List of Richest Persons in Mozambique (2023): Wealthiest Business Tycoons of Mozambique

Richest Persons in Mozambique: Mozambique is a beautiful country which is very popular for its seafood, central market, amazing islands, nightlife and fishing. It is the richest country in East Africa where where many billionaires and businessmen have born.

Every person wants to know about rich persons life style, business and ideas how they earn money. The stories of these billionaires always inspire the youth to became successful.

Here we are listing the richest peoples in Mozambique to introduce people their income source and rank. Let’s have a detailed look at the list of richest persons in Mozambique.

Richest Persons in Mozambique List

Sl. No. Name
1 Jose Zilhao
2 Armando Guebuza
3 Ernesto Gove
4 Mhamud Charania
5 Momade Bachir Sulemane
6 Miguel Afonso dos Santos
7 Lourenco Sambo
8 Rogerio Samo Gudo
9 Fernando Amado Couto
10 John Peffer
11 Safura Da Conceição

1. Jose Zilhao

Jose Zilhao is a popular Mozambican businessman and country manager of Mota-Engil one of the best construction company. He is a talented person with many years of experience in civil services. He holds a bachelor’s degree of technician in electrical engineering from University of Lourenzo Marques.

Jose Zilhao: Mozambican Businessman

2. Armando Guebuza

Armando Guebuza

Armando Emilio Guebuza is a famous politician of Mozambique who was born on 20th January 1943 in Murrupula, Nampula Portuguese Mozambique. He was a former president of Mozambique from 2005 to 2015. The Guebuza won the president election in 2004 with 63.7% votes. He is one of richest person of Mozambique.

Armando Guebuza: Mozambican Businessman

3. Ernesto Gove


Ernesto Gouveia Gove is official known as Ernesto Gove who was born in 1957 in Mozambique. He is a famous Mozambican banker and governor of Bank of Mozambique since 2006. He completed his graduation in economics from Eduardo Mondlane University. He joined the Bank of Mozambique in 1976.

Ernesto Gove: Mozambican Businessman

4. Mhamud Charania

Mhamud Charania

Mhamud Charania is a popular businessman of Mozambique who holds numerous leadership positions in corporate Mozambique. Charania is a founder and CEO of Merec Industries and Merec Financial Corp. He is also serves as president of board of directors of DC S.A..

Mhamud Charania: Mozambican Businessman

5. Momade Bachir Sulemane

Momade Bachir Sulemane

Momade Bachir Sulemane is a famous Mozambican entrepreneur who was born on 8th April 1958 in Nampula. He is the owner of Maputo shopping center and MBS Group. His father had died when he was 7 years old. He is also a popular philanthropist with a heart of compassion. He bought his first commercial establishment at the age of 14th.

Momade Bachir Sulemane: Mozambican Entrepreneur

6. Miguel Afonso dos Santos

Miguel Afonso dos Santos

Miguel Afonso dos Santos has been appointed as the general manager of one of the finest hotel Polana Serena Hotel. He is a great hotelier of operates many 5 star hotels across the Mozambique. He completed his graduation from Imperial College Business School. He is one of the richest person of Mozambique.

Miguel Afonso dos Santos: Mozambican Businessman

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7. Lourenco Sambo


Lourenco Sambo is a general director of Mozambique Investment Promotion Centre (CPI). He also taught mathematics to students at Maxaquene Secondary School. He is a great businessman and philanthropist of Mozambique. Before became the general director he is a he was a economic adviser to Ministry of Planning and Development.

Lourenco Sambo: Mozambican Businessman

8. Rogerio Samo Gudo


Rogerio Samo Gudo is the President of Escopil Internacional. He is a popular businessman of Mozambique. Gudo completed his graduation in electronic engineering from Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. He is a chief executive officer of both companies Escopil and MCNet.

Rogerio Samo Gudo: Mozambican Businessman

9. Fernando Amado Couto

Fernando Amado

Fernando Amado Couto is a famous Mozambican businessman. He is a chief executive officer of Portos do Norte S.A company responsible for movements of all types of cargo in Nacala port. Fernando also operates many other small businesses in Mozambique.

Fernando Amado Couto: Mozambican Businessman

10. John Peffer

john peffer

John Peffer is a famous businessman of Mozambique who have 27 years of oil and natural gas industry experience. He is a president of Anadarko. He also spend three years working as Middle East Business Development Manager in London. Peffer holds bachelor’s and master’s degree in petroleum engineering from University of Texas.

John Peffer: Mozambican Businessman

11. Safura Da Conceição

Safura Da Conceição, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Movitel, is one of the few females robbing shoulders with males in Mozambique’s corporate sector.

She is the first and remains the female CEO of Movitel, which is a partnership between the country’s ruling party and the Vietnam Defense Ministry.

Safura Da Conceição

The company, although launched in 2012, is currently around the number three in terms of subscribers, thanks to the rigorous leadership of Safura, which places results, customer care and innovation at the forefront. She’s a sensation and a must watch in the business landscape of the country.

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