Is ‘Freen’ Sarocha dating someone? Find the Truth About the Rumors Being Spread About Her!

Sarocha Chankimha, who goes by the name Freen, is the newest well-known BLINK fan. The GL star, best known for playing Sam in Gap: The Series, went to a BLACKPINK event in Bangkok, and her photos at the show went viral. People are now anxious about the actor-cum-singer’s love life. Find out from this article if the BLINK star has a boyfriend.

Who is ‘Freen’ Sarocha Chankimha?

Thai actor, model, and singer Freen Sarocha Chankimha is also a dancer. She is best known for her parts in the shows “Boys Love” and “Girls Love.” Freen was born in the Thai city of Bangkok. She got her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from Rangsit University.


In 2021, Freen started acting with a part in the web series So Fit. She starred in Secret Crush On You (2022) and Gap: The Series (2022–2023). Freen sings as well. “Love Me Like You Do” was her first song, which came out in 2022.

The song did well in the market and helped make Freen a growing star in the Thai entertainment business. Freen is becoming a big name in Thai culture. She is a good singer, actress, and model and will probably stay well-known in the future.


Is Freen Sarocha dating anyone?

Freen Sarocha has decided to keep her relationship status a secret and hasn’t said anything about it publicly. According to Freshers Live There are no official comments or public details about who she is dating. She keeps to herself and focuses on her job and other things.

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Seng Wichai Saefant and ‘Freen’ Sarocha: Are they dating?

The most recent information shows no official confirmation or proof that Seng Wichai Saefant and ‘Freen’ Sarocha Chankimha are in a relationship. These stars are well-known in the entertainment industry, but nothing is known new about their relationship status.


Relationship rumours involving ‘Freen’ Sarocha Chankimha

‘Freen’ Sarocha Chankimha hasn’t said out loud if she’s single or in a relationship. But her co-star from Gap: The Series, Rebecca Patricia Armstrong, has seen her hanging out with her more than once.

Fans have started calling them “FreenBecky” because they have been so close since filming the show.

A recent interview asked Freen about her friendship with Rebecca. She said they are “very close friends” who “enjoy spending time together.” But HindiSujhav confirms that she didn’t say for sure if they were dating or not.

Freen and Rebecca could be good friends, but it’s also possible that they’re going out. Only time will show how they really feel about each other.


‘Freen’ Sarocha’s past relationships

‘Freen’ Sarocha has kept her dating experience private and hasn’t publicly discussed her past relationships or ex-boyfriends. She likes to keep her personal life out of the spotlight and instead focus on her work as an actress and model and what she has accomplished in those fields.

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