Unveiling Allari Naresh’s Best Movies of All Time (Updated 2024)

Embark on a cinematic journey through the illustrious career of Allari Naresh as we explore the “Best Allari Naresh Movies of All Time.”

With his unique blend of comedy and charisma, Naresh has carved a niche for himself in the Telugu film industry. From rib-tickling comedies to heartfelt dramas, his films have entertained audiences for decades.

Join us as we revisit some of his most memorable performances and iconic roles, celebrating the versatility and talent of this acclaimed actor.

Whether you’re a fan of comedy or drama, there’s something for everyone in this curated selection of Allari Naresh’s finest movies.

Best Allari Naresh Movies of All Time List

Serial No. Movie Title
1 Madatha Kaja
2 Nenu
3 Action 3D
4 Yamudiki Mogudu: Ee Nela Thakkuvodu
5 Sudigadu
6 Poraali
7 Seema Tapakai
8 Aha Naa Pellanta
9 Kathi Kantha Rao
10 Bendu Apparao R.M.P
11 Blade Babji
12 Gamyam
13 Gopi – Goda Meeda Pilli
14 Kithakithalu
15 Thotti Gang

1. Madatha Kaja

Madatha Kaja ranked in the list of best Allari Naresh movie of all time. Madatha Kaja is a Telugu movie. The movie also ranked in Best South Indian comedy movie. The movie is directed by Seetaramaraju Dantuluri. This list includes almost all the Allari Naresh comedy movies of all time.

Madatha Kaja

2. Nenu

Nenu is a Indian movie released in Telugu language. Nenu is directed by E. Sathibabu and the movie is starring Allari Naresh, Veda and Abhishek in a lead role. In this movie, Allari Naresh performs as a psychotic lover.


3. Action 3D

A Telugu movie titled Action 3D is a best comedy movie of Allari Naresh. The movie starring Shaam, Vaibhav, Raju Sundaram, Neelam Upadhyaya. Sneha Ullal, Kamna Jethmalani and Sheena Shahabadi and the director of the movie is Anil Sunkara.

Action 3D

4. Yamudiki Mogudu: Ee Nela Thakkuvodu

Allari Naresh played a lead role in Yamudiki Mogudu: Ee Nela Thakkuvodu. It is Telugu socio-fantasy and comedy film directed by E. Satti Babu. The movie starring Allari Naresh and Richa Panai in a lead roles.

Yamudiki Mogudu: Ee Nela Thakkuvodu

5. Sudigadu

Allari Naresh one of the best action-comedy movie released in 2012. It is an Telugu language movie directed by Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao. The movie was produced in a budget of 80 million and its box office collection was 330 million.


6. Poraali

Poraali is a Tamil language movie released in 2011. This is the movie which is directed by Samuthirakani. Star cast of the movie are Allari Naresh and Swati Reddy alongside Niveda Thomas, Vasundhara and Ganja Karuppu. It is an action thriller movie also dubbed in Telugu and Kannada with other titles.



7. Seema Tapakai

Telugu comedy film titled Seema Tapakai is one of best comedy movie of Allari Naresh and Poorna. Allari Naresh and Poorna played a lead role in the movie. G.Nageswara Reddy directed the movie and it was released on 13 may 2011.

Seema Tapakai

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8. Aha Naa Pellanta

Aha Naa Pellanta! means Yeah! I’m Getting Married!, is a Tamil language comedy movie directed by Veerabhadram. Allari Naresh played a role of intelligent, hardworking software engineer lives with his uncle. The story of the movie is about the marriage of lead character (Allari Naresh). The movie ranked in 2011 best Telugu movies along with Mirapakay and Ala Modalaindi.

Aha Naa Pellanta

9. Kathi Kantha Rao

Kathi Kantha Rao is a comedy movie released in Telugu language in 2010. E. V. V. Satyanarayana directed the movie and the movie is starring Allari Naresh, Kamna Jethmalani, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam. It is best comedy movie of Allari Naresh of all time. Allari Naresh is one of my favorite comedian.

Kathi Kantha Rao

10. Bendu Apparao R.M.P

Bendu Apparao RMP is a Telugu comedy movie directed by E V V Satyanarayana. It is a Telugu movie which was made under budget of Rs.3 crores. It is one of the most entertaining films which was completed successful 50-day run on box office in AP.

Bendu Apparao R.M.P

11. Blade Babji

Allari Naresh has played a lead role in Blade Babji which is a comedy movie of Tollywood Cinema. The movie is available in Telugu language. The movie was directed by Devi Prasad.

Blade Babji

12. Gamyam

Gamyam is a Telugu movie from Indian cinema. Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi directed the movie in which Allari Naresh, Sharwanand, and Kamalinee Mukherjee in a lead role. It is a Allari Naresh’s best movie.


13. Gopi – Goda Meeda Pilli

Gopi – Goda Meeda Pilli is a Comedy movies in Telugu language. Allari Naresh is a well known star of Tolywood for the comedy. He is Abest Tollywood comedian

Gopi – Goda Meeda Pilli

14. Kithakithalu

Kithakithalu is an Indian movie from Tollywood Cinema. The movie was released in 2006 and fared well on box office. It is Telugu comedy directed by EVV Satyanarayana starring Allari Naresh, Geetha Singh, Madhu Shalini and Jayalalitha. It is best comedy of Allari Naresh i ever watched.

Allari Naresh

15. Thotti Gang

Thotti Gang is a Telugu movies written produced and directed by E. V. V. Satyanarayana. It is comedy movies starring Prabhu Deva, Allari Naresh, Sunil, Gajala and Anita Hassanandani in a lead role. The movie has best comedy scenes.

Thotti Gang


The curated selection of “Best Allari Naresh Movies of All Time” showcases the actor’s versatility and prowess in entertaining audiences.

From the hilarious antics in “Sudigadu” to the heartfelt performances in “Gamyam,” each film highlights Naresh’s ability to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Whether it’s his impeccable comic timing or his ability to portray diverse characters, Naresh has consistently delivered memorable performances throughout his career.

As we celebrate his cinematic journey through these iconic movies, it’s evident that Allari Naresh has left an indelible mark on Telugu cinema and continues to be a beloved figure among audiences.

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