlogging about his life, and speaking about things.

At first, sports fans liked the online personality because of his comments and some of his videos went viral. Because he was honest and didn’t waste words, he was a great choice for internet jokes, which helped him become even more well-known. Videos like “I Flooded the Toilet in Chipotle” and “Nearly S****ed on Myself at School” were popular.


But Moreland was accused of sending inappropriate texts to a minor in July 2020. He was caught in April 2021, which got him kicked off YouTube and shut down all his channels. He was told he couldn’t return to the site, and his online presence was erased. But no one has said that he has been charged with a crime. Moreland has said that he is innocent and was “set up”.

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Is EDP445 alive or dead?

EDP445 is from the United States and was a popular YouTuber and web star. In addition to his major shows, he had YouTube channels about food and games. The controversial YouTube star was well-known, and there have been rumours that he died lately. So, is he living or dead?

HITC confirms that YouTuber EDP445, who goes by Deyione, is still alive. People, you heard it here: EDP445 is still alive.

After his arrest, the star has been trying to make a comeback online over the past few months. He has been making a comeback with the help of social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.


“EDP445 dead” is a popular hashtag on Twitter and TikTok.

Because the death rumour spread so quickly online, “EDP445 dead” became a popular hashtag on Twitter and TikTok. Many people believed the fake news because the ex-YouTuber had said on a live stream that he was in stage five kidney failure.

But, according to The Sun, he is still very much living and plans to get back into his online work. Reports say that he made a TikTok account in February 2022, which quickly grew to more than 170,000 fans. According to other accounts, he may have also tried to make a comeback on Facebook and Instagram.


When did the rumour start to spread?

The YouTuber has made popular videos, like “I Flooded the Toilet in Chipotle” and “Nearly S****ed on Myself at School.” Based on current statistics, the fake news about his death spread around May 10, 2023

. But some tweets say the rumour started earlier, at the beginning of March. Even though there was no official proof to back up the false rumours, many people began to express their sorrow and thoughts about EDP445’s death. In December 2022, there was supposedly another fake death rumour about the former blogger, which caused a similar social media frenzy.

“Celebrating death is wrong.”

When the story spread online, people had a lot of different things to say about it. A person wrote, “Bro, this EDP445 death thing has to be fake #cupcake.” The second user wrote, “I’m watching EDP445 get beat to death because he agreed to keemstar’s boxing match.”


While a third user wrote, “It doesn’t matter if he did bad things in the past; it’s not right to celebrate his death.” Well, damn, where was all that support for EDP445‘s diagnosis? I guess you have to do something special to be praised for being sure to die.

YouTuber says he has stage five kidney failure’

Even though the rumours that EDP445 is dead were not true, there are now reports that the star is in stage five kidney failure. EDP445 went live on Instagram to dispel the rumours that he had died and let everyone know he is still living. During the video, the former YouTuber said he had kidney trouble.

As proof that he was sick, he showed a bruise on his neck where he said a catheter had been put in. He also showed a big piece of medical gauze and tape on his chest. But after his Instagram Live session, people have started to doubt whether or not what he says is true.


Current Status of EDP445

Some accounts say that EDP445 currently lives in Henderson, Nevada. He moved from Bakersfield, California, where he had lived for most of his life, after it came out that he was a paedophile. He said he had moved to a new place to start a new job and life. He also planned to make more videos and start a new YouTube account.

But he has had to deal with many problems along the way as he tries to rebuild his job and reputation. He can’t use social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter because he broke their rules and terms of service. Chet Goldstein, who was part of the group that caught him in the sting operation, sued him for defamation and abuse.

Also, many online and offline people have said bad things about him and how he acts. He has lost many friends and followers because they stopped subscribing to his website or asked for their money back. Many of his friends and people who worked with him have also cut ties with him or spoken out against him. He is now one of the people people hate and dislike the most on the internet.



EDP445 is still alive in 2023. He is still living well but has a lot of trouble and problems. He has been in several scandals and controversies that have hurt his online business and reputation. People have said that he likes to hurt children and that he lies. He has been banned from several social media sites, and one of his victims has sued him.

Many of his friends and allies have turned against or left him. People who wanted to mess with or make fun of him made up the rumours that he was dead. There is no proof or information to support the claim that he died. There’s also no reason to think he will die from his kidney disease since he says he’s fine and is getting care.

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