What Happened to Vilgefortz’s face in ‘The Witcher’ Season 3?

The Witcher season 3, volume 2, ended Henry Cavill’s time as Geralt of Rivia, and Vilgefortz (Mahesh Jadu), the show’s new enemy, had a scarred face.

It’s still too early to tell if The Witcher season 3 did enough to keep fans watching after Henry Cavill left, but the show gave Cavill a good send-off with many exciting action scenes and dramatic moments.

Notably, The Witcher season 3 also showed Vilgefortz to be the scary lousy guy he is in the books.


What Happened to Vilgefortz face at Thanedd?

HITC comments that Even though Geralt has a tendency to “mistake the stars reflected at the pond for those in the sky,” Vilgefortz will undoubtedly find it difficult to distinguish anything going forward. After taking down Geralt in one-on-one combat, Vilgefortz set out to reach Tor Lara, the Tower of the Gull, where he knew Ciri was going.

But when the antagonist shows up a little too late, he discovers that the Cintran princess has already begun channelling dangerously large volumes of chaos, ending it with her unique abilities. Vilgefortz lunges out to grab Ciri, but our heroine takes off into space, causing a colossal explosion topple the tower.

The explosion also takes out Vilgefortz, who loses half of his face. Vilgefortz is disfigured and can only see with one eye when we see him again; for the rest of the narrative, he won’t even attempt to use magic to reverse this condition.

Even while Geralt also experienced the most significant setback of his life at the hands of the evil sorcerer, one might also argue that Geralt was able to buy Ciri some crucial minutes. The villain takes his losses very seriously.

Does Vilgefortz die in the book The Witcher?

In The Witcher books, Vilgefortz does indeed die; more precisely, in The Lady of the Lake, the series’ fifth major book. Following his decisive victory over Geralt in the Thanedd Island uprising, Vilgefortz seeks safety at Stygga Castle in Ebbing, a country under the Nilfgaardian dominion.

The wizard imprisoned Yennefer and tortured her to learn Ciri’s whereabouts there. With the help of a small group of allies, including the vampire Regis, the archer Milva, and the former Nilgaardian knight Cahir, Geralt can follow Vilgefortz down to the citadel.

Even though Geralt’s group tragically perishes in the conflict, the witcher vanquishes Vilgefortz. Geralt beheads Vilgefortz after tricking him with an amulet of illusion he had obtained since their previous confrontation.

Vilgefortz's face

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Who is Vilgefortz?

Let’s look to the official Witcher guide for a complete description of the character: 

Handsome, tall and mysterious, Vilgefortz is a charismatic mage with a military history. Vilgefortz looks young for a mage of his ability, honed from years spent as a mercenary. But the fact that he chose the life of a soldier despite having innate magical powers was held against him constantly by certain members of the Chapter. The Battle of Sodden Hill — a battle that might never have happened without Vilgefortz’s influence — gave him a chance to redeem himself and prove his worth. There, he was beaten in a one-to-one battle with Cahir, a soldier with no magical abilities — a feat that leads us to believe that there’s more going on than we realize.

In the aftermath of Sodden, Vilgefortz knew he had to strike the iron while it was hot. So employing his talent for politics, he used the mages’ grief and anger at Nilfgaard to make a play for control. Together with Tissaia, his partner in love and politics, he is trying to steer the Brotherhood in a new direction — but he faces plenty of opposition among the old guard led by Stregobor and Artorius.

Vilgefortz's face

Who plays Vilgefortz?

Mahesh Jadu plays Vilgefortz in “The Witcher” season 3. Jadu is an Australian actor of Indo-Mauritian ancestry, best known for his roles in “Marco Polo” and “Neighbours”.

Will Vilgefortz be back for more seasons?

Much of what happened at the season 3 end of The Witcher was setting up what the show could be about in the next season. Distractify says that Vilgefortz will likely be a big part of future seasons of the show if you believe the books and games that the show is based on. The Witcher’s future seasons are uncertain, partly because one of the show’s main actors won’t be returning.

Henry Cavill was called the show’s main character during the first few seasons, but it was said that Season 3 would be his last as Geralt. In the fourth season, Liam Hemsworth will take over the part, but it’s still being determined what that might mean for the show in the future. The Witcher will keep going, but the main character may look a little different in future seasons.

Vilgefortz's face

About The Witcher Season 3

The Witcher is a popular TV series on Netflix. The third season of “The Witcher” premiered on June 29, 2023. The season follows Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter, and his ward Ciri as they navigate a world of magic and political intrigue. The season ends with Geralt breaking his wrists in a fight with Rience but surviving.

However, some critics have criticized the show’s handling of Henry Cavill’s exit from the series. The Witcher season 3 has eight episodes, with the first five released as Volume 1 on June 29, 2023, and the remaining three as Volume 2 released on July 27, 2023.

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