Is Lauren Daigle Married? Let’s Know About Her Better Half

Lauren Daigle, a prominent figure in the contemporary gospel music scene, has captivated audiences worldwide with her remarkable voice and soul-stirring melodies. While her musical journey and achievements are well-known, her personal life often sparks curiosity, particularly regarding her marital status. Is Lauren Daigle married? Let’s explore the details surrounding her romantic life and clear up any uncertainties.

Lauren Daigle Bio

 lauren daigle

Field Information
Full Name Lauren Ashley Daigle
Date of Birth September 9, 1991
Place of Birth Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Genres Contemporary Christian, pop, soul
Instruments Vocals, piano
Labels Centricity Music
Years Active 2010 – present
Awards 3 Grammy Awards, 6 Billboard Music Awards, 7 GMA Dove Awards
Notable Works “You Say”, “Trust in You”, “Rescue”, “How Can It Be”
Education Attended Louisiana State University before pursuing music full-time

The Journey of Lauren Daigle: From Humble Beginnings to Stardom

Born on September 9, 1991, in Lafayette, Louisiana, Lauren Daigle’s upbringing was rooted in a family of five, consisting of her parents and siblings. Her deep affinity for music developed early in her life, with influences ranging from Gospel and Cajun to Blues and Zydeco music. Fondly referred to as “The Music Box,” her home always resonated with melodies, with Lauren’s melodic voice leading the symphony.

"You Say" Lauren Daigle Cover - Husband and Wife Duet

Tragedy struck when Lauren contracted Cytomegalovirus at 15, confining her to her home for two years due to a weakened immune system. This challenging period encouraged her to explore her singing talents further and take voice lessons. Eventually, she joined the church choir and embarked on her journey to musical stardom.

Lauren Daigle’s Marital Status: Unveiling the Truth

As of the latest information available on Tuko, Lauren Daigle is not married. Despite her immense success, she has kept her romantic life relatively private, leaving fans intrigued about her relationship status. While there is no confirmed information about her current dating situation or boyfriend, it’s possible that she may be involved in a relationship discreetly.

lauren daigle

Lauren’s candidness about her life extends to her social media presence, where she once playfully shared a cheeky Instagram post about her supposed significant other. However, it turned out to be a humorous reference to Mr. Potato Head from the Toy Story franchise, leaving her fans amused by her playful nature.

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Early Life and Passion for Music

Growing up in a family of five, Lauren Daigle’s journey into the world of music started early. She was keenly interested in singing from a young age and was exposed to genres like Gospel, Cajun, Blues, and Zydeco music.

Her upbringing was steeped in melodies, and her home was often referred to as “The Music Box,” where she would sing melodic tunes with natural ease. Tragically, at 15 years old, Lauren was struck by Cytomegalovirus, a viral infection that left her homebound for two years. Her mother enrolled her in voice lessons to lift her spirits, which helped her cope and further developed her singing prowess.

Rumours of Marriage to Chris Tomlin

Confusion often arises due to the similarity in names between Lauren Daigle and Chris Tomlin’s wife, Lauren Bricken. Chris Tomlin, a prominent contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, is married to Lauren Bricken. However, there is no substantiated truth to the rumours linking Lauren Daigle romantically to Chris Tomlin. These speculations likely stem from the mix-up in names and hold no validity.

Chris Tomlin

Addressing Controversies and Personal Choices

Lauren Daigle’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show stirred controversy among some fans due to Ellen’s open identification as a gay woman. While some questioned Lauren’s decision to appear on the show, it’s important to note that Lauren is an artist, focusing primarily on her music and connecting with her audience. She later addressed the controversy by stating that she is not God and cannot pass judgment on matters of sexuality.


In conclusion, Lauren Daigle’s marital status remains a topic of intrigue among her fans and admirers. As of now, she is not married, and her dating history is not widely known. While she has embraced humour and candidness in sharing her life snippets, she maintains privacy surrounding her relationships. As she continues to inspire through her music, fans can only respect her choices and eagerly await any future updates she chooses to share.

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