Is Luke James gay? What’s the truth behind the Gay Rumors About the Musician

LGBT people have always been a big part of the performance arts. Many LGBTQ celebrities are not pressured to hide their sexuality or gender identity. Society and the entertainment business have come a long way in dealing with and accepting sexual identity.

But as more and more people came out as gay, others, like Luke James, were wrongly accused of not being straight. So, what does that make him? Who is he going out with?

Luke James

Who actually is Luke James?

Luke James Boyd was born in the United States on June 13, 1984. He acts, sings, and plays music. When he first started in music, he sang backup for the R&B singer Tyrese.

Tyrese put him in touch with the great producer The Underdogs, and they signed him and a friend of his named Quentin to their label, Luke & Q. Tyrese taught him how to make music.

Luke is also known as one of the best instrumentalists because he can play the piano, guitar, saxophone, and computer very well. He has released several studio albums, mixtapes, and hit songs.

He wrote songs for Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and Chris Brown after Clive Davis signed him to J Records. “Luke,” James’s first record, came out in 2011.

At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, “I Want You” was up for Best R&B Performance. In 2012, he also made Whispers in the Dark, his second mixtape, available for free download. The title of his first solo record, which came out on September 23, 2014, is his name.

Luke James

Rumors about Luke James’s sexuality

There have been rumors about Luke James’s sexuality, but he wants to set the record straight. Luke James is not gay, even though his character on the TV show “The Chi” has a romance with transgender model Jasmine Davis.

There were rumours about his sexuality because of how well Luke James and Jasmine Davis got along on-screen and how they kissed.

But it’s important to know that Luke James has dated women and has talked freely about being gay in interviews and his music. Fans have had various responses to rumours and discussions about his sexuality that have spread on various online forums.

Luke James has decided not to talk about these rumours directly or confirm them beyond what he said about his personal life.

Luke James: Is he gay?

Despite what some people have said lately, The Shahab confirms that  Luke James is not gay. Some people were worried that transgender model Jasmine Davis dated and kissed Luke James’s trans character on the TV show The Chi. Because Davis was a lesbian and James kissed her immediately, many people thought he was gay.

Luke James

What made people talk about Luke James?

On the American drama TV show “The Chi” (2017-present), when his character dated and kissed the character of transgender model Jasmine Davis, rumours started to spread about Luke James’ sexuality. When they are alone, James passionately kisses Davis’ character, who plays a trans woman.

People wondered if the star was gay because of this. Fans began to wonder if the actor was gay or not. In the news in 2023, Carlos Cuevas, Manu Rios, and many other famous people were said to be gay or female.

Is Luke James dating someone?

Luke James is single, but he has been with other people. Even though he isn’t married to a woman right now and seems to love being single, we know he has been in straight relationships.

Luke James is known to be single, but the transgender woman he kissed in The Chi, Jasmine Davis, has said she is dating someone else.

She didn’t say who the man was, but she did say that he taught her how to shoot a gun and many other things. Luke James could also be in a relationship but might not want people to know about it. This makes us think that he might be single.

Luke James

Luke James Dating History

Luke James has been known to date two famous people since he became famous. He dated Kim Gingras first, then after he broke up with her, he dated Jessie J. Here are some interesting facts about Luke James’ past relationships.

The relationship between Luke James and Kim Gingras didn’t last long.

Luke James told his friends and followers on Instagram in June 2014 that he had found love with Kim Gingras.  Kim is one of the people who sing and dance in Beyonce’s band. Luke met Kim when he opened for some of Beyonce’s shows while she was on tour.

When he posted a picture of Kim on Instagram in 2014 to announce that he was dating her, many of his fans were not happy to hear the news.

Some of his friends and followers were upset that he was dating a white girl despite being African American. They left so many mean comments in the area for comments that Luke James had to delete the post.

Luke James and Kim Gingras

But he reposted the photo, and this time, in the text, he talked about how hard it was for him to tell people he was dating Kim Gingras and how happy she made him.

But no matter how much they loved each other when Luke told everyone about their relationship, everything fell apart six months after Luke told everyone.

You should know that some news sources think Luke and Kim were together for longer than six months. People think they had been dating before he told everyone about it.

Consider examining the articles provided here.

Luke James and Jessie J started dating in 2014

Jessie J told the world in December 2014 that she was dating Luke James. Just a few weeks earlier, his romance with Kim Gingras had ended. Jessie J told Luke about their relationship in a lovely way.

She posted a picture of herself and Luke on Instagram with the words “My first official #mcm.” She continued by saying, “…so it’s only fair,” and then she added his name to the post. In an interview with The Real Daytime on December 15, 2014, she was asked why she decided to discuss her relationship with Luke James.

She said that as we grow up, we experience different kinds of love, and as a 27-year-old famous woman, she just had to deal with and take control of the fact that she was famous.


She also told everyone she was dating Luke James because she loved him and had no reason to keep it a secret. While Luke James and Jessie J were together, they kept making each other happy. But after 10 months, everything came to an end.

In 2015, Jessie J and Luke James broke up

Less than a year after it came out that she loved Luke James, Jessie J, started to look at things differently. An anonymous tip says that Jessie J started questioning her relationship with Luke James in the summer, even though she loved him so much. Jessie J started to think that Luke James was using her to help him get ahead in his job.

Luke was still pretty new to the music business then, while she was already doing well as a singer. She did something about her doubts and broke up with Luke James, even though they did not become enemies. Since they called it quits, they have mostly stayed friends.


Since his relationship with Jessie J ended, Luke James hasn’t told the world about any other woman. Instead, He has focused on his work, and the many creative hats he wears prove that he has done well for himself.

Final Thoughts

Even though there have been rumours about Luke James’s sexuality recently, it’s important to say he’s not gay. People thought he was gay because he kissed a trans character on the TV show “The Chi,” where he played a trans character.

On the other hand, James’s personal life and past relationships show that he is not gay. Keep an eye on for more LGBTQ-related stories.

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