Top 10 Richest Persons from Dhanbad [2023 Updated]: Meet Dhanbad’s Wealthiest Moguls

Dhanbad, a city in the Indian state of Jharkhand, is renowned for its rich coal reserves and thriving mining industry. Over the years, this bustling city has contributed significantly to the nation’s economy and fostered an impressive number of wealthy individuals. This article presents a comprehensive list of the richest persons from Dhanbad who have amassed immense fortunes through their entrepreneurial endeavours.
From mining magnates to business tycoons, these affluent individuals have left an indelible mark on Dhanbad’s growth story and continue to inspire others with their remarkable achievements. Join us as we delve into the lives and successes of these extraordinary personalities who have propelled Dhanbad towards unparalleled prosperity.

Richest Persons from Dhanbad List

Serial No. Name Profession
1. Meiyang Chang Indian Actor
2. Madhurima Tuli Indian Actress
3. Zeishan Quadri Indian Writer, Actor
4. Aseem Mishra Indian Cinematographer
5. Chetan Joshi Indian Musical Artist
6. Anurag Dikshit Indian Businessman
7. Deven Sharma President of Standard & Poor’s
8. Shiv Khera Indian Author, Motivational Speaker

1. Meiyang Chang

Meiyang Chang: Indian Actor

Meiyang Chang is an Indian actor and singer of Chinese descent who was a dentist before getting selected for Indian Idol, a popular music reality show in India.

Meiyang Chang


2. Madhurima Tuli

Madhurima Tuli: Indian Actress

Madhurima Tuli is an Indian actress who mainly appeared in South Indian movies and Television. Madhurima Tuli is one of the hottest actresses in South Indian cinema.

Madhurima Tuli

3. Zeishan Quadri

Zeishan Quadri: Indian Writer, Actor

Zeishan Quadri is a well-known Indian writer, actor, director and producer who is very popular for writing the crime action films Gangs of Wasseypur and Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 2, directed by Anurag Kashyap. Zeishan has also required and produced the film Meeruthiya Gangsters.

Zeishan Quadri


4. Aseem Mishra

Aseem Mishra: Indian Cinematographer

Aseem Mishra is a well-recognized Indian cinematographer; Aseem has also worked in many Bollywood films like New York (2009), Dabangg 2(2012), Ek Tha Tiger (2012), Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) and Phantom (2015).

Aseem Mishra

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5. Chetan Joshi

Chetan Joshi: Indian Musical Artist

Chetan Joshi is a noted musical artist and flautist who is mastered in the Hindustani classical music tradition. He got his leanings from very reputed Gurus; these are Late Acharya Jagadish (Bokaro), Late Pandit Bholanath Prasanna (Allahabad), Late Pandit Raghunath Seth (Mumbai) and Pandit Ajoy Chakravorty (Kolkata).

Chetan Joshi

6. Anurag Dikshit

Anurag Dikshit: Indian businessman

Anurag Dikshit is an Indian businessman who is one of India’s most famous business tycoons. Anurag received a $300 million fine due to his connection with the online poker company PartyGaming, and he was found guilty of online gambling in violation of the Federal Wire Act.


Anurag Dikshit

7. Deven Sharma

Deven Sharma: President of Standard & Poor’s

Deven Sharma is an famous executive and president of Standard & Poor’s. Deven has a Doctoral degree in Business Management from Ohio State University. He also worked with manufacturing companies, Dresser Industries and Anderson Strathclyde, and later he joined Booz Allen Hamilton, where Sharma worked for 14 years.

Deven Sharma

8. Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera: Indian author and motivational speaker

Shiv Khera is a famous Indian author and motivational speaker. He was born on 23rd August 1961 in Dhanbad. He completed his graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce. In 2008 he also founded a political party Bharatiya Rashtravadi Samanata Party. He is the highest-paid motivational speaker in India.

Shiv Khera


In conclusion, Dhanbad is home to some of the wealthiest individuals in India. This list of the richest persons from Dhanbad showcases the immense wealth and success these individuals have achieved through various industries such as coal mining, real estate, and business.
It is a testament to the opportunities and growth potential in this city. As Dhanbad continues to evolve and develop, more individuals will likely join this list. Whether you are interested in entrepreneurship or fascinated by the stories of successful people, exploring the lives and achievements of these richest persons from Dhanbad can be inspiring and informative.

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