Anime Adventures Tier List: Check Out Best Heroes in Each Tier

In Anime Adventures, a Roblox game by Gomu, it’s important to pick the right units to add to your team if you want to keep fighting off waves of enemies.

Not only is it important to level up strong units, but you should also focus on upgrading and improving the best units to make better use of your resources.

With this Anime Adventures tier list, you can see how strong each character is and, by extension, which ones you should focus on.

Anime Adventures

List of Anime Adventures units by level

When you take on a level in Anime Adventures, you can only bring a certain number of units with you. Also, you want to use your resources and training time on the best units first. But there are so many units in the game; how do you decide which ones to use? This tier list tells you everything you need to know about the best units in Anime Adventures.

It ranks each unit based on how powerful and useful it is. Units and their evolutions are ranked separately only if the evolution is rarer than the original unit. For example, Chunks (Legendary) and Chunks Evolved (Mythic) are ranked individually. Within a tier, the units don’t have a set order. The best number is S+, and the worst is D.

To have the best chance of beating a level, you need to be smart about which units you choose and pick both strong units and a good mix of units. You can only add 4 units to your team at the start of the game. When you reach level 20, you can add five more people to your team. When you reach level 50, you can add six more people.

Anime Adventures


To add a unit to your team, click the Units button on the left side of the screen, click the unit you want to add, and click Equip. In the same way, you can take a unit off your team by clicking it in your group of units and then clicking Unequip.

Unit types and their Rarities

Units in Anime Adventures are of different types and are more or less likely to appear. These are the five types of units:

  • Ground
  • Hill
  • Hybrid
  • Farm
  • Summoner

The unit type tells you where you can put it or what it does. Ground units’ attacks tend to have a smaller range but more area of effect, while hill units’ attacks tend to have an extensive range but not much effect. Hybrid units can go in either place. Farm units, also called “money units,” aim to make more money during rounds.

Summoners send out friendly units that attack foes in their way. A block, for example, can be both the Ground and Farm types.

Each unit has one of five rarities:

  • Rare
  • Epic,
  • Legendary
  • Mythic
  • Secret.

The rarity of a unit shows how hard it is to get it, with Rare being the easiest and Secret being the hardest. Secret units don’t appear in the summonable units pool, but you can pull them. Only for very low prices.

Anime Adventures

How to get Anime Adventures Units?

In Anime Adventures, the main way to get units is to ask for them at the calling NPC. A normal call costs 50 gems and gives you a random unit from the available pool. The pool of units gets new ones every hour. In the summoning box, you can see what units can be called and how likely it is to call each one.

There is a pity system in place, which means that you will surely get one if you don’t get a Legendary or Mythic after a certain number of calls. At the top of the summoning box, you can see what rarity you are building pity for. You might also be able to get some units from raids and other game modes when they come out.


How the Anime Adventures tier list works?

Since our Anime Adventures tier list has more than a few characters, it’s important to explain how it works. Any character in the S-tier or higher is the best of the best; these are the characters you see most online. Fighters in the A- and B-tiers are also pretty good, but it’s not worth looking below them.

Griffin (Darkness), Pride (The One), and Homuru (Time Traveller) are the best S-tier heroes right now because they all do a lot of DPS damage. Still, any of those at the top of our Anime Adventures tier list is worth trying to see who fits your way of play.

List of the best heroes to use in Anime Adventures by Tier

There are four groups of characters in Anime Adventures.

  • Hybrid Unit: This unit can attack foes from both the air and the ground. But when they fight, some figures change into hybrids.
  • Ground Unit: The ground unit is another unit that does much damage to its foes. Even though they do a lot of damage per second, this unit can’t attack enemies in the air.
  • Farm Unit: Players can make money with the help of the farm units. The money that these units give to people is a big help. This, in turn, will help players buy XP food to make their characters more powerful.
  • Summoner Unit: As the name suggests, the summoner unit lets players call on powerful, friendly NPCs to help them in a fight.


The Anime Adventures Tier List gives you the best heroes to choose from based on how rare they are, how they deal damage, and how well they attack. The ranks of the tiers are based on the following:

  • Tier 0 has the best and strong heroes. With their high DPS and Damage over Time, you’ll want them on your team if you want to be at the top of the game.
  • Tier 1 has heroes who are strong but not as strong as those in Tier 0. But your game will be much better if you have Tier 1 heroes on your team.
  • Heroes in Tier 2 are very good at doing damage over time (DoT). These heroes from Tier 2 help you get gems. It’s good to have them on your team.
  • Tier 3 has all the heroes who help other heroes on the team by giving them more power. But it’s better to pick from the options above.
  • Tier 4: The worst of the bunch. Make sure to stay away from these heroes because they might make your team weaker overall.

Tier 0

Top Hero in Tier 0: Homura

  • Homura (Time Traveller)
  • Tango (God of Flashiness)
  • Luffo (Gear IV)
  • Fuji (Admiral)
  • Pride (The One)
  • Aizo (Final)
  • Mamy (Holy)
  • Golden Freezo (Emperor)
  • Metal Knight (Arsenal)
  • Usoap (God)


Tier 1

Top Hero in Tier 1 of Anime Adventures Tier List: Flamingo (Image via Roblox)

  • Flamingo (Awakened)
  • Gyutaru (Moon)
  • Sayako (Sapphire Blade)
  • Kyoka (Scarlet Lance)
  • Dezu (Vigilante)
  • Melio (Assault)

Tier 2

Top Hero in Tier 2 of Anime Adventures Tier List: Sabo 

  • Sabo (Flame Emperor)
  • Itachi (Susanoo)
  • Endeavor (Hellflame)
  • Daki (Obi)
  • Greed (Hunt)
  • Shigaruko (Symbol of Fear)
  • Haze (Rage)


Tier 3

Top hero in Tier 3 of Anime Adventures Tier List: Oshy

  • Oshy (Idol)
  • Lao (ROOM)
  • Puchi (Heaven)
  • Sukuno (Sukuna)
  • JIO (Over Heaven)
  • Kisiko (Bankai)
  • Wenda (Wendy)
  • Yoshina (Spirit)
  • Emili (Emilia)
  • Todorro (Released)
  • Gojo (Six Eyes)
  • Tatsumiki (Tornade)
  • Merlyn (Infinity)
  • Broke (Soul King)

Tier 4

Worst Hero in Anime AdventuresTier List: Red Scar 

  • Lord Boron
  • Emperor Whitehair
  • Crush (Ace)
  • Thor (Awakened)
  • Ulquiro (Resurrección)
  • Red Scar (Conqueror)

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