C. R. Rao Cause of Death: How did Indian-American statistician die?

C. R. Rao, who was the most well-known Indian-American mathematician, died. He is not here anymore. He was one of the most brilliant scientists alive today. His name will go down in history because he has broken many records. The most shocking thing is that he lived for over 100 years and then died.

At the age of 102, he took his last breath. This is the worst news of all. Many of his fans and people whose lives he changed now pay tribute to him. This piece will be a tribute to C.R. Rao’s greatness. Read this whole piece if you want to know everything about his story.

C. R. Rao

CR Rao, prominent Indian American statistician, has died at the age of 102

The famous scientist and statistician Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao died on Tuesday, August 22. He had 18 days left until he turned 103.

People usually called him CR Rao, but he also had names like “Legendary Mathematician,” “Statistics Professor,” and “Statistician.” On its home page, the University of Buffalo called Mr. Rao a “rock star” in statistics. He died in Buffalo, New York, from an illness.

Who was CR Rao?

Rao was born on September 10, 1920, in Hadagali, Bellary, Madras Presidency, now in Karnataka. He was born into a Telegu family. His mother, A. Lakshmikanthamma, was a politician, and his father, C. Doraswamy Naidu, was a police officer. He didn’t think math was scary, unlike most kids. In fact, by the time he was 5, he could quickly remember up to 16 tables.

Why 16? Around 1915, the British controlled Andhra Pradesh. At that time, one Indian Rupee was worth the same as 16 Annas. Anna was the base unit for all money transfers, and the math was 4, 8, 12, and 16 Annas. He went to school in Gudur, Nuzvid, Nandigama, and Vishakhapatnam when he was young.

In 1943, he got an MA in mathematics from Andhra University. He then got an MA in statistics right away from Calcutta University. Then, in 1948, he got his PhD from Cambridge University. His paper was called “Statistical Problems of biological classification.”

C. R. Rao

His work spanned seven decades and made considerable strides in anthropology, chemistry, econometrics, geology, biology, psychology, social sciences, and national planning.

In particular, physics has the well-known Hiesenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. People think that the Rao-Blackwell theory is some of his best work. His achievements include writing 14 books, writing for more than 400 journals, and getting 38 college honorary doctorates.

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What happened to C. R. Rao?

GHBase states that Dr. C.R. Rao died on August 23, 2023, in the United States at the age of 102, but our information does not determine the cause of his death. Even though it is known that he died of cancer, not much is known about what exactly was wrong with him.

The scientific world will never forget Dr. Rao’s unmatched contributions to mathematics and statistics, and his death is a significant loss for academia and other fields.

Even though no one knows what caused him to die, his innovative work and influence in statistics and mathematics continue to have an impact.

C. R. Rao

Peers, friends, and family flooded social media with Tributes

They also praised his considerable contributions to the field of statistics. At the start of 2023, he won the International Prize in Statistics, the same thing as the Nobel Prize in this field. This was a big deal since he was a 100-year-old centenarian and one of only a few to receive this award.

C. R. Rao

He also got the Padmabhushan Award in 1968, the Padma Vibhushan Award in 2001, and the SS Bhatnagar Award in 2002. In 1979, the American Statistical Association gave him the Wilks Medal; in 2002, the US government gave him the National Medal of Science.

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