Mallory Beach’s Autopsy Report Confirms Her Cause of Death

Mallory Beach, a South Carolina girl who just wanted to spend time with her boyfriend and friends at a house party on Paukie Island, died in a boat accident in 2019.

Her family is in a long legal war with the Murdaughs, a well-known Southern family that has been in the news for strange deaths, financial frauds, and lawsuits.

Beach was lost for eight days after the accident before her body was found about five miles from where it happened. Surviving people said their drunk friend Paul Murdaugh was driving the boat recklessly and was to blame for the crash.

He was later charged with causing someone’s death but was killed before he could stand trial. Alex Murdaugh, Paul’s father, is now charged with dozens of crimes, some of which may or may not be connected to the Mallory Beach case.

This article will talk about some scary details of the ongoing case.

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Who actually was Mallory Beach?

Mallory Beach, who was 19 and from Brunson, South Carolina, died in a boating accident on February 24, 2019. Mallory’s dad told E! she had “always been a people person.” Phillip Beach, her father, said, “She could be a lady when she needed to be a lady, and she could be a tomboy, so to speak, when she wanted to be.

“She liked to hunt and fish.” In her death notice, it said that she went to Wade Hampton High School and played soccer. “She loved her family and many close friends very much,” the story continued.

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Autopsy Report Confirms Cause of Mallory Beach’s Death

Venture Jolt confirms that Mallory Beach died because of harsh force, injuries, and drowning. The pathologist said blunt force injuries to her head, neck, body, and limbs caused her death.

According to CBS News, Mallory’s blood alcohol level was 0.17%, twice the legal limit for driving. The investigation found that Mallory wasn’t wearing a life jacket when the accident happened.

Mallory Beach’s body was found on the beach a few days after the boat sank. After Mallory died, Dateline NBC sent out a tweet that said, A month after the boat accident,

mallory beach autopsy

Mallory Beach’s family sued the Murdaughs for wrongful death and won the right to question the witnesses.

Paul Murdaugh was arrested and charged with boating under the influence on April 18, 2019. The three claims against him included her death and the serious injuries that two other passengers got.

Mallory was going out with a friend of Paul Murdaugh’s. Mallory was dating a local kid named Anthony Cook when she died, and the doc shows him.

The video says that on February 23, 2019, Mallory, Anthony, and some friends got on the Murdaugh family boat to go to an oyster roast. When the group got on the boat to go home, Anthony said in the docuseries that Paul was “out of his mind drunk.”

Even though his friends told him not to, Paul allegedly drove the boat while drunk. Anthony said that when the boat crashed, he heard a scream and passed out.

When he woke up, he realized that Mallory wasn’t on the boat or in the water with him. He kept jumping in and out of the water to look for her. It took more than a week to find her.

mallory beach autopsy

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Here are five important facts about the case of Mallory Beach’s death.

1) Three couples were travelling together on the Murdaugh family boat.

Mallory Beach and her then-boyfriend, Anthony Cook, planned to go to a house party on Paukie Island on February 23, 2019, with Anthony’s cousin, Connor Cook and his girlfriend, Miley Altman. They planned to meet another friend, Paul Murdaugh, who would later be charged in the accident, and his girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, on his family’s island before taking his family’s boat to the party.

The police say that the six people met at the river house of the Murdaugh family at 6:30 pm and went by boat about 30 minutes later. They spent a few hours at the party on Paukie Island and left after midnight. After that, Paul insisted on being the only one who drove the boat.

2) Paul Murdaugh was drunk while in charge of the boat when it crashed.

Those who survived the boat crash that killed Mallory Beach said that the boat’s captain, Paul Murdaugh, whose family’s boat they used to cross the Beaufort River, was supposedly drunk then.

After the event, everyone involved was taken to the hospital. When the medical staff checked everyone, he had the highest blood alcohol level (BAC) at 24.

mallory beach autopsy

The other people on the boat said that Paul wouldn’t let anyone else drive it because it belonged to his family. He wouldn’t even let the other people out. He drove around in circles, was rude, and argued with people who tried to talk to him.

3) The body of Mallory Beach was found a few days after the boat crash.

On the night of the crash, Connor Cook called 911. When the rescuers arrived, they started looking for Mallory Beach, who was missing. No one could find her. Mallory’s boyfriend stayed at the scene while the other hurt people were taken to the hospital. Rescue boats, divers, a helicopter, and many people helped search for Mallory Beach for eight long days. On March 3, 2019, two volunteers found her body in the dark water of the Beaufort River, about five miles from where the plane crashed.

4) The Murdaugh family was sued because Paul was partly to blame for the crash.

Mallory Beach’s family talked to the survivors after they sued the Murdaugh family for wrongful death a month after the boat crash. Paul Murdaugh was indicted and charged with boating under the influence on April 18, 2019.

Three claims were made, including that she died and two other passengers were badly hurt. Paul was given bail while he waited for his hearing. He had pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him.

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5) The people accused of killing Mallory never went to court.

Paul Murdaugh was charged with several charges but was killed about a year after the boating accident and never went to court. The accused’s father, Alex Murdaugh, found him and his mother, Maggie, shot to death on one of the family’s farms. Later, the father was charged with the deaths of his children and several other crimes, such as financial theft.

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal

People who watch many true crime films may have heard about Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal on Netflix. The Murdaugh family in Hampton, South Carolina, was the focus of the three-part documentary series. In the show, people learned that Paul Murdaugh’s friend Mallory Beach died in a boating accident on February 24, 2019.

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People also discovered that Paul was driving the boat at the crash. Many people didn’t like how Mallory’s death was investigated because the Murdaugh family was known to be wealthy and have a lot of ties. After all, Paul wasn’t charged with anything until months after the crash.

Many people think the Beach family will never get justice since Paul and Maggie Beach were killed in their home in June 2021.

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