Top 10 Hot Bangladeshi Actress – 2023 Updated List

Bangladesh, a land known for its rich culture and vibrant entertainment industry, boasts an array of talented actresses who have not only captured the hearts of audiences but also set the silver screen ablaze with their irresistible charm and scintillating performances.

In this article, we delve into the world of hot Bangladeshi actresses, exploring their stunning beauty, exceptional acting prowess, and the impact they have made in the realm of entertainment.

From the graceful Bobby to the mesmerizing Mehazabien Chowdhury, and the enchanting Mahiya Mahi, we uncover the allure of these stars who continue to leave audiences captivated with their on-screen charisma.

Join us as we celebrate the talent and glamour of these sizzling sensations who have carved a niche for themselves in the Bangladeshi film industry and beyond.

Hot Bangladeshi Actress List

Sl.No. Actress Place of Birth Notable Movies
1 Bobby Dhaka, Bangladesh Bizil, Full & Final, Dehorokkhi
2 Mehazabien Chowdhury Chittagong, Bangladesh Banglar Nayok, Gangstar King, Most Welcome 3
3 Nusraat Faria Chittagong Cantonment Badsha – The Don, Ashiqui – 2015
4 Peya Bipasha Dhaka, Bangladesh Ditiyo Matra, Osamapto Vhalobasha
5 Nipun Akter Nipun Comilla, Bangladesh The Unnamed – 2019, Chander Moto Bou – 2009
6 Bidya Sinha Bagha Upazila, Bangladesh Sweetheart, Black, Ami Neta Hobo
7 Alisha Pradhan Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh 69 Patla Khan Len, Eito Bhalobas
8 Mahiya Mahi Rajshahi, Bangladesh Romeo Vs Juliet, Agnee, Agnee 2
9 Kusum Sikder Dhaka, Bangladesh Shankhachil – 2016, Lal Tip – 2012
10 Apu Biswas Bogra Districts, Bangladesh My Name is Khan, Bhalobaslei Ghor Bandha

1. Bobby


Bobby is a Bangladeshi actress who was born on 18 August 1987 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She complete her education from Eastern University and thereafter started to act in Bangladeshi film industry. As per find information, she acted in a number of movies such as “Bizil”, “Full & Final”, “Dehorokkhi” and many more.


2. Mehazabien Chowdhury

Mehazabien Chowdhury

Mehazabien Chowdhry  is a Bangladeshi Actress  who was born on 19 April 1991 in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  She mainly appears in a number of Bangladeshi movies & TV shows such as “Banglar Nayok”, “Gangstar King”, “Most Welcome 3”, “Porobashinee” & many more. She completed her education from Indian School, Sohar, Shanto-Mariam University of Music Department.

Mehazabien Chowdhury:

3. Nusraat Faria

Nusraat Faria

Nusraat Faria is a Bangladeshi Actress who was born on 8 September 1993 in Chittagong Cantonment.  She completed her education from American International University  – Bangladesh. As per source, she acted in a number of movies such as “Badsha – The Don”, “Ashiqui – 2015”, “Boss 2: Back To Rule” & many more.

Nusraat Faria: Bangladeshi Film Actress

4. Peya Bipasha

Peya Bipasha

Peya Bipasha is a Bangladeshi Actress who was born on 19 July 1990 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is also known as “Azmeri Sultana Bipasha” who acted in a number of Hit Bangladeshi movies or Serials such as “Ditiyo Matra”, “Osamapto Vhalobasha”, “Bihobol Dishehara” & many more.  She got fame through Rudro The Gangster film.

Peya Bipasha: Bangladeshi Actress

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5. Nipun Akter Nipun


Nipun Akter Nipun is a  Bangladeshi Actress who best known to won the National Film Award twice. She was born on 9 June 1984 in Comilla, Bangladesh. She also won Bangladesh National Film Awards, Babisas Award & many more. She acted in a number of movies such as “The Unnamed – 2019”, “Chander Moto Bou – 2009”, “Adorer Jamai – 2011” & many more.

Nipun Akter Nipun: Bangladeshi Film Actress

6. Bidya Sinha


Bidya Sinha Saha Mim is an Indian-Bangladeshi actress who best known to won a several awards such as “Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actress”& “Babisas Award for Best Film Actor (Female)”.  She was born on 10 November 1992 in Bagha Upazila, Bangladesh. She acted a number of hit movies such as “Sweetheart”, “Black”, “Ami Neta Hobo” & many more.

Bidya Sinha: Bangladeshi Actress

7. Alisha Pradhan

Alisha Pradhar

Alisha Pradhan is a Bangladeshi Actress who was born on 22 February 1993 in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She completed her education from Willes Little Flower School, Oxford International School, Edexcel. She started her active carrier in 2008 when she acted for Cova chocolate. Moreover, she also acted in a number of movies such as “69 Patla Khan Len”, “Eito Bhalobas”, “Antaranga”, “Bhul Jodi Hoy” & many more.

Alisha Pradhan: Bangladeshi Film Actress

8. Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi is a Hot Bangladeshi Actress who was born on 27 October 1990 (age 28 years), Rajshahi, Bangladesh. She best known t debut in a number of movies such as “Romeo Vs Juliet”, “Agnee”, Agnee2 and many more.

Mahiya Mahi:

9. Kusum Sikder

Kusum Sikder

Kusum Sikder also listed in the list of Hottest and Sexiest Bangladeshi Actress who acted in a number of films such as “Shankhachil – 2016”, “Lal Tip – 2012” “Dark Resonance – 2010” & many more. She was born in Dhaka Bangladesh & also won Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actress.

Kusum Sikder:

10. Apu Biswas


Apu Biswas also counted in the list of Top Bangladeshi Actress. She was born on 11 October 1989 in Bogra Districts, Bangladesh. She debut in many Bangladeshi movies such as “My Name is Khan”, “Bhalobaslei Ghor Bandha”, “Number One Shakib Khan” & many more. She also reputed with Bachsas Award for Best Actress.

Apu Biswas: Bangladeshi Film Actress

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