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Tamil Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested in the Past: Tamil Nadu Police – Idol Wing allegedly seized eight Panchaloha idols, valued at ’80 crore, from three temples in the nearest  past, and veteran filmmaker and producer V. Sekar was detained. Not only has Sekar served his sentence, but so have many others.

Additionally, there are some well-known figures from Kollywood whose criminal activities landed them behind bars. Notable people committed these crimes for various reasons; some were ambitious and wanted to become famous, while others were just looking to earn a quick buck. Take a peek at these examples.

Tamil Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested in the Past

1. Bhuvaneswari, Actress

In 2009, the Chennai Police detained Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari on suspicion that she was involved in the flesh trade. The cops reportedly nabbed her red-handed while she was running a brothel in the city.

Bhuvaneswari, Actress

The next day, a Tamil daily published an article claiming that she had named numerous other famous actresses who had engaged in prostitution for many years, further fueling the scandal. A subsequent bail hearing was held for Bhuvaneswari.

2. Mansoor Ali Khan, Actor

Mansoor Ali Khan used to be a big deal in Tamil films as both a villain and a character actor. When a woman called Sneha Sharma complained about him, it caused quite a stir. According to her, he raped her in a Vadapalani hotel room in 1996.

It was said that the actor had vowed to marry her, but he made a death threat when he found out she was pregnant. The actor received a seven-year prison term and was ordered to pay Sneha ten lakhs in 2001.

Mansoor Ali Khan

Knowing that Sneha was already living with another guy, Mansoor later demonstrated that Sneha’s complaint was fraudulent. Sneha, he saidowed him fifty lakh rupees for making up a bogus charge that tarnished his professional name and bankrupted him. People who have served their sentence and are now stars

3. Powerstar Srinivasan, Actor

Srinivasan is no stranger to attracting controversy, despite his reputation as a comedian from films like Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya and Onbathula Guru. An industrialist claimed that Srinivasan had promised to secure a loan of ‘1,000 crore for him, and in 2013 the Delhi Police arrested him on these charges.

Powerstar Srinivasan

After taking 5 crore from the businessman, Srinivasan was unable to get him the finance he needed. The actor allegedly also threatened the businessman. The bail was later granted to Srinivasan.

The actor had already been apprehended by the Kilpauk police in 2012 on suspicion of defrauding a businessman of ’65 lakh,’ the allegations that precede the current case.

4. V Sekar, Director

The Idol Wing of the Tamil Nadu police detained V Sekar, a veteran filmmaker and producer known for his work on Viralukketha Veekkam and Varavu Ettana Selavu Pathana. Sekar is accused of being the plotter behind the theft of eight Panchaloha idols, which were valued at 80 crores, from three temples. 

V Sekar

According to reports, a financier assisted him. Thanalingam was apprehended by the police in Chennai while attempting to smuggle two idols; it was during this detention that the police learned of V Sekar’s role in the crime. The filmmaker was granted bail by the Egmore court a few days ago.

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5. Saran, Director

The director Saran, known for his work on Kadhal Mannan, was detained by the Sivakasi municipal police in August 2014 while filming Aayirathil Iruvar in Tirunelveli. He was being held in connection with a case of cheque fraud.    

The printer Gnanasekaran of Sivakasi filed the complaint in 2011, and he has since failed to appear in court, leading to the issuance of the warrant. He asserted that he had received a cheque for fifty lakhs from the film’s director in exchange for printing the posters.


And yet, the check failed to clear. But that same day, Saran was released on bond. He claimed he was prepared to face  the legal ramifications and that the matter was forced upon him.    

6. Sangeetha, Actress 

Sangeetha, a little-known Tamil actress, was just given a life sentence for the 2007 murder of Selva, a film director. The director had promised Sangeetha money and a significant role in one of his films, so she was hoping for the best.   

This was the subject of their argument in a Vadapalani lodge. After escaping from the director, Sangeetha strangled him in her wrath. She was apprehended by a special squad in 2007, but she was subsequently released on bail and has evaded capture for nearly seven years.  

Sangeetha Balan

She was apprehended by law enforcement last year and was just handed a life sentence.

7. Jai 

Jai was taken into custody for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. After colliding with a divider, he was taken into custody the following night upon the arrival of the police. Subsequently, he was granted bail.


8. Shaam

Twelve others, including the actor, were apprehended for engaging in illicit gambling on his property. Subsequently, all thirteen of them were granted bail.  

Actor Shaam 

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