“Drag Race Philippines” Season 2: A Fabulous Journey Begins!

The premiere night of “Drag Race Philippines” Season 2 was a star-studded affair, with the queens from Season 1 making a dazzling appearance. Precious Paula Nicole, Brigiding, Viñas DeLuxe, Minty Fresh, Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen, Prince, Gigi Era, and Lady Morgana showed unwavering support for the new season, adding glitz and glamour to the event.

Precious Paula Nicole’s Show-Stopping Performance

Season 1 winner, Precious Paula Nicole, stole the show with her mesmerizing performance of “Sirena,” the song that secured her victory in the “Lip Sync for your life” segment of the Season 1 finale. Her talent and star power left the audience in awe, setting the stage for the thrilling performances in Season 2.

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Paolo Ballesteros Ushers in Season 2

Mama Pao, the beloved host of “Drag Race Philippines,” kicked off Season 2 with her iconic opening line, “Racers, start your engines, and may the best drag queen win!” Her infectious energy and trademark “tilak” scream set the tone for a fierce and fabulous new season, leaving fans excited for the challenges that lay ahead.

Meet the Dazzling Season 2 Queens

The 12 competing queens of Season 2 made their grand entrance on the mini-runway, introducing themselves with flair and style. Arizona Brandy, Captivating Katkat, M1ss Jade So, Matilduh, Nicole Pardaux, Tiny Deluxe, Astrid Mercury, Bernie, Deedee Mariè Holiday, Hana Beshie, ØV CÜNT, and Veruschka Levels each showcased their unique personalities and promised to deliver thrilling performances throughout the season.

Meet the Queens ☀️ Drag Race Philippines Season 2

“Boogsh” – The Season 2 Anthem

According to GMA network,v”Drag Race Philippines” Season 2 comes with its sizzling anthem, “Boogsh,” which was previewed during the premiere night. The queens’ performances of this catchy and vibrant song left fans eager for more glitz, glamour, and fierce competition. The anthem sets the stage for the electrifying journey ahead, filled with high-energy performances and show-stopping moments.

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 🌴 Premieres August 2

Where to Watch “Drag Race Philippines” Season 2?

Fans can catch all the excitement and drama of “Drag Race Philippines” Season 2 on HBO GO and WOW Presents Plus. The streaming journey begins on August 2, 2023, with new episodes released every Wednesday. As the queens compete for the title of “Philippines’ Next Drag Superstar,” viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions and a celebration of LGBTQ+ culture and creativity.

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Embracing Drag Culture and Self-Expression

“Drag Race Philippines” Season 2 promises to be an enthralling showcase of talent, self-expression, and unity as the queens serve looks, lip-sync battles, and captivating performances. The show celebrates the transformative power of drag and the limitless possibilities of self-expression. It entertains and inspires audiences to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate diversity and creativity in all its forms.

The Countdown Begins

As the new season takes centre stage on HBO GO and WOW Presents Plus, “Drag Race Philippines” will continue to captivate and inspire audiences, celebrating the transformative power of drag and the limitless possibilities of self-expression. The countdown to the fabulous journey has begun. Let the ‘Boogsh’-tastic extravaganza begin!

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 Trailer

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 Trailer ☀️


With the show set to stream on HBO GO and Wow Presents Plus every Wednesday starting from August 2, fans are in for a weekly dose of glitz, glamour, and fierce competition. “Drag Race Philippines” Season 2 is more than just a competition; it celebrates authenticity, self-expression, and the power of unity.

As we embark on this fabulous journey, let’s cheer for the queens, support each other, and revel in the magic of “Drag Race Philippines” Season 2. Let the race begin, and may the best queen snatch the crown!


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