‘My First First Love’ Season 3 Release Date Yet to be Confirmed by Netflix!

The feeling of falling in love for the first time has always been excellent, and nothing shows this better than K-drama shows. K-dramas are known for offering pure love funnily and touchingly.

My First First Love is one of the Korean dramas that fans binge-watching on Netflix fell in love with. The show’s first season came out on Netflix on April 18, 2019, and the second season came out on July 26, 2019. There are eight episodes in each season, and even though the numbers dropped a lot in season 2, some fans are still wondering if it will come back for another round. Let’s figure it out.

My First First Love

How did Season 2 of ‘My First First Love’ end?

Yoon Tae O finally got to live his life when he turned 20. Tae O was happy to leave for college because he had a busy father who was never pleased and a stepmother who was always mean. He finally got his grandfather’s old house, which had some rules. He also got the most beautiful and famous girl, Se Hyun, as his girlfriend.

And with that, he began his journey into adulthood. But his plans to live alone quickly fall apart when his friends move in with him because they have problems and nowhere else to go. And by the time we took a break, Tae O had realized how he felt about his best friend from youth, Song Yi. But it was too late for him because Do Hyun, his best friend, was already dating Song Yi.

My First First Love

And because Tae O is an adult, he chooses to do the bare minimum and not let his feelings get in the way of Song Yi and Do Hyun’s relationship. Even though he tries to hide his feelings, he can’t. And everyone in the house finds out that the best friends from childhood have been hiding something.

It had to do with how they felt about each other. And the love has always been there; we couldn’t see it before because the situation had changed how Tae O has been there for Song Yi from the beginning. Let it be when he stayed with her and cared for her when her mother left her. Or the time he saved her from a creepy senior in college.

When will My First First Love Season 3 come out?

Trinikid confirms that My First First Love still hasn’t been picked up for a third season, and we don’t know if Netflix still has plans for it. The second season of the K-drama series ended the story and didn’t leave any cliffhangers or other possible chances for a third season.

But even though there is no need for a third season in terms of the story, writers and showrunners can constantly develop a new story for the friends if there is a fourth season. Jin Young, who plays Do-Hyun, exited the South Korean military on April 9, 2021. This was the end of his required national service.

My First First Love

After getting out of the military, the actor returned to the entertainment business. He played in the KBS2 show Police University from August 9 to October 5, 2021. There still needs to be news that Jin Young and the rest of the My First First Love group will get back together for the third season.

What is the My First First Love all about?

My First First Love is about friends who moved into the same house for different reasons. The drama series shows how they become friends, learn to live together and fall in love. As the friends took cover in Tae-o’s house, they had a lot of funny times together, and living together made their friendship even more vital.

The Netflix show is a remake of the 2015 OnStyle romance My First First Time, but they hung out on Yoon Tae-oh’s roof instead.

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Expected Plot for My First First Love Season 3

Even though it was easy to guess, the second season’s story was very different from that of the first. Many people liked Do-Hyeon and Song-i together, but others always wanted her to end up with Tae-o. The opposite happened, and the childhood friends fell in love at the end of Season 2.

My First First Love

But poor Do-Hyeon had to leave with his father and say goodbye to Tae-o, Song-i, and the rest of the group. Hun, on the other hand, never went back to his father’s house again, while Ga-Rin had to go back to hers. Since the group is no longer together, fans want to see them back together in My First First Love Season 3.

Tae-o and Song-i will still be together in the next season. Even though the way they interact might change as they grow up. People who watch the show also expect them to get married. Their wedding might bring them back together in the new shows. 

Cast and The Characters of My First First Love Season 3

Here are the cast and characters of the Korean drama “My First First Love”:

  • Ji Soo as Yun Tae-o
  • Jung Chae-yeon as Han Song-i
  • Jung Jin-young as Seo Do-Hyeon
  • Choi Ri as O Ga-rin
  • Kang Tae-oh as Choe Hun

These five actors play the main characters in the series. Ji Soo plays Yun Tae-o, Jung Chae-yeon plays Han Song-i, Jung Jin-young plays Seo Do-Hyeon, Choi Ri plays O Ga-rin, and Kang Tae-oh plays Choe Hun. Some new characters may also appear in the 3 season as well. 

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