10 Best Telugu Birthday Songs That Can Make Your Birthday Wishes Extra Special!

10 Best Telugu Birthday Songs: Everyone looks forward to their birthday. Isn’t that right? On top of that, it’s a reason to rejoice with loved ones or to shower them with lovely presents. Give them the gift of music on their upcoming birthday instead of the same old expensive stuff. Just sing or dance a little.

One thoughtful and unforgettable way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday is to dedicate a special song to them. They will be even more special and fun if you dedicate a beautiful birthday song from a Telugu film to them. So, to help you wow your loved ones on their special day, we have created a playlist with the top 10 birthday songs from Telugu films.

Perfect Your Birthday Celebration in 2024 with These Top Ten Telugu Birthday Songs:

Song Title Film Singer(s) Music Composer(s) Lyricist(s)
Malli Malli Padali Ee Pata Mattilo Manikyam P. Sushila Satyam Mylavarapu Gopi
Aho Oka Manasuku Nede Puttina Roju Allari Priyudu SPB, KS Chitra MM Keeravani Sirivennela Sitarama Shastri
Happy Happy Suswagatham P. Jayachandran, Mano S.A. Rajkumar Shanmukha Sharma
Andala Chinni Dewatha Siva Rama Raju Not specified Not specified Not specified
S. Neeve Neeve Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi Chakri Kandikonda Not specified
Jabilamma Cheravasthe Neeli Meghalu Nithya Santoshini Not specified Duggirala
Chinni Papa Neeli Meghalu Unnikrishnan Not specified Not specified
Puttina Roju Jejelu Bangaaru Kalalu P. Susheela S Rajeswara Rao Dasharadhi
Maa Papa Puttina Roju Malli Malli Ravali Aahuthi – O Papa Katha Sunitha, Vandemataram Srinivas Not specified Not specified
Maa Papa Puttina Roju Samsaram SPB, Sushila T. Chalapathi Rao Dasarathi

1.Malli Malli Padali Ee Pata (Mattilo Manikyam):

“Malli Malli Padali Ee Pata” is a lovely birthday song that you can dedicate to your loved ones and make their day extra memorable. It is from the ancient Telugu film Mattilo Manikyam. P Sushila sings the lead vocals and Satyam wrote the music for this wonderful song written by Mylavarapu Gopi.

Malli Malli Padali Ee Pata (మళ్ళీ మళ్ళీ పాడాలి ఈ పాట) Song Lyrics -Mattilo Manikyam-Susheela-Sathyam

The audience lauded Mattilo Manikyam, and he took home the national award. This BV Prasad film featured Chalam, Bhanumati, and Jamuna in the key parts.

2. Aho Oka Manasuku Nede Puttina Roju (Allari Priyudu):

If you’re looking for a popular birthday song that everyone loves, go no further than “Aho! oka manasuku nede puttina roju” by Allari Priyudu, a Telugu film. The music is by MM Keeravani, the lyrics are by Sirivennela Sitarama Shastri, and SPB and KS Chitra sing the lovely tunes.

Aho Oka Manasuku Nede Puttina Roju Song - Allari Priyudu Movie | Rajasekhar | Ramyakrishna

K Raghavendra Rao’s Allari Priyudu has Rajasekhar, Ramya Krishna, and Madhubala as the film’s main protagonists. This film is based on the Hindi film Saajan.

3. Happy Happy (Suswagatham):

The birthday song “Happy Happy” is performed by Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao and appears in the 1998 Telugu film Suswagatham. A father and son share this song. Pawan Kalyan plays the main part, while Raghuvaran plays his father’s role in the film.

Suswagatham Songs - Happy Happy - Pawan Kalyan Devayani

Shanmukha Sharma wrote the lyrics, P. Jayachandran and Mano sang the lead vocals, and S.A. Rajkumar provided the music.

4. Andala Chinni Dewatha (Siva Rama Raju):

A sister’s birthday song is “Andala Chinni Dewatha” from the film Shiva Rama Raju. On her birthday, three brothers sing a song that celebrates their sister’s life. To commemorate your sister’s special day, add this song to your playlist and send her warm birthday wishes.

Siva Rama Raju Songs - Andala Chinni Devatha - Jagapathi Babu, Venkat, Shivaji, Mounica, Laya

5. Neeve Neeve (Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi):

One of the best Telugu songs for a mother’s birthday is this one from the film Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi. This lovely song was sung by Chakri and composed by Kandikonda.

The 2003 film Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi was a critical and commercial success upon its release. Ravi Teja, Asin, Jayasuda, and Prakash Raj are the main actors in this Puri Jagannath-directed film.

Neeve Neeve Full Song  II Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammai II Ravi Teja, Aasin

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6.  Jabilamma Cheravasthe (Neeli Meghalu):

In Telugu, the most beautiful birthday song a wife may sing to her husband is “Jabilamma Cheravasthe” on his special day. This song was written by Duggirala and performed by Nithya Santoshini. Featuring Viren Bose and Maheshwari, this tune is taken from the 1999 film Neeli Meghalu.

Jabilamma Music Video | Neeli Meghalu Telugu Movie Songs | Maheshwari | Uttej | Mango Music

7. Chinni Papa (Neeli Meghalu):

Not one, but two songs from the same film As a birthday present for your lady, Neeli Meghalu is the perfect choice. Performing the song “Chinni papa song” is Unnikrishnan.

Neeli Meghalu Telugu Movie Songs | Chinni Papa Music Video | Maheshwari | Uttej | Mango Music

8. Puttina Roju Jejelu (Bangaaru Kalalu):

This song is perfect for those who are seeking vintage Telugu birthday songs. “Puttina Roju Jejeluu” is the theme song of the film “Bangaru Kalalu.” Dasharadhi wrote the song and P. Susheela sang it. S Rajeswara Rao is the songwriter of the tune.

Bangaru Kalalu Songs - Puttina Roju Jejelu - ANR - Lakshmi - Waheeda Rehman

9.  Maa Papa Puttina Roju Malli Malli Ravali (Aahuthi – O Papa Katha):

The birthday song “Maa Papa Puttina Roju Malli Malli Ravali” plays throughout the film Aahuti – O Papa Katha, which was released in 2002. Sunitha and Vandemataram Srinivas are the vocalists behind this track.

Aahuthi Songs - Maa Paapa Puttina - Chandra babu, Sree Nithi

10. Maa Papa Puttina Roju (Samsaram):

Lastly, we have “Maa Papa Puttinaroju” from the film Samsaram as our Telugu birthday song selection. It features SPB and Sushila singing a composition by T. Chalapathi Rao. Lyrics for this song have been provided by Dasarathi.

Maa Paapa Puttina Video Song | Samsaram | NTR | Jamuna | Jayasudha | V9 Videos

Hence, we have compiled a list of the top Telugu birthday songs that you can play for your loved ones on their special day. May it have been enjoyable for you. This birthday present is likely to captivate your loved ones as well. Do not forget to forward this post to your friends.

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