Who is Taylor Kitsch’s Wife? A look at the Past Relationships of Canadian Actor

There are various reasons why people love movie stars. Naturally, their TV fame is the initial source of curiosity. Taylor Kitsch’s personal life has been intensely scrutinized due to his fame.

Despite his obvious good looks, he has been noticeably absent from A-list projects. That’s why finding out who he’s seeing is so puzzling. Who gets the lucky break, then?

Who actually is Taylor Kitsch?

Taylor Kitsch, a native Torontonian, is a model and actor. The NBC show Friday Night Lights catapulted him into the public eye. They put his fortune at $10 million. Although his initial reception was excellent, he has become a critically acclaimed superstar.

Taylor Kitsch

Is Taylor Kitsch Single or Married?

As of 2023, HTownDaily comments that Taylor Kitsch has never tied the knot. He has dated numerous women before, but he has never tied the knot for reasons only he is aware of.

Taylor Kitsch Past Relationships

Kitsch made his acting debut in 2006, and ever since then, he’s been careful to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. However, people have always wanted to know more about his romantic relationships.

Taylor Kitsch

As of 2023, he has never tied the knot but has been in several public relationships. The following is a list of alleged girlfriends and relationships involving Taylor Kitsch.

Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams

Taylor Kitsch’s supposed new girlfriend is Rachel. She broke into the spotlight as a Canadian actress in 2001 with her role in The Famous Jett Jackson. In the second season of True Detective, which premiered in the middle of 2015, Rachel co-starred alongside Kitsch.

The two became quite close, making many assume they were a couple. At Osteria Mozza in West Hollywood, California, United States, they were photographed having dinner together.

Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams_

Rachel and Kitsch were sceptical but didn’t explicitly deny the rumours. In an interview with ET’s Kevin Frazier, the Canadian actress said coping with media attention focused on her romantic life is strange.

She also clarified that photo-taking isn’t necessarily indicative of a romantic relationship. She did not confirm or refute the rumors. From 2015 to 2016, they supposedly dated. McAdams and her ex-husband split in 2016, and she began dating Jamie Linden the following year.

Jennifer Welch and Taylor Kitsch

There were rumours that the Canadian model dated Jennifer between 2014 and 2015. Several sightings of them together in public occurred.

Taylor Kitsch and Jennifer Welch _

For example, in November 2014, they went to City Winery in New York City for the 6th Annual African Children’s Choir Changemakers Gala. The pair, however, never addressed the rumours head-on. A fitness instructor, Jennifer, is one.

Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch

There were rumours he was dating American actress Minka Kelly in March 2007. Friday Night Lights was a sports drama on television in which the two starred.

They portrayed Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity. Many viewers assumed they were dating in real life, as they had on the show. Taylor acknowledged his relationship with Minka in a 2018 radio interview with Andy Cohen.


In the summer of 2007, they called it quits. Minka Kelly is a double threat: she can also act. She is the daughter of Ricky Dufay, the former guitarist for Aerosmith, and Maureen Kelly.

Jessica White and Taylor Kitsch

Reports of a relationship between Kitsch and Jessica surfaced between January 2006 and February 2007. It followed a passionate photo shoot in which both appeared on a calendar. However, it remained a conjecture since neither of them ever verified their relationship.

Taylor Kitsch and Jessica White_

Jessica works in the fields of fashion, acting, and television. She has modelled for well-known companies, including Victoria’s Secret. “The Young and the Restless” and “America’s Next Top Model” have made her a household name.

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Taylor Kitsch and Laura Csortan

Model, actress, and TV producer Laura Csortan hails from Australia. They crowned her Miss Australia in 1997. Following their alleged 2008 date in Australia, dating rumours began to circulate.

Taylor Kitsch and Laura Csortan_

They were working together on the set of X-Men: Wolverine. The pair, however, never addressed the rumours directly.

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