Who is Dacre Montgomery Girlfriend in 2023? Inside ‘Stranger Things’ Actor’s Love Life

Fans were still excited about Stranger Things season 4, so most thought the news about the show would be about the fifth season. Surprisingly, fans have only heard news about the star, Dacre Montgomery, this year.

The actor, who played Billy Hargrove in the hit series, has been getting more attention than usual lately. Even though Montgomery’s character on the show seems to hate women, in real life, he has been with the same woman for six years.

dacre montgomery girlfriend

Dacre Montgomery Bio

Name Dacre Montgomery
Real Name Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey
Date of Birth 22 November 1994
Age 28 years old
profession Australian actor
Birthplace Perth, Australia
Height 178 cm
Weight 77 kg
Girlfriend Liv Pollock

Who Is Dacre Montgomery’s Girlfriend?

According to Creeto, Liv Pollock is the girlfriend of Dacre Montgomery. Liv Pollock, an Australian model, has been dating Dacre Montgomery for a while. In April 2018, she said we both worked at the same place and knew the same people. They have been together for a few years and have been seen on the red carpet a few times, including at the Emmy Awards.

How did Liv Pollock and Dacre Montgomery meet?

In Perth, Australia, Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock met through people they knew in common. But they started talking on social media, which led to them getting together. Things between them got serious quickly, and Liv took a year off from college to move in with Dacre in Atlanta.

It’s clear that Montgomery and Pollock love each other very much and seem to support each other a lot. They own a house in his city worth several hundred thousand dollars. They look great together, and we hope the best for them. We hope that they will soon tie the knot.

Who is Liv Pollock?

J-14 reports that Liv Pollock is an Australian model with a growing presence in the fashion industry. Not much is known about her early life and background, as she prefers to keep a low profile. Liv gained attention in the media when she started dating Dacre Montgomery, which brought her into the spotlight.

Liv Pollock

Dacre Montgomery & Liv Pollock: The Love Story

Dacre and Liv often share glimpses of their relationship on Instagram and have been spotted attending red-carpet events together. In a heartwarming post in November 2019, Dacre expressed his love for Liv, referring to her as the “backbone” of everything he does and acknowledging her as his emotional support. He emphasized how Liv helps him stay grounded in the present and not take things too seriously.

Dacre Montgomery Reveals He Will Marry Girlfriend Liv Pollock

Liv and Dacre hail from the same hometown in Australia, making their connection even more special. They initially knew each other through mutual contacts from work and later started talking on social media, which led to the development of their relationship.

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Their Relationship and Public Appearances

Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock have been spotted together several times, attending events and sharing moments on social media. Despite their relatively private relationship, fans have shown immense support for the couple, admiring their chemistry and genuine affection for each other.

Apart from their personal lives, Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock advocate for important causes. Dacre has been vocal about mental health awareness, sharing his struggles and encouraging others to seek help. On the other hand, Liv has used her platform to promote body positivity and self-love, inspiring her followers to embrace their individuality.

Dacre and Olivia

Partners in Philanthropy

Liv and Dacre are not just a loving couple but also partners in philanthropy. They are associated with The Red Cross and have actively supported various initiatives, including fundraisers for the catastrophic fires in Australia.

Despite the limitations posed by COVID, they continue to work together with the organization and are eager to contribute physically to communities in need once the situation improves.

Dacre Montgomery Past Relationships

Before he met Liv, Dacre’s love life was primarily private, but he had his fair share of relationships like any young, famous actor. It’s a bit of a chance that Dacre Montgomery and his girlfriend met in the same year that his popularity went through the roof. Maybe Liv is Dacre’s lucky charm, after all.



Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock share a beautiful bond rooted in shared values, design passion, and a commitment to making a positive impact through philanthropy. As a couple, they exemplify love, support, and dedication to each other and the causes they believe in.

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