From Pixels to Profit: Assessing Henk Rogers’ Net Worth in 2024!

Many gamers are familiar with Henk Rogers’s game Tetris, but they don’t know where it came from or who designed it. Henk is an entrepreneur and video game creator who is in charge of getting Tetris and The Black Onyx to people. Because of how well the video game did, his wealth has grown very quickly. How much does Henk Rogers make?

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Henk Rogers’s Net Worth in 2024

Henk Rogers, a Dutch video game designer, has amassed an impressive Net Worth of $22 million in 2023, as per reports of WealthRector. He has achieved great success in the gaming industry, creating beloved games that are enjoyed globally. His passion for crafting exceptional video games has clearly paid off, as evidenced by his significant wealth.

Henk Rogers is a renowned video game designer with successful creations such as Tetris and The Black Onyx. As of 2023, his net worth stands at $22 million, and he has founded ten prosperous companies. He actively strives to make a positive impact on the world and continues to increase his net worth annually. Rogers is widely recognized as one of the world’s most distinguished video game designers.

It is unclear how much Rogers is worth as different sources report varying figures. The US Sun attributes the bulk of his wealth to the sale of Blue Lava Wireless, a mobile game publisher, for $137 million in 2005.

Henk Rogers earned a significant portion of his net worth by distributing Tetris Game to a global audience, with The Tetris Company reporting over 520 million copies sold.

In an interview with Forbes, Henk disclosed that he and Alexey oversaw every stage of the Tetris movie production to ensure accuracy in the script and details.

Name Henk rogers
Profession Dutch Video game Designer
Monthly Income $1,50,000 +
Yearly Income $2 Million +
Net worth (2023) $22 Million

Henk Rogers Net Worth Growth

Henk Rogers, a renowned video game designer, has a net worth of $22 million as of 2023. He is credited for his triumphs with Tetris and The Black Onyx, and has founded ten successful organizations. With his continued efforts to make a positive impact on the world, Rogers’ net worth is continuously increasing, solidifying his position as one of the most popular video game designers globally.

Net Worth in 2023 $22 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $20 million
Net Worth in 2021 $18 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $16 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $15 Million


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How did Henk Rogers make his fortune?

Produced Japan’s first major turn-based role-playing video game, The Black Onyx; secured rights to distribute Tetris on video game consoles; founding Bullet-Proof Software and The Tetris Company.

Role in Tetris Instrumental in resolving Tetris licensing disputes, leading to Tetris’s popularity on the Game Boy. Henk Rogers made his fortune through his involvement in the video game industry, particularly by acquiring the rights to distribute the game Tetris on various platforms.

He negotiated deals with Nintendo and Elektronorgtechnica to secure the rights for Tetris, which led to its global success, especially on the Game Boy system. Additionally, Rogers co-founded The Tetris Company, which licenses the Tetris trademark, further contributing to his financial success .

Henk Rogers Net Worth

Henk Rogers’ Career Journey

Henk Rogers’ career journey is marked by significant contributions to both the video game industry and the sustainable energy sector. In the 1980s, he played a pivotal role in bringing role-playing games to Japan and turning Tetris into a global phenomenon, establishing it as one of the most popular games of all time.

His efforts with Tetris contributed to the success of the Game Boy system and led to the founding of The Tetris Company. Beyond gaming, Rogers is deeply involved in renewable energy initiatives. Following a near-fatal heart attack in 2005, he founded the Blue Planet Foundation, which successfully lobbied for Hawaii’s commitment to using 100% renewable energy.

This legislation served as a model for other states and highlighted his dedication to ending the use of carbon-based fuels. Rogers also founded Blue Planet Energy, a leader in renewable energy storage systems, and the International Moonbase Alliance, aiming to establish sustainable settlements on the Moon and Mars.

Rogers’ career journey showcases his transition from gaming pioneer to a prominent figure in sustainable energy, emphasizing his commitment to environmental causes and technological innovation.

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Henk Rogers’ Assets, House, Cars

Henk Rogers’ assets include two properties: a residence in the Tantalus neighborhood in Honolulu, acquired in 2013, offering stunning views amidst lush greenery, and a ranch-style home in Puu Waawaa Ranch, providing a serene retreat surrounded by picturesque landscapes and rolling hills.

As for cars, there is no specific information available in the provided search results regarding Henk Rogers’ car collection or details about his vehicles.Henk Rogers Net Worth

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