Spandana Cause of Death: How did Kannada film actor Vijay Raghavendra’s wife die?

Vijay Raghavendra’s wife, Spandana, died in Bangkok on Monday. Vijay Raghavendra was a well-known Kannada film actor and director. Raghavendra joined Spandana and her aunts on their trip to Thailand’s capital after he finished filming. Spandana was 44 years old at the time. This article will let you know the actual situation of the incident

Who is Spandana?

Spandana is the daughter of B K Shivaram, a retired police officer, and the niece of B K Hariprasad, an MLC for the Congress party. She was a guest star in Apoorva, a movie she was in. When the event happened, Vijay Raghavendra, Spandana, and their friends were on vacation in Bangkok.

Kannada film Actor wfe Spandana

Spandana was born and raised in Bengaluru. Her father, B K Shivaram, used to be a police officer. She went to Seshadripuram College and got her BBA. She has never been in a movie, but she created Kismat, their first movie at home. Vijay has said in many public places that Spandana was a massive help to him.

Kannada film Actor wfe Spandana

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Spandana Cause of Death

Low blood pressure is thought to have led to heart attack. Family sources said she had low blood pressure, leading to the heart attack and death.

Srii Murali, Vijay Raghavendra’s younger brother, told DH the true story. He said, “We are in shock and don’t know all the details yet. Tomorrow, my brother will fly down with his body. Shourya, his son, is with us.”

A close friend of Spandana told DH, “The autopsy is going on, and we’ll know more about what happened by 3 p.m. today.” Vijay has already talked to the government in Bangkok, and we are working out the details to get the body back as soon as possible.

Kannada film Actor wfe Spandana

When Spandana started to feel sick, her family rushed her to the hospital, but the cousin said she didn’t make it in time.

Her brother Rakshith Shivram, who is 39 years old, recently ran for office in Belthangady. Her husband, the star Vijay Raghavendra, and their son Shourya will miss her. This happened about a week before the couple’s 16th wedding anniversary, August 26.

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