Net Worth of GRIND Shooting Machine in 2024: Was the Shark Tank Appearance Beneficial?

A knee injury sidelined high school basketball star Thomas Fields, who then became concerned about the inaccessibility of cheap athletic gear for low-income families.

Consequently, he established GRIND Shooting Machine in 2017; the company’s basketball shooting machine is 12 feet tall and collapses into a duffel bag for transport. Fields served as CEO, and the product was showcased on “Shark Tank.”

What is the GRIND Shooting Machine?

A small and lightweight basketball training tool, the GRIND Shooting Machine eliminates the need to chase after the ball, allowing players to concentrate on shooting and rebounding. Among the many noteworthy aspects of the GRIND Shooting Machine are: 

With its folding poles and padded handle, this machine is as easy to transport and set up as a large suitcase measuring 110 lbs.

With automated rebounding, players may concentrate on drills without constantly chasing after the ball. The machine records both successful and unsuccessful shots.

The machine features five different shooting sites surrounding the key, allowing players to practice and perfect their shots from a variety of floor positions. As a result of its thoughtful design, the 12-foot-tall net offers players the perfect shooting arc.

GRIND Shooting Machine

The machine can mimic game-like passing by sending the ball back to the player with a backspin.  With its “most affordable ever” price tag and convenient payment options, the GRIND Shooting Machine is sure to be a hit with gamers of all skill levels. 

In conclusion, the GRIND Shooting Machine is an effective, reasonably priced, and easily transportable instrument for honing basketball shooting and rebounding abilities. 

Shark Tank Appearance

Thomas Fields decided it would be wise to recruit a new partner before he could complete the instructions alone. To the tune of $250,000 in exchange for 5% ownership, he made an appearance on Shark Tank in 2020 during season 12.

It came as no surprise that Alex Rodriguez and Mark Cuban were pleased with the product. They were both businesspeople who loved sports. Concerned about the narrow profit margins, the two investors voiced their concerns. Unexpectedly, Barbara Corcoran was keen, although she had aesthetic concerns about how the product looked. 

With the help of Cuban, Barbara was able to secure a $250,000 investment for 25% of the company. Fields consented to the arrangement even though he wanted to give away more shares!

After Shark Tank

For whatever reason, states that the Mark and Barbara deal never went through. The initial round of pre-orders was nevertheless sent out despite the obstacle. The second shipment arrived in early 2021, and we are down to our final 20% of orders.

GRIND Shooting Machine

In 2021, Grind managed to earn $1 million. Grind is now concentrating on enhancing its product and completing new orders through They boast an impressive 4.5-star rating on their website.

Shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts were added to their product line, which already included shooting machines. In addition, Thomas was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for 2022.

Grind was able to secure $1.6 million in funding after participating in the Techstars Sports Accelerator program following their time on Shark Tank.

There has been no announcement of 2023 sales numbers from Thomas and his crew. At its present valuation of around $2 million, the company is solid.

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Who is the founder of GRIND Shooting Machine?

Thomas Fields founded the GRIND Shooting Machine and serves as its chief executive officer. Some important facts regarding Thomas Fields and the establishment of GRIND are:

In the realm of sports technology, Thomas Fields established and currently heads the firm GRIND, which produced the GRIND Shooting Machine.

After suffering repeated anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears during his high school basketball career, Fields developed the concept for the GRIND Shooting Machine. He was looking for an alternative to waiting for a coach to open the gym so he could shoot some hoops.

The Houston, Texas, garage of Fields’ parents’ house was the first place he drew and planned the firing machine. The initial GRIND Shooting Machine prototypes were built with the assistance of interns and co-founders, some of whom were mechanical engineering students.

Launched in 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Fields’ GRIND was able to weather the storm and thrive because of its committed staff. Simply put, GRIND CEO Thomas Fields is  the man responsible for conceptualizing and launching the GRIND Shooting Machine.

GRIND Shooting Machine

Net Worth of GRIND Shooting Machine in 2024

According to Techie Gamers, The GRIND Shooting Machine has a value of $2 million in the year 2024. Thomas Fields established the company, which became famous following an appearance on Shark Tank and financing from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, and its price represents the success and expansion of the business.

As a portable, reasonably priced, and highly effective tool for honing shooting and rebounding abilities, the GRIND Shooting Machine has become an industry favorite and game-changer in the world of basketball training.

In 2024, the company’s net worth was predicted to be $2 million, thanks in large part to its commitment to offering high-quality sporting equipment.

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