Is Ezra Bridger Dead or Alive in the Ahsoka Disney Plus series?

Ezra Bridger, voiced by Taylor Grey, first appeared in Star Wars in the animated series Star Wars Rebels. He quickly became one of the most popular animated figures in the franchise. People love the character so much that he’s moving from animated to live-action movies in the series.

Fans’ favourite characters, Bo-Katan Kryze, Ahsoka Tano, and Cad Bane, have also moved to live-action. Ahsoka will even have her series with Rosario Dawson called Ahsoka. People have thought about what happened to Ezra Bridger in Star Wars for a long time, and the question comes up again in the new Disney Plus show Ahsoka.

So far, here’s what we know about “Is Ezra Bridger dead or alive in Ahsoka?”

 Ezra Bridger

Is Ezra Bridger Dead?

Since Ahsoka came out, people have worried about how Ezra Bridger will appear in the new series. At the end of Star Wars: Rebels, he gives his life so that Grand Admiral Thrawn won’t be able to figure him out. Also, Genius Celebs states that Ezra let himself be taken prisoner on Thrawn’s ship so he could call a pod of Purrgil, who used their skills to send Thrawn’s ship into hyperspace.

No one knows what will happen to Ezra, but it has been said that he will show up in Ahsoka in real life. In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey thinks about the great Jedi who have died and asks for their help to fight Palpatine. Rey hears the words of several Jedis from the past.

 Ezra Bridger

Death News of Ezra Bridger

There are rumours that Ezra Bridger has died, but nothing has been proven yet. One of the sounds is that of Kanan Jarrus, Ezra’s Jedi master, who died in the last episode of Star Wars Rebels.

But people are worried that Ezra Bridger’s voice isn’t there. So, the fact that Ezra’s voice doesn’t sound like those of other Jedis shows that he still lives. But soon, we’ll know more about what happened.

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Does Ezra Bridger remain alive in the Ahsoka Disney Plus series?

According to Coming, In the Ahsoka Disney Plus show, it looks like Ezra Bridger is still alive. At least Ahsoka and Sabine think that Ezra is still living and will look for him. After the first two episodes, a standard fan theory is that the bad guy, Marrok, is Ezra. Even though this would raise many questions that need to be answered clearly to keep diehard Rebels fans from getting mad, it seems possible.

 Ezra Bridger

At least, the enemy who can sense the Force has a name that fits Ezra’s link to wolves. In the coming episodes, there will be no question about what will happen to Ezra. Since Eman Esfandi plays Ezra, this well-known actor may have a more prominent part than just a quick hologram.

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