What Happened to Tim Tebow Post-Gainesville? The Reasons Why Tim Tebow Lost the NFL

Tim Tebow has become a hot topic on social media after rumours said the 33-year-old would return to the NFL, even though he hasn’t played in the NFL in six years. The Jacksonville Jaguars are thought to have decided to sign Tebow for one year. But people on the Internet want to know more about what happened to Tebow. 

Who is Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow is an American sports broadcaster and former football quarterback. He played college football for the Florida Gators and became the first underclassman to win the Heisman Trophy in 2007. In the National Football League (NFL), he played three seasons as a quarterback, most notably with the Denver Broncos.

Tim Tebow

Tebow was known for his strong Christian faith and his philanthropic work. He has been involved in missionary work in the Philippines and has a foundation called the Tim Tebow Foundation, which aims to change lives through faith, hope, and love. He has also been the subject of various documentaries and media features, including an ESPN documentary titled “Tim Tebow: The Chosen One.”

What Happened to Tim Tebow Post-Gainesville?

According to ProFootball Neywork, It’s unclear how much of Tebow’s life after the Gators will be covered in the story about the national title runs of the Florida teams in the late 2000s. Still, he was just as popular after college as he was during it, from his faith to his football career to his brief stint as a baseball player before he settled on being an analyst.

During his time at UF, Tebow became known across the country as a devout Christian who wasn’t afraid to discuss his faith. During his time in the NFL, that got even worse. But before he got into the NFL, many agents and draft experts made fun of Tebow for how he threw the ball and how slowly it moved.

Tim Tebow

Before the draft, he wasn’t thought good enough to go in the first round. Still, the Josh McDaniels-led Denver Broncos took him at No. 25 overall. After that, he quickly rose to fame and became a freelancer. When John Fox took over as head coach of the Broncos in 2011, Tebow took over as quarterback and led the team to a 7-4 record.

This won the hearts of people all over the country. Tebow got Denver into the playoffs, and they ended up hosting a playoff game. And on the first play of overtime in the Broncos’ Wild Card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tebow threw an 80-yard pass to the late Demaryius Thomas, sending the Broncos to the Divisional Round.

But after losing 45-10 to the New England Patriots, the Broncos and their general manager, John Elway, decided to go after Peyton Manning to strengthen the quarterback position. Questions about Tebow’s ability to be a full-time NFL starter led to the Broncos’ choice to get a better quarterback, which led to the Super Bowl 50 win in Manning’s last game ever.

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Before the 2012 season, Denver made a deal with the New York Jets. Tebow only threw the ball eight times with the NYJ, though. He finally joined the Patriots, but he never played for them. On August 31, 2013, the last day teams could add players. He was cut. Tebow took a year off from playing football because he joined the SEC Network as a reporter for the college football season.

In April 2015, he joined the Philadelphia Eagles but was cut again before the regular season. Then, in 2016, Tebow tried on another pair of boots, this time for baseball. After not doing so for almost a decade, he started playing competitive baseball again in August 2016.

He asked all 30 Major League Baseball teams to try him out. He finally got a minor league deal with the New York Mets, which led to a short five-year baseball career playing for the Mets’ different minor league teams. But after he quit baseball for good, Tebow got another chance in the NFL.

This time, it was through his old coach at Florida, Urban Meyer, who became the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021. Tebow was a part-time tight end, and like with the Jets, Patriots, and Eagles, he was let go before the season started. 

Tim Tebow

The Reasons Why Tim Tebow Failed in the NFL

HowTheyPlay states that Tim Tebow didn’t make it in the NFL for more than one reason. His throwing was awkward, so his passes could have been better. Early in his career, he focused on running the ball, which made him take off when his main receiver wasn’t open or when he felt the pressure.

The coaching he got in high school and Florida was the most apparent reason he failed as a quarterback in the NFL. Tebow was never forced to become a regular quarterback. Because he was big, strong, and could run, his coaches at the lower levels just let him run and didn’t help him build any other skills.

So, he just got better at what he was already good at and worse at what he wasn’t good at, like passing the ball. Even though he worked out independently, there is no replacement for good training, and Tebow didn’t get any.

It’s a shame what his old teachers did to him and what they didn’t do for him. They gave him to the next group of teachers, who didn’t care about his flaws and used his natural skills to their advantage. If there is a type of lawsuit he could file against his teachers from before he joined the NFL, I would tell him to do it. Because what they did to him, not for him, was a crime.

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