Hottest K-pop Female Idols: Celebrating the Sensational Female Style Icons of K-Pop in 2024!

The irresistible songs, breathtaking dance moves, and breathtaking beauty of K-Pop female Idols have made them a worldwide sensation.  

Several female idols have gone on to become style icons, and a handful of them were models before they became vocalists. Just like Lisa of Blackpink is the face of Celine and Jennie of Chanel, respectively, Red Velvet Joy is the face of Tod’s.

Members of Blackpink, TWICE, and Red Velvet are among the ten most famous and stunning female K-pop idols on this list.

Hottest K-pop Female Idols

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Chou Tzu-yu, also known as Tzuyu, was born in Tainan’s East District in June 1999. He is the only member of TWICE from Taiwan. 

She discovered dancing at an early age and went on to enroll at a dance academy to perfect her innate skills. After being spotted by talent scouts in 2012, she relocated to South Korea. 


After waiting three years, she appeared on the South Korean reality show Sixteen, where she was chosen to be a part of the girl group TWICE along with nine other contestants.

While performing alone, Tzuyu has performed two songs by Ava Max: “Christmas Without You” and “Me!” by Taylor Swift. Following her debut with TWICE, Tzuyu’s attractiveness came to the notice of the Taiwanese public, who dubbed her the “Light of Taiwan.”


Recently, Jennie Kim—who goes by the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane—appeared in the HBO drama series The Star. She is arguably the most famous female K-Pop star of all time. 

It was her acting debut, and ever since then, rumors have circulated that she will soon be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kim made her BLACKPINK debut in August 2016, and she was born and raised in South Korea. 


Ironically, her solo debut tune, “Solo,” was released two years after that. When Jennie was a teenager, she wanted nothing more than to be a ballet dancer. 

After becoming familiar with K-Pop while studying in New Zealand, she went back to South Korea to try out for the JYP Entertainment company and was subsequently hired as a trainee. 

Since Kim was one of the few trainees who could speak English fluently, she was urged to embrace her role as a rapper, even though she had originally been a vocalist. 

One of BLACKPINK’s most influential members, Jennie, has been dubbed “Human Chanel” and “Human Gucci.”

Sana (TWICE)

Among the three Japanese members of the TWICE girl group from South Korea, Sana Minatozaki—more commonly known as “Sana”—was born in Osaka, Japan. She was an only child who found joy in performing from a young age. 

The Korean musical group Girls’ Generation allegedly served as an inspiration to her. Sana was discovered by JYP Entertainment scouts when she was in middle school and joined the program as a trainee. 

Sana (TWICE)

Sana, like Tzuyu, was a contestant on Sixteen; she was one of nine chosen to form a promising girl trio. With the release of their extended play Masterpiece on July 26, 2023, Sana, Momo, and Mina, all members of TWICE, made their debut as the sub-unit MiSaMo. 

Among Sana’s many endorsement deals are those with Korean skincare companies and Graff, a British multinational jeweler, for which she became the first Japanese ambassador.

Mina (TWICE)

Though she was born in San Antonio, Texas, Japanese TWICE member Mina relocated to Japan when she was a toddler. Mina began her ballet training at an early age and continued for a full eleven years before making her debut with TWICE. 

It was stated in 2017 that Mina had dual citizenship with the United States and Japanhowever by 2019, she had renounced her American citizenship. Another member of the Sixteen who eventually debuted with TWICE for their first EP, The Story Begins, was Mina.

Mina (TWICE)

It is known that Mina has experienced insecurities and nervousness related to performing onstage in the past. An anxiety condition was later determined to be her diagnosis. 

In addition to Momo, Mina is widely considered to be one of the top dancers on TWICE. Her fame has helped improve ties between Japan and South Korea.


As a member of BLACKPINK, Thai rapper Lisa made her 2016 debut. She was born Pranpriya Manobal, but a fortune teller suggested she alter her name to Lalisa. Her dancing career began at the tender age of four, and by the time she was thirteen, she had already auditioned for JYP Entertainment. 

Her status as a trainee was conferred upon her as the sole victorious applicant out of four thousand. She landed her first modeling gig in 2015 with the streetwear label Nona9on.


After breaking the 24-h our viewership record set by Taylor Swift’s “Me!” featuring Brendon Urie, Lisa’s debut single album Lalisa set a new standard. 

During that moment, she broke two Guinness World Records with 73.6 million views. Lalisa can also take pride in becoming the first solo K-pop singer to ever win a VMA from MTV

In addition to her roles as a global spokesperson for several projects, Lisa has launched her own cosmetics line under the MAC label, MAC x L.

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RyuJin (ITZY)

Due to the boys’ team’s victory over the girls’ team, ITZY’s lead rapper Ryujin was unable to make his debut, despite finishing first in the survival show MIXNINE’s finale.

 It was with the digital song “IT’z Different” that she made her ITZY debut the following year. Hanlim Multi Arts School was the alma mater for Ryujin and Chaeryeong of TWICE. 

RyuJin (ITZY)

Her name is Joanne and she speaks English. Ryujin was discovered by JYP at a GOT7 fan gathering; he was born in Seoul, South Korea, and has an older brother. When it comes to the members of ITZY, Ryujin has the most rugged look.

 In addition, she has strong friendships with JiU from Dreamcatcher, Heejin and Hyunjin from LOONA, and others. She co-starred with Zo In-sung, Jung Woo-sung, Bae Seong-woo, and Ryu Jun-yeol in the film The King.

Miyeon (G) I-DLE)

The lead singer of the female group I-DLE, Voice actress Cho Mi-yeon from South Korea is most known for her role as Ahri in the online K-pop group K/DA, which was inspired by characters from the video game League of Legends. 

Like her father, Miyeon was an only child, but she inherited his passion for music and a natural talent for singing at an early age. She made her debut with (G) I-DLE after around eight years of training. In the online drama Replay: The Moment, Miyeon had her acting debut.

Miyeon (G) I-DLE)

With the release of her debut extended play (EP), My, in April 2022, Miyeon released the lead track “Drive.” Presently, she co-hosts the South Korean music show M Countdown alongside Monsta X’s Joohoney. 

In addition to her singing talents, Miyeon possesses the ability to play the piano, guitar, and violin.

Irene (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet is headed by Bae Joo-hyun, better known as Irene. She made her debut in 2014 and went on to create the subunit Red Velvet—Irene & Seulgi—with bandmate Seulgi.

In addition to her singing career, Irene has a successful acting career and has hosted several television shows, including Music Bank, Laundry Day, and Irene’s Work & Holiday. 

Her film credits include Double Patty and Women at a Game Company. Irene, a native of Daegu, South Korea, attended SM Entertainment for five years before her introduction as a Red Velvet member.


Irene was the center of attention in 2020 when she was accused of inappropriately treating Kang Kook-hwa, a fashion editor. Several of Irene’s coworkers—including dancers, make-up artists, and stylists—took to social media to express their shock and outrage at the disrespect she had shown. 

The entire incident ignited debates on how South Koreans view female idol groups and the disproportionately high expectations placed on them.

Minju (Iz*One)

Kim Min-ju used to be a part of the 12- member boy band Iz*One, which was active from 2018 to 2021. Throughout their tenure together, the band put out two studio albums and seven EPs, the first of which was Color*Iz, their debut. 

Iz*One formally broke up in April 2021, even though it appeared like they would prolong their contracts. After her time as presenter of the music program Show! Music Core came to an end with Iz*One, and Minju decided to pursue acting instead.

Minju (IzOne)

Not only did Minju guest star in The Forbidden Marriage, but she also starred in the 2019 drama film The Fault Is Not Yours. She appeared on Produce 48, a reality show in which viewers “create” a girl group from among 96 hopefuls, before becoming the host of Show! Music Core.

Jihyo (TWICE)

The courageous leader of TWICE, Park Ji-hyo, also known as Jihyo, hails from Guri in Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. After Jihyo came in second place in a Junior Naver contest, JYP Entertainment took notice of her. 

She began training for ten years after joining when she was eight years old. She legally changed her name to Jihyo before participating in Sixteen with her TWICE teammates. Jihyo was chosen as the leader of TWICE in a secret ballot held by her fellow bandmates.  

Jihyo (TWICE)

Kang Daniel, who won the second season of the reality competition show Produce 101, was dating Jihyo in 2019. Conflicts in their schedules forced the couple to end their engagement by 2020. Recently, Jihyo shared a preview of the song “Killin’ Me Goodfrom her next solo album ZONE, which will be released this year.  


Female K-pop idols like BIBI, Sunmi, HyunA, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and countless more possess immense talent and charisma that fans can’t help but adore. With their exceptional singing voices and stage presence, all of the female idols have captivated audiences with their many talents. 

 There is no hard and fast rule on what constitutes physical attractivenessthus this list of the sexiest K-pop stars is purely subjective. To be honest, every female K-pop star deservingly appears here. 

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