What is Henk Rogers Net Worth in 2023 – How Rich is the Dutch video game designer?

Who is Henk Rogers?

Henk Rogers is a video game designer and entrepreneur who hails from the Netherlands.

Rogers, who is currently 69 years old (as of Spet 2023), founded Blue Planet Software (formerly Bullet-Proof Software) in 1983. The company created The Black Onyx, which is considered the first major turn-based role-playing game from Japan. Rogers was born in Amsterdam on December 4, 1953.

Henk Rogers's wiki

Rogers searched for the next great video game and found Tetris, created by Russian designer Alexey Pajitnov, after it became successful. Pajitnov and Rogers co-founded The Tetris Company, securing the worldwide video game console distribution rights for Tetris, which has become one of the highest-selling video games ever.

Henk moved to Hawaii in the 1990s. He established the Blue Planet Foundation, a charity that advocates for clean energy, in 2007 after experiencing a life-threatening heart attack in 2005.

In 2015, the organization campaigned and succeeded in making Hawaii the first state in the US to implement a 100% renewable energy law.

Henk Rogers’s Net Worth 2023

Henk Rogers, a Dutch video game designer, has amassed an impressive Net Worth of $22 million in 2023 (Report: HITC). He has achieved great success in the gaming industry, creating beloved games that are enjoyed globally. His passion for crafting exceptional video games has clearly paid off, as evidenced by his significant wealth.

Henk Rogers is a renowned video game designer with successful creations such as Tetris and The Black Onyx. As of 2023, his net worth stands at $22 million, and he has founded ten prosperous companies. He actively strives to make a positive impact on the world and continues to increase his net worth annually. Rogers is widely recognized as one of the world’s most distinguished video game designers.

It is unclear how much Rogers is worth as different sources report varying figures. The US Sun attributes the bulk of his wealth to the sale of Blue Lava Wireless, a mobile game publisher, for $137 million in 2005.

Henk Rogers earned a significant portion of his net worth by distributing Tetris Game to a global audience, with The Tetris Company reporting over 520 million copies sold.

In an interview with Forbes, Henk disclosed that he and Alexey oversaw every stage of the Tetris movie production to ensure accuracy in the script and details.

Name Henk rogers
Profession Dutch Video game Designer
Monthly Income $1,50,000 +
Yearly Income $2 Million +
Net worth (2023) $22 Million

Henk Rogers Net Worth Growth

Henk Rogers, a renowned video game designer, has a net worth of $22 million as of 2023. He is credited for his triumphs with Tetris and The Black Onyx, and has founded ten successful organizations. With his continued efforts to make a positive impact on the world, Rogers’ net worth is continuously increasing, solidifying his position as one of the most popular video game designers globally.

Net Worth in 2023 $22 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $20 million
Net Worth in 2021 $18 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $16 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $15 Million

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Henk Rogers Assets

In 2013, Henk acquired a property in the desirable Tantalus neighborhood of Honolulu, which boasts stunning views amid lush greenery. He now owns two houses, one of which is located there.

Additionally, there is a ranch-style home situated in Puu Waawaa Ranch that provides a tranquil setting with picturesque scenery and rolling hills, making it an excellent getaway for those seeking respite from urban life.

Henk Rogers Biography

Henk Rogers, born in Amsterdam on December 24, 1953, grew up in various countries due to his father’s diplomatic career. During his teenage years, he developed a passion for video games and programming.

He began his career in the video game industry during the early 1980s. In 1984, he co-established Bullet-Proof Software, where he played a crucial role in the development of Tetris. Rogers is credited with securing the rights to distribute Tetris in the United States and other regions.

Tetris became widely popular worldwide, leading Alexey Pajitnov to establish The Tetris Company in 1996 to manage the brand and related assets. In addition to his involvement with Tetris, Rogers contributed to the development of other games and technologies, including Blue Lava Technologies, an online gaming platform, and Blue Planet Foundation, a renewable energy company.

Real Name Henk rogers
Nickname Henk
Date Of Birth 24 December 1953
Birthplace Amsterdam, Netherlands
Age as of 2023 69 years old
Height In Centimetres – 180 cmIn Feet and Inches – 5′ 11″
Weight In Kilograms – 85 kg
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color Dark brown
Education  University of Hawaii
Social media links  https://instagram.com/henkrogers
Parents  N/A
Children  Maya Rogers-Kiyomura, Julie Rogers
Siblings Eddy Rogers
Spouse  Akemi Rogers
Religion N/A
Nationality Dutch
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Profession Dutch Video game Designer
Net Worth 2023 $22 Million

Henk Rogers Relationship And Personal Life

While studying at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Henk Rogers met his future wife Akemi. He followed her to Japan after she left and they married in 1977. They settled in a small home in the Japanese countryside where Rogers pursued his passion and spent extended periods away from his family. During this time, Akemi raised their three children: Maya Rogers-kiyomura, Julie Rogers, and Leonard Rogers. Michael Rogers was born while Henk was in Thailand.

Henk Rogers's wife
Henk Rogers’s wife

Henk Rogers Career

Henk discovered Bullet-Proof Software in Japan in the early 1980s and began distributing Tetris. He negotiated the game’s distribution rights in the United States and other nations, leading to his success. Following this triumph, he established The Tetris Company in 1996. Rogers is still an influential figure in the video game industry, managing and licensing the Tetris brand, as well as participating in other technologies such as Blue Lava Technologies and Blue Planet Foundation. All of this is due to his contributions to the development and popularity of Tetris.

How did Henk Rogers get his start as a musician?

In the early 1980s, Henk Rogers began working as a programmer and video game artist. Also, in 1984, after the game Tetris became famous, he helped start a company in Japan called Blue Planet Software that made games. Henk Rogers did everything he could to get the Tetris movie out there.

He is also known for getting the rights to sell the game under his name in the United States and other countries. Tetris, a computer game, was a huge hit, and Henk Rogers decided to start The Tetris Company in 1996 because of it. The Tetris Company sells rights for the Tetris name and takes care of it.

Henk Rogers Net Worth

Mr Rogers has also been working on different video games and technologies, such as the Blue Planet Foundation, which makes clean energy, and the Blue Lava Technologies online gaming site. But Henk Rogers has gotten some awards and praise for his selfless work to make the world a better place to live.

Rogers’ efforts to support sustainability in renewable energy have also earned him praise and recognition in science. The gaming world has dramatically changed because of what he did with Tetris and other games.

Henk Rogers Net Worth

Henk Rogers Awards

Throughout his career, Henk Rogers earned numerous awards for his contributions to the video game industry and his advocacy for renewable energy and sustainability in Hawaii. He received induction into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame, a special award from Japan Game Awards, Honorary Fellow recognition by the Hawaii Academy of Science, and the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese government. He also joined the AIAS Pioneer Hall of Fame members.


At Stuyvesant High School, Rogers acquired computer programming skills but left before his senior year due to his proficiency in the subject. He then enrolled at the University of Hawaii to pursue further education in Computer Science, but did not complete his degree.


What is Henk Rogers’s net worth in 2023?

In 2023, Henk Rogers will have a net worth of approximately $22 million.

How did Henk Rogers become wealthy?

Henk Rogers made his fortune from The Tetris Company, other ventures, and real estate investments.

What is Henk Rogers’ height?

He is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Where does Henk Rogers live?

Henk Rogers, an entrepreneur and clean energy advocate, has been studying and advancing renewable energy in Hawaii for the past decade. Originally from the Netherlands, he has dedicated himself to this cause.

What is the age of Henk Rogers?

Henk Rogers is currently 69 years old (as of Sept 2023)

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