Who is Lil Dicky Girlfriend in 2023? Find More Details About Kristin Batalucco

People like the FXX comedy show Dave, which is partly based on the life of rapper Lil Dicky. But does his real-life dating past match what he plays on screen?

Many fans think that Ally, Lil Dicky’s love interest on the show, is based on Molly, his real-life ex-girlfriend. We examined his life in depth to compare and contrast his real and made-up ex-wives. Find out if Ally’s character is true to life and if Lil Dicky ever got a new girlfriend.

Lil Dicky

Who is Lil Dicky Girlfriend?

Eduvast states that Lil Dicky’s girlfriend is Kristin Batalucco. They made their relationship official in October 2022. Dave Burd, the actual name of Lil Dicky, updated his Instagram account to announce that he was in love.

A Look at Ally

Ally, a kindergarten teacher, is the girl Lil Dicky likes on Dave. In the first season, their relationship is always in trouble, and she is no longer his girlfriend by the second season. Taylor Misiak, who is also an actor, plays the part. Last year, the 29-year-old actress told AfterBuzz TV she had always wanted the role.

“A couple of years ago, we shot a music video called ‘Pillow Talking,'” she said. “And on set, he told me he wants to make a show about his life. I asked if I could try out for it when I had the chance. Misiak tried out for the show for six weeks before she got a spot on it.

She also said that her character would interest couples working in different areas. Misiak said, “Ally is ambitious, sure of herself, and smart.” “And to try to help someone who works in hip-hop, this is a different language. This is an entirely different place.”


Lil Dicky’s real-life ex includes a woman named Molly

In 2015, Lil Dicky put out the song “Molly.” The music video shows Dave Burd getting ready for his girlfriend Molly’s wedding, but Molly is going down the aisle for someone else. The rapper complains about choosing between love and desire with lines like, “Wanting you back, but the truth is I always put you second to rap. I’m not mad that you wouldn’t come.

And even though I had to move, I ain’t move on.” Wish you were a boo so I could show you wrong.” According to Suggest, Molly’s real name and identity are unknown, but Lil Dicky says she is a natural person in a 2016 Reddit Ask Me Anything. When asked how hard it was to put his job ahead of his girlfriend, he wrote:

“It wasn’t that hard to decide what to do because I knew what needed to be done. I knew I had to follow my dreams before I could do anything else. I don’t regret going into singing, and it wasn’t something I thought about.

Lil Dicky

Molly and I aren’t going to get married right now, but even if she had been my soul mate, I don’t think I would have been able to put her ahead of achieving my goals. So, making the choice wasn’t the hard part. It was having to deal with how things turned out.”

Is Ally’s personality based on how he feels about Molly?

Burd told Deadline in a video panel in June 2020 that Ally and Molly aren’t always the same person. “I had a girlfriend in real life when I first started rapping,” he said. “And I wouldn’t say that Ally is based on my girlfriend for sure. But I wanted my character to start Season 1 with a girlfriend because that’s something I can relate to…

Many times, it was hard for my relationship and my job to go in the same direction. t of fought with each other.” But it’s hard to ignore the similarities between his friendship on screen and the story he tells in “Molly.” After all, both of Lil Dicky’s girlfriends broke up with him while he was trying to follow his dreams.

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Lil Dicky and his girlfriend Kristin Relationship Timeline

In October 2022, Lil Dicky and his girlfriend Kristin took their relationship to the next level. Dave said that he was in love on Instagram. He posted several pictures of himself and his girlfriend Kristin with the message, “I’m in love!” Many people who agreed with him did so with great enthusiasm.

Lil Dicky

Many people thought that by picking this one, he had made the best choice. Gina Hecht, who played his mother in the movie, was one of the people who said something. Kristin’s mom, Georgie, put a picture of her daughter on Facebook on April 7, 2022. In the picture were the Bataluccos and Lil Dicky.

Georgie said they were in California to see Kristin and her boyfriend, Dave. Dave and Kristin have been dating for a while, which makes the Bataluccos very happy. Kristin Batalucco is a director who lives in the same house as Dave Burd. Dave and Batalucco made their Instagram relationship public in October 2022.

Lil Dicky is Dave Burd’s stage name. On March 15, 1988, he entered the world in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. One day, he chose to try rapping and kept at it until he was a big name in the hip-hop business.

He started making his first mixtape in 2011. Earth (2019) and Freaky Friday (2018) are just two of his many songs and music videos. The imaginary rapping version of Dave, who has his TV show, is based on him.

Kristin, the girlfriend of Lil Dicky, is into making movies.

Kristin Batalucco went to Michigan State University and got her degree there. Zerosun Pictures hired Batalucco for the first time in November 2011. In 2012, the company moved Kristin up from intern to assistant director. Batalucco worked for the Denver video firm for close to two years.


In June 2015, she started working for HBO, one of the most popular private TV networks in the United States. She was the company’s Vidosyncrasy and Silicon Valley 3.0 leader for six months. She was a producer for about four years and five months at 72 and Sunny before becoming independent.

Since January 2020, she has been a top producer on her own. Kristin Batalucco is the girlfriend of the rapper Lil Dicky. She was also in the 2012 short film Hometown. After 13 years away, a man goes back to his home town and finds that he has almost lost everything about his past. Kristin is the youngest of Mike and Georgie Batalucco’s three girls.

She is Jeff’s more youthful brother or sister. Jeff is the senior key account manager at DeLallo, where he works. She was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In October 2014, she moved to Los Angeles, California. We know nothing else about Kristin, little Dicky’s partner.

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