List of Highest Paid Dancers in America

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Do you want to know who are the highest paid dancers in United States of America (USA)? If yes! then you are on the right path. By creating this list we are going to introduce you about highest paid and richest dancers from America. Dancing is a performing art form consisting of graceful movements of body and feet on music.

Dance has various types of forms, styles and techniques such as Jazz, ballet, tap, ballroom, folk, hip-hop, Irish, modern and Latin. Let’s have some detailed look on the list of highest paid dancers from United States (US).

10 Highest Paid Dancers in America

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    Mark Ballas

    American Dancer
    Mark Ballas is a professional ballroom dancer of America who is also a choreographer, singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. He is a part of ABC program Dancing with The Stars. He also performing in live shows. He charges $450.000 for one program.
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    Michael Flatley

    American-Irish Dancer
    Michael Flatley is a professional dancer, choreographer, and musician of America. He was worn on 16th July 1958 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.. He is popularly known for his Irish dance shows Lord of the Dance, Riverdance, Celtic Tiger and Feet of Flames. The estimated net worth of Flatley is €225 million.
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    Cheryl Burke

    American Dancer
    Cheryl Stephanie Burke is one of the best professional dancer on ABC Dancing with the Stars. She is the winner of famous dancing show Dancing with the Stars. She is a professional dancer, model and TV host of America. Cheryl Burke charges 500 USD dollar for a show.
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    Derek Hough

    American Professional Dancer
    Derek Hough is a American professional ballroom and Latin dancer who was born on 17th May 1985 in in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. He is also a popular choreographer, actor and singer of America. Hough also the Judge of famous dance competition show World of Dance. The net worth of Hough is $3 Million.
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    American Hip-Hop Dance Crew
    JabbaWockeeZ is the winner of first season of America's Best Dance Crew in 2008. It is a professional hip-hop dance crew of America. The crew don't have a group leader for choreography, music and slection of dance style. His estimated net worth is $5 Million.
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    Mikhail Baryshnikov

    American Dancer, Choreographer
    Mikhail Baryshnikov is a American and Soviet professional dancer, actor and choreographer. He is one the greatest ballet dancer in history. He performs in live shows and earn lots of money. He is one of the richest dancer of America with atotal net worth $45 Million.
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    Melanie Lapatin

    American Choreographer
    Melanie Lapatin is a professional ballroom dancer and choreographer of America who was born on 17th March. She is popularly known for choreography work in ABC's popular show Dancing with the Stars. She was won over 100 championship tittles in his career.
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    Massive Monkees

    America's Dance Crew
    Massive Monkees is a popular hip-hop dance crew of America originated in Seattle, Washington. The group has 25 active members. The dance group also won World B-Boy Championships in London in 2004. Crew also competitive in America's Best Dance Crew show.
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    Jennifer Lopez

    American Singer-Dancer
    Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on 24th July 1969 in New York City, New York (US). She is a popular dancer, singer, actress, songwriter and producer of America. She is fly girl dancer who honored with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. The estimated net worth of Lopez is $360 million.
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    Britney Spears

    American Singer, Dancer
    Britney Jean Spears is famous dancer, singer and actress of America. She hosts many dancing shows and competitions in his career. She was born on 2nd December 1981 in McComb, Mississippi. Spears is one of the richest dancer of America with a total net worth of $215 million.
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