Is American Singer Raz B Gay? A Deep Dive Into His Sexuality!

Raz B’s sexuality has been quite contentious throughout the years. Speculation persists that at least one member of the R&B band B2K is gay. Learn everything you need to know about the sexual orientation of Raz B below.

Is Raz B gay?

According to TMR, Raz B is not gay. He claims that a pedophile abused him in the bedroom. Raz B had claimed that his former manager Chris Stokes and cousin and ex-B2K member Marques Houston had sexually abused him as a child. In 2018, Raz B claimed that Stokes and Houston used him and the other B2K members by forcing them to engage in sexual practices in a video he posted online.


Both Stokes and Houston have disputed the claims made by Raz B. Many of the singer’s enemies have falsely claimed that he is gay because of Raz B’s accusations. Because he has never dated a man, we cannot conclude that he is gay. It’s easy to assume that Raz B is not gay, as he has solely dated women in the past.

Raz-B Discusses Being Gay or Straight

Recently, Raz B gave a lengthy interview to Vlad TV in which he discussed the rise and fall of B2K, the group’s financial troubles, and the sexual misconduct charges he made against the group’s former manager, Chris Stokes, and others.

In his first interview back in the United States in more than seven years, Raz discussed the rumours and truth about the dissolution of B2K and whether or not the band will reform.

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As he has already admitted to having sex with males, the musician addressed whether he identifies with the LGBTQ community. He also discusses his accusations against other male celebrities, such as Bow Wow, Chris Brown, and Ray J, as per reports of JojoCrews.


Who Is Raz B Dating Now?

It seems like Raz B is on his right now. His Instagram account does not indicate that he is currently in a relationship. Kallee Brookes was reportedly his most recent girlfriend in 2019.


Dating History of Raz B

In 2019, Raz B and Kallee Brookes started dating. However, they had already broken up that year. In 2019, police in Minneapolis detained Raz B on accusations of domestic violence against his girlfriend and interference with a 911 call.


In exchange for bail, he confessed to two counts of domestic violence. He must complete a domestic violence program and serve a three-year probationary period.

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