Who is Johnny Depp dating in 2023? Is Johnny Depp in a Relationship with Joelle Rich?

In a world where celebrity relationships are constantly under scrutiny, one question lingers in the minds of fans and gossip enthusiasts alike: Who is Johnny Depp dating in 2023? The enigmatic actor, known for his captivating performances on-screen and off-screen controversies, has always been a subject of fascination.
As the year unfolds and Depp navigates through his personal life post-divorce from Amber Heard, speculation runs rampant about who might capture the heart of this Hollywood icon. Join us as we delve into the mysterious love life of Johnny Depp and uncover the answer to this burning question.

Who is Johnny Depp dating in 2023?

Johnny Depp is in a new romantic relationship with Joelle Rich, the lawyer who represented him in his U.K. libel lawsuit against The Sun. This news comes directly from a source at Us Weekly.

Johnny Depp’s romantic history is relatively high-profile, with famous names including his estranged wife Amber Heard, Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, Jennifer Grey, and many more. It is worth noting that Amber Heard has accused him of domestic violence.

According to a source who spoke exclusively to Us, the relationship between the 59-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor and the attorney is electric. The insider revealed that their chemistry is undeniable and they are the real deal, indicating that their relationship is serious.

Rich was a lawyer who worked on Depp’s case against a U.K. newspaper, where he sued the outlet for libel in 2018. Although she was not part of the legal team representing him in the defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, earlier this year, she supported the Oscar nominee by being present in the Virginia courtroom.

According to a source who spoke with Us, her presence was not due to any professional obligation. It was purely personal. The insider also revealed that the couple would meet discreetly in hotels during the initial phases of their relationship.

According to an insider, Rich was already married when she first met Depp, but she is currently going through a divorce with her husband. The couple has two children together.

Johnny Depp has had many well-known relationships and breakups over the years, which have left a lasting impact on his famous exes. Sherilyn Fenn, who dated the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” shared a poignant memory from their time together, saying, “The first big thing I acted in was Cheers – and my first love, little Johnny Depp, was waiting outside the door.”

While battling his defamation case against Heard, there were widespread rumours that the Hollywood Vampires musician was romantically involved with another lawyer, Camille Vasquez. Interestingly, Vasquez was one of the attorneys representing Depp in that case. However, the 38-year-old Southwestern Law School graduate deemed the “sexist” speculations about her relationship with Depp unwarranted and unfounded.

In June, Vasquez expressed to People that he considered the charge against him unethical. He remarked that while it was disappointing and unfortunate, it was not entirely unexpected given the nature of his profession.

In 2017, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage ended. Following this, the actor, known for his “Secret Window” role, filed two separate lawsuits. Initially, in June 2018, Depp sued “The Sun” after the newspaper referred to him as a “wife beater” in an article about his participation in the “Fantastic Beasts” film series. The report cited previous allegations made by Heard about several instances of abuse leading up to her split from Depp in 2016.

The trial finally began in July of 2020 after delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Four months later, the High Court of Justice in the U.K. ruled that the article from The Sun was not defamatory. This was because the allegations made by the Aquaman star about her ex-husband’s alleged abuse were found to be “substantially true”.

Johnny Depp has been a prominent figure in Hollywood for several decades now. He started acting in 1984 with the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. Soon after, he landed a significant role on Fox’s 21 Jump Street, which propelled him to stardom and made him a teen heartthrob. Since then, Depp has been a leading man in several major movies and has become a household name in the entertainment industry.

According to Deadline, Depp’s request for an appeal in the case was denied in March 2021. Rich, his lawyer, expressed her dismay at the U.K. judge’s decision and stated that her client was eager to present undeniable evidence of the truth in the U.S. libel case against Ms Heard, where she will be required to provide full disclosure.

Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard in 2018 following an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post, where she depicted herself as a victim of domestic violence. The U.S. trial began in April 2021, and in June, the jury ruled in favour of Depp, awarding him $10.35 million in damages. Furthermore, the jury found that one of Depp’s lawyers had made derogatory remarks about Heard and ordered him to pay her $2 million in compensatory damages.

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