Step-by-Step Guide for the Casting of Press Your Luck Game Show

Have you ever had any luck? Whether you respond “yes” or “no,”  Contrary to the implication of the show’s title, good fortune is not a prerequisite for success. In addition, you’ll need speed and intelligence to take home the show’s coveted prizes. Press Your Luck is now accepting applications for candidates to appear on the show in 2023. The current iteration will be in its fifth season.

In each episode, there will be three candidates. Typically, there is one defending champion and two newcomers. All three newcomers would join the cast if the victor were to retire. Players must rotate the game board to advance. The candidates must, however, provide appropriate responses to the questions posed.

If no contender correctly answers the question, the round continues with a new question. Players can earn prizes and rewards by rotating the board and keeping play going. If you’re a fan of the show and would like to participate, now is your chance. The call is out to anyone who meets the prerequisites. If you’re interested in applying for the show, you can find all the information below.

Press Your Luck

About Press Your Luck Show

Bill Carruthers and Jan McCormack developed the popular American game show Press Your Luck. Contestants on the show answer trivia questions in exchange for “spins” on a randomly generated game board of 18 slides.

The Whammy, the show’s mascot, appears on the board as well as cash, free turns, bonus prizes, and other goodies. If you land on the Whammy, you’ll lose all your winnings and watch a funny animation simultaneously.

Casting Details for Press Your Luck Date: 2023

You must submit an online application to be considered for a spot on the Whammy game show. Your application for the show is the first step in the casting process. The application form has numerous sections to gather information about the applicant’s character.

Make an impression on the casting staff and get yourself on their shortlist by filling out that column. If a casting crew member contacts you, you must follow their instructions immediately. The hiring process almost always involves an interview. Your participation in the show is contingent upon your selection.

Press Your Luck

Criteria for Participation in Season 5 of Press Your Luck

To participate in the show’s auditions, you must ensure that you are qualified. The show’s producers have established the following criteria for participation:

  • The participant must be over 21 years of age.
  • The participant must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • The participant and their immediate family members also can’t work for the show or any other entity connected to it.
  • The producer may alter eligibility requirements at any point during the show’s run.
  • The application form also includes information on the show’s other requirements for participation. You can apply for the auditions if you think it’s a good fit.

Press Your Luck

Online Application Form for Whammy Press Your Luck

Let’s save time and get to work on that application. To complete the application, please refer to the instructions provided.

  • Check out the show’s dedicated casting webpage,
  • Complete the application by entering your personal information, beginning with your date of birth.
  • There are 39 spaces on the form that need to be filled out. In addition to filling out the form, please provide a recent photo of yourself.
  • You can submit your video in the corresponding application section.
  • Finally, click the “Submit” button after reading and agreeing to the show’s terms and conditions.

The show’s casting department will get in touch with you if you’re chosen to appear on the show.

Press Your Luck

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How to Create a Video Audition

Making an audition video is a must for all contestants, according to the required section. There are a few things to remember before creating your audition tape.

At most three minutes in length, please. Press your luck’s recorder lets you capture audio and video from your computer or mobile device. You must introduce yourself, state your age and profession, and explain in video form why you’re the ideal candidate for the show.

The auditions for the upcoming season are now open, so get to it. Try your luck and submit your application right now. The 2023 season will continue in real-time.

You can apply right now to be a part of the forthcoming season of this amazing game show. The most recent episodes of Press Your Luck air on ABC every night at 9 pm Eastern Time. You can contact us if you have any questions.

Press Your Luck

Buy Your Audience Tickets for Press Your Luck

It is also possible to participate in the show as a member of the audience. Online ticket applications are required. You can join the show if you buy tickets for it.

To join the live audience, visit the canonical online hub. To reserve your tickets, please click here. Remember to fill out and send in your registration form. We’ve set up the shoot and will be calling you shortly. The studio’s physical address is as follows.

Haven Studios
4561 Colorado Blvd (Parking Charis Mission Church at 5005 Edenhurst)
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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