Is Billie Eilish Pregnant? Find the Truth Behind the Rumors on Social Media

Billie Eilish, the talented singer known for her soulful music and unique style, has always garnered attention from her fans regarding her personal life. Recently, speculations about her being pregnant surfaced after an interview where she discussed her desire to have children in the future. However, clarifying that the 20-year-old artist is not pregnant is essential. Let’s delve into the details and debunk the pregnancy rumours surrounding Billie Eilish.

Is Billie Eilish Pregnant?

No, Billie Eilish is not pregnant. VentureJolt notes that Fans are just making up this story. But Eilish hasn’t told anyone about her baby in a personal way. Below is a link to her most recent Instagram post, in which she looks slim and fit. When asked if she wanted to have children, the singer said, “I would rather die than not have children.” “I need them.”

is billie eilish pregnant

She knows, though, that having a child comes with responsibilities and other tasks. Billie’s statement shows that she wants to be a mom or dad someday, but that doesn’t mean she is a mom or dad right now. She has also not said when she wants to have a baby. But that hasn’t stopped the rumours from spreading like flames on social media.

A fake pregnancy rumour spread on TikTok about the singer, just like it did about other artists who looked like her. Some people shared fake sonograms that said they were from famous artists.

When she and her brother stood on the red carpet for the Oscars in 2022, the Internet was full of ridiculous rumours that she was pregnant. Billie is not pregnant, and she has never been. Even so, it’s clear that she wants to be one day.

Why is Billie Eilish’s question about being pregnant so popular?

Eilish first admitted that she had been shamed for her body more than once. Because of this, this star is often seen in public wearing baggy, loose clothes that some online rumour mongers have confused for “maternity wear.” Some of her fans think she is pregnant because her clothes are loose.

Rumors About Billie Eilish Pregnancy on Social Media 

After Billie went to the Oscars, rumours spread that she had faked being pregnant. This took the attention away from her and her brother’s win for best original song—Billie’s choice of clothes led to the false stories. Gucci made a ruffled dress just for Eilish. Some of her fans thought the dress was a way to hide her baby bump.

is billie eilish pregnant

Others spread the rumours by saying that Bellie always held her stomach when she posed for photos. Billie was probably showing off her jewellery to the cameras and not holding on to a fake baby bump. Eilish didn’t say why she wore that dress, but it’s unlikely that it was to hide a baby bump.

Billie isn’t the only famous person whose dress choices have led to rumours that she is pregnant. Some people on the Internet recently thought Madonna was pregnant because of how the dress she wore to Britney Spears’ wedding looked.

Eilish isn’t pregnant right now, but she told The Times UK that she’d love to have kids in the future, even though she always wished being a parent.

While Billie looks forward to being a mother, she also acknowledges the challenges and responsibilities of parenting. As she matures and gains life experiences, she contemplates the uncertainties of guiding her future child through the complexities of life. Like any parent, she wonders about handling situations when her child’s perspective differs from hers.

Unfortunately, celebrities like Billie Eilish are often targets of baseless rumours on social media. She previously fell victim to a pregnancy hoax on TikTok, where fake sonograms were circulated to create unnecessary buzz.

is billie eilish pregnant

With her hands on her belly, the singer’s pose on the Oscars 2022 red carpet further fueled speculations. However, it’s essential to remember that Billie is not pregnant, and these rumours lack factual basis.

The Misleading Snapchat Headline

The PinkNews headline on Snapchat read, “WTF?! Billie Eilish had a baby?! 😱,” leaving fans bewildered and curious about the singer’s possible pregnancy. Upon further investigation, it becomes clear that the headline is misleading, and the truth lies in the story’s content.

Upon clicking into the Snapchat story, fans realized no videos or stories about Billie Eilish having a child. Instead, the compilation of fan-made videos featured unrelated content, including fans’ interpretations of Billie’s music and style.

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Who is Billie Eilish dating currently?

TheNetLine comments that Eilish is now single after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce. In April 2021, people saw Billie and Matthew getting close while buying coffee in Santa Barbara, California. This made people think they were dating. A little more than a year later, Matthew posted on Instagram to say that they had broken up.

He wrote, “Nobody cheated on anyone. Relationships end. Simple as that. Creating rumours and LYING on the internet is dangerous.” After the news came out, actor Vorce got a lot of bad feedback, which made him say that Eilish’s fans were being mean.

He typed: “The fact that thousands of people take time out of their day to write the most heinous things on someone they will never knows post is the most cowardly thing you can possibly do. Live your own life.”


Netizens quickly got Matthew off his high horse by showing him offensive things he said about gay and Black people in social media posts. Vorce noted that he was “ashamed and deeply sorry” about the files. He also told:

“I shouldn’t have used this language in the first place .I won’t use it again. I am so sorry for the hurt I have caused. I take full responsibility and continue to hold myself accountable for my actions.”

Eilish is not in a relationship, and she has talked about how great it is to be single. Billie told Rolling Stone she was doing great and ‘happier than ever’ after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Adams. Eilish also said:

“I didn’t know how [to live on her own] before, which is ironic because I had never been in a relationship that allowed me to really exist with that person anyway. My emotion always is because of somebody else’s, and that had been such a big pain in the ass.”

Besides the pregnancy rumours, Billie Eilish’s personal life has been in the spotlight due to her relationship with Matthew Tyler. They were romantically linked in April 2021 and maintained a private dating life throughout their relationship. In May 2022, Matthew confirmed their split on Instagram, refuting any cheating rumours and emphasizing the natural course of relationships.



As fans continue to admire Billie Eilish for her remarkable talent, it’s crucial to differentiate between her honest desire to be a mother in the future and the unfounded rumours of her being pregnant now.

Billie’s openness about her aspirations does not warrant baseless speculations. We should respect her privacy and celebrate her music and artistry without indulging in gossip. Let us look forward to the remarkable career that lies ahead for this extraordinary young artist.

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