Hottest Female DJs in USA: The Most Influential 9 Female DJs Making Waves Across America

These talented female DJs have made significant contributions to the music industry and have garnered recognition for their skills and unique styles

Throughout Hip Hop’s 50 year history, the DJ has consistently served as its focal point. Pioneering party rockers from this breakthrough genre have been an inspiration to DJs all over the globe. Not only are female rap artists now dominating the industry, but female DJs are also slaying it at the moment.

March is Women’s History Month, therefore REVOLT is showcasing nine women who are actively ruling behind the scenes. An inspiring collection of artists who are making a worldwide impression with their turntables are featured on this list.

When it comes to events, concerts, or parties, these gifted women are masters at establishing the mood with carefully selected music. Countless great events in culture have been set to music by these electrifying queens of ceremonial.

Hottest Female DJs in USA

Here is a list of 10 popular female DJs in the USA:

  1. Sky Jetta
  2. Little Bacon Bear
  3. Nyla Symone
  4. DJ Miss Milan
  5. Dylan Ali
  6. DJ Ash B
  7. DJ 9AM
  8. DJ Spinelli
  9. Gina Turner

1. Sky Jetta

The disc jockey Sky Jetta was born and raised in Detroit. From her early years into adulthood, her passion for music never wavered. Some of the world’s most illustrious venues and innumerable festivals have hosted her performances.

The Sky Jetta set is always a surprise for the fans. Members of the Wu-Tang Clan even once surprised supporters with free shots of whiskey when they came out.

Sky Jettas

Among the many notable clients who have commissioned Sky Jetta’s DJ sets over her impressive career are Derrick Rose, Candace Parker, Burberry, Nike, Jordan Brand, and several more.

2. Little Bacon Bear

Over the past decade, Little Bacon Bear has been a party staple. From the moment she learned to walk, she would dig in boxes. The dynamic media personality has hosted and DJ’d for major brands and venues, such as Apple, Under Armour, Nike, the Smithsonian, and the National Mall.

It has always been a point of pride for Bacon Bear to use her platform to bring attention to other people. Her current position as co-chair of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the Recording Academy Hip-Hop Committee is a direct result of her community and musical activism.

Little Bacon Bear

Audi Field will play host to the Broccoli City Festival and D.C. United this summer, so fans won’t want to miss her performances.

3. Nyla Symone

Nyla Symone is now one of the most in-demand DJs due to her magnetic personality and impeccable taste in music.

The artist, who was born and reared in the District of Columbia, has been experiencing meteoric rises since she began spinning. Among the nominees for DJ of the Year at the 2022 BET Awards, she was the only female.

On Comedy Central’s “Hell of a Week” late-night show, Symone has spun with Charlamagne Tha God.

Nyla Symone

She has also worked with Coi Leray and Power 105.1. Finding and breaking new musicians is her favorite part of being a DJ. She got where she is now thanks to her incredible musical intuition.

4. DJ Miss Milan

Professional DJing is what DJ Miss Milan has done since 2017. The multi-hyphenate, who was born and raised in Queens but now resides in Brooklyn, has many times gone viral on social media for her energetic performances that feature some of the biggest names in female-oriented music.

She made history last year as the first female DJ to conduct a RENAISSANCE party in Times Square, celebrating Beyoncé’s album in partnership with Parkwood and Pandora. Nominating Doechii for Best Push Performance of the Year at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards was a proud occasion for her.

DJ Miss Milan

Among DJ Miss Milan’s clients are Apple, Saweetie, and Rolling Stone. Sharing her musical adventures with the world is something the “Fairyvibe Mother” takes pleasure in doing.

5. Dylan Ali

D.C. native Dylan Ali is now a DJ in New York City known for his varied taste. She has always had a soft spot for music, and now she is taking that affection to the record player.

The gifted DJ has recently been creating a stir in Paris with a new party series he’s been putting on in tandem with the Paris Skywalker crew.

MADS, Ali’s DJ duo, has also been making waves in the past half a year.The after-hours celebration at L’Embuscade in Pigalle during Men’s Fashion Week in 2020 is the DJ’s favorite memory.

Dylan Ali

She is a rising star. Even though the party didn’t begin until 5 in the morning, she still managed to get her best friend, the rapper Gabby, from Washington, DC, to perform.

Among the several brands with whom Ali has worked are Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Margiela, Louis Vuitton, HBO, and Mercedes-Benz.

Furthermore, innumerable Black creatives have benefited from the opportunities and experiences made possible by Ali’s generous character.For more than eight years,

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6. DJ Ash B

DJ Ash B has been spinning records professionally. Famous for his work on Verzuz, A3C, and in viral spinning videos, this DJ hails from Bakersfield, California.

Ash B has been published in numerous publications, including EBONY and ESSENCE, and has partnered with Toyota. A highlight of her life was amplifying the energy during the Day N Vegas festival.

DJ Ash B

7. DJ 9 AM

Partygoers in New York City know DJ 9 AM as a superstar. With the support of her boyfriend, the vibe curator Tubbs Krueger, who was born and raised in Las Vegas, and her trademark Body Language party, her charming demeanor and risky transitions keep her audiences captivated throughout each set.

At a Billboard Hip Hop event, she was one of the main attractions, performing before Cardi B and Offset. The inaugural Body Language party was DJ 9 AM’s favorite moment as a disc jockey.

The sold-out event was proof that she could independently attract a large audience and direct the entire event. Among her many clients are BET, DeLeón Tequila, LinkedIn, Rolling Loud, Nike, and several others.


8. DJ Spinelli

The Bronx, New York-based DJ Spinelli is known for his electrifying sets. For the past twelve years, she has been the life of the party on a global scale. She still thinks it’s incredible to be able to make a living doing what has always been her dream—traveling the world.

So far, producing a mix for Kenneth Nicholson’s New York Fashion Week show is one of her most notable achievements. Afropunk Paris is her favorite recollection from her time as a DJ.

There was an unparalleled and spotless vibe. She is mostly known for her successful events, but she has also worked with brands like Converse, Vans, and Nike, spinning at their live activations.

DJ Spinelli

9. Gina Turner

Being in a field where men predominate doesn’t faze Gina Turner in the slightest. Instead, she revels in the fact that she is a female DJ—a marginalized group—and pretends to be just like everyone else, including Junior Sanchez, Diplo, Justin Martin, MK, Tom Flynn, Style of Eye, and many more.

Turner, a native New Yorker, has spent her entire life performing and recording music. Turner, who had a lifelong love for the airwaves, got her start as a disc jockey for a local station before leaping Los Angeles.

Gina Turner

Turner is creating quite an effect on the electronic dance industry and its legions of admirers as she has become a worldwide musical force, famous for her podcast radio shows, incredible producing skills, and high-energy gigs. She is one of the few female powerhouse DJs now working.

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