10+ Kannada Birthday Songs That You Can Never Miss Playing on Birthday Celebrations

The delight and happiness that comes from celebrating one’s birthday is a timeless ritual. Sincere well-wishes provide them immense joy. You should hum a lovely birthday song instead of just saying “Happy Birthday” to them on their special day.

Whether you’re organizing an online ceremony, searching for the ideal song to bring a grin to someone’s face, or throwing a surprise party, this article will be of great assistance.

Here are a few of our favorite Kannada birthday songs, ranging from timeless classics to today’s most popular hits, that you may use to celebrate the special day with a friend, relative, or loved one.

Here is a compilation of lovely Kannada birthday songs that will make you and your loved ones feel extra special on their special day.

Popular Kannada Musical Selections for a Birthday:

Presented here are a selection of the top birthday songs from Kannada films that have been released thus far. Have a look at this link.

1. Nagutha Baalu

One of the best Kannada birthday songs is “Nagutha Nagutha Baalu” from the film Parashuram. Send your birthday wishes to your son with this heartfelt song. Anyone celebrating a birthday in Karnataka will hear this Kannada song as the theme music. One of the best musicians in Kannada cinema, Hamsalekha, wrote this beautiful song, and legendary actor/singer Dr. Rajkumar sang it.

V. Somasekhar directed the 1989 Kannada film Parashuram. The leading parts were filled by Rajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar, Mahalakshmi, and Vani Vishwanath.

Nagutha Nagutha Baalu Neenu Nooru Varusha - HD Video Song - Parashuram - Dr.Rajkumar - Hamsalekha

2. Nooraru Kala Sukavagi Balu

For a brother’s birthday, the best Kannada song is Nooraru Kaala Sukawagi Balu. ‘Kashi From Village,’ a film from 2005, features this brother’s beautiful and poetic song. Famous Kannada singer Rajesh sings the lead vocals, and music director Koti wrote the music. Another birthday song from this film is “Happy Happy Birthday,” which Mano and Rajesh sing.

Kashi From Village, which stars Vijay, is a Kannada adaptation of the Vijay-starring Tamil film Bhagavathi. This version was directed by Om Sai Prakash and stars Sudeep and Rakshitha.

Nooraru Kaala Sukavagi Baalu - HD Video Song - Sudeep | A Harsha | Rajesh Krishnan | Mano

3. Haadiro Haadiro:

Haadiro Haadiro, from the film Putnanja, is another Kannada Happy Birthday song. Get the party started with this upbeat happy birthday song. Chitra and Mano perform the song, which was composed by Hamsalekha.

Ravichandran oversaw the 1995 release of Putnanja. The leads were Ravichandran and Meena.

Haadiro Haadiro - Putnanja - HD Video Song | Ravichandran | Meena | Mano | K.S Chithra | Hamsalekha

4. Endendigu Naguthiru:

One of the finest Kannada birthday songs is “Endendigu Naguthiru” by Jackson, which features Endendigu. For a special someone’s birthday, this song would make the perfect WhatsApp status. Veer Samarth penned the song, while Chethan Kumar sang it.

In 2005, Sanath Kumar’s Jackson was published, with Duniya Vijay and Paavana Gowda.

Jackson | Endendigu | Kannada HD Video Song | Duniya Vijay | Pavana Gowda | Veer Samarth

5. Ee Sudina Ninna Januma Dina

The Kannada birthday song “Ee Sudina Ninna Januma Dina” is from the film Manava Danava and is perfect for celebrating a daughter’s or son’s special day. Ramesh Naidu composed this song, and SPB sang it.

Shankarnag and Gayatri were the main characters in Janakiram’s 1985 film Manava Danava.

Ee Sudina Ninna Januma Dina - HD Video Song - Maanava Daanava | Shankarnag | SPB

6. Happy Birth Day:

The greatest birthday song to play at a birthday celebration is “Happy Birth Day” by No Entry No Exit. Santhosh Kumar sings the song that Sagar Gururaj penned.

Happy Birth Day Full Video Song || No Entry No Exit || Ajay (Ninasam), Umesh, Anitha

7. Rangu Rangu Partyge:

The Kannada film 100 had a Happy Birthday song called Rangu Rangu Partyge that came out in 2021. Rapper Ravi Basrur wrote the song, and Neetu Subramanian, Ananya Bhatt, and Ramesh Aravind sang it.

Thiruttu Payale 2 was a smashing success in Tamil, and 100 is its Kannada adaptation. Ramesh Aravind is the man behind the camera. Poorna, Rachita Ram, and Ramesh Aravind are the film’s main stars.

From classics to modern hits, here is a playlist of the most popular Kannada birthday songs to celebrate with loved ones. We hope this post was helpful in your search for the perfect birthday message. Your loved ones will undoubtedly find it enjoyable as well. Do not forget to forward this post to your friends.

100 Movie | Rangu Rangu Partyge | Ramesh Aravind | Rachita Ram | Poorna | Ravi Basrur |Anand Audio

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8. The Hip-Hop Tamizha song “Happy Birthday”

“Happy Birthday” is a Tamil song that Gana Balachandar, Hiphop Tamizha, and Diwakar performed. The soundtrack album for the 2020 film “Naan Sirithal” featured this song. On Musixmatch, you may find the song’s lyrics.

Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have the song available for listening. Hiphop Tamizha, Diwakar, and Gana Balachandar were among the other artists who performed the song. With its infectious melody and heartfelt birthday wishes, the song is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Naan Sirithal | Happy Birthday Video Song | Hiphop Tamizha | Iswarya Menon | Sundar C | Raana

9. “Happy Birthday to You, Ji”song by Mimi Teddy

Mimi Teddy’s 2020 single “Happy Birthday to You Ji” is out now. A lively and celebratory birthday song, it features an infectious melody and well-wishes for the lucky recipient. Lyrics like “Yeh sab nautunki phir bhi chalo the lein” and “Cake shake hai toh phir bulao ji” are memorable and catchy. If you want to put a grin on the birthday person’s face, this song is perfect for the occasion.

Mimi Teddy - Happy Birthday To You Ji (Lyrics) (TikTok Song 2020)

10. Nooraru Nenapina

Dr. Rajkumar’s “Suthradhara” album features the Kannada song “Nooraru Nenapina.” You may get the song on sites like Wynk Music and DJPunjab.

According to the video on YouTube, it lasts for about 4 minutes and 58 seconds. Dr. Rajkumar composed both the music and the words for the song. In honor of Dr. Rajkumar’s lasting impact on Kannada music, “Nooraru Nenapina” is a beautiful composition that highlights his considerable musical talent.

NSuthradhara | "Nooraru Nenapina" Audio Song | Raghavendra Rajkumar,Nivedita Jain | Akash Audio

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