The Devil May Cry Anime Adaptation Release Date Update on Netflix: What We’ve Know So Far

At its Drop 01 animation showcase on Wednesday, Netflix unveiled the announcement trailer for Devil May Cry, a new animated adaptation of the popular Capcom hack and slash action series. The upcoming anime, executive produced by Adi Shankar (Castlevania) and written by Alex Larsen (Yasuke), will consist of 8 episodes produced by Studio MIR. Studio MIR is known for their previous work on such shows as The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks, Young Justice, and Harley Quinn.

Devil May Cry | Official Announcement | DROP 01 | Netflix

Based on the limited footage shown in the trailer, the upcoming remake of Devil May Cry appears to draw heavily from the plot of Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, which is set ten years prior to the first game’s events. The story follows a young Dante as he combats a demonic invasion of Earth and confronts his brother Vergil in an intense sword fight. While the trailer doesn’t provide much context, it’s clear that this adaptation will stay true to the source material.

Back in 2007, studio Madhouse (Trigun, One-Punch Man) produced a 12-episode anime series adaptation of Devil May Cry directed by Shin Itagaki (2016’s Berserk). The anime was set between the events of the original Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2. It showcased Dante working as a devil hunter for hire and featured self-contained stories.

Netflix’s Devil May Cry Anime Produced by Adi Shankar: Latest Updates and Details

Netflix has finally confirmed that Adi Shankar’s highly-anticipated anime adaptation of the popular video game, Devil May Cry, will be available on their streaming service. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this news and can now look forward to the release. While details are still scarce, here’s everything we know so far about Devil May Cry on Netflix.
Devil May Cry, one of Capcom’s most beloved video game franchises, was brought to life by Hideki Kamiya. With 14 titles released in the past 22 years, including special editions, HD remasters, and mobile games, Devil May Cry has sold over 29 million copies worldwide.

Adi Shankar, the executive producer of the upcoming anime adaptation on Netflix, has also created the series, in collaboration with his animation studio, Shankar Animation, and South Korean animation studio, Studio Mir. Shankar is no stranger to Netflix, having already made waves with his highly successful anime series, Castlevania, where he also held the position of executive producer.

In October 2018, Adi Shankar dropped a hint about the possibility of an anime adaptation of the popular video game, Devil May Cry. A month later, it was confirmed that Shankar would indeed be helming the project. However, little information has been released since then, with the latest update coming in October 2021, revealing that Alex Larson had been brought on board as a writer for the series.

Adi Shankar has exciting news for fans as he has revealed that the story of the show will be told over a “multi-season arc.” This means that viewers can expect more than just the initial eight episodes of the season.

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‘Devil May Cry’ anime series: What will its plot look like?

The Devil May Cry Anime Adaptation
The Devil May Cry Anime Adaptation

Dante will be at the center of the action in Devil May Cry, with the entire world’s future resting on his shoulders.

Sinister forces are relentlessly attempting to open the gateway between the human and demon worlds, which poses a grave threat to humanity. At the center of this chaos is an orphaned demon hunter who remains unaware of the significant role he plays in the ongoing conflict.

As per a report by Anime News Network, Shankar and Larsen, who are the producers of the show, finalized the script for the first season of the series in November 2021. It has been officially announced that the series will have several seasons, with the first one comprising of eight episodes. The first season will primarily revolve around the popular characters of the video game franchise, namely Dante, Vergil and Lady.

The devil-may-care attitude of Dante takes center stage in the recently released trailer, showcasing unseen combat that has fans eagerly anticipating the series. Many are left wondering who will be voicing the iconic demon hunter, as the voice cast has yet to be unveiled.

When will Netflix’s ‘Devil May Cry’ premiere?

At the moment, the release date for the upcoming anime series on Netflix has not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, it falls under the category of ‘Coming Soon’ on the streaming platform, which suggests that an official release date may be announced in the coming months.

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