Famous Women with their Nail Art: Celebrity Nail Art: From Hailey Bieber to Rihanna, the Latest Must-Try Designs

Incredibly creative nail art has been popular over the last several years. In reality, I’ve felt the most inspiration as someone who loves nail art.

Amazing nail artists are the brains behind celebrity manicures, which is great since it means we regular people can request (or try to replicate) some of the trendiest, most desirable designs from them whenever we want.

Everyone can agree that Hailey Bieber slayed the nail art scene in 2022. The Biebs was the nail art symbol of the past 12 months, with a variety of strong glossy red tones to her glazed doughnut nails (which was the nail trend of the summer and the year, FYI). And her dominance has persisted into 2023.

That doesn’t mean other people’s styles haven’t been prominent, too; I’ve seen some incredibly adorable manicure designs on everyone from Camila Cabello and Kourtney Kardashian Barker to Rihanna and JLo. So, if you’re looking for some springtime nail designs? Not only do I, but a slew of A-listers do as well.

List of Famous Women with their Nail Art

The Popsicle Nails of Hailey Bieber

It should be common knowledge at this point that the rest of us will quickly mimic Hailey Bieber’s nail art. Here we have popsicle nails, a creation of Zola Ganzorigt, the celebrity nail artist. These nails are so shiny, transparent, and bright that they make me think of ice lollies.

Popsicle Nails of Hailey Bieber

Try a kaleidoscope of colors—or even a different one on each nail—to see what happens when you take this nail art idea and run with it. The only criterion is that the color must be brilliant.

The milk bath nails of Kourtney Kardashian Barker

The exquisite milky white finish is the deciding factor in the hordes of admirers flocking to this deceptively simple yet highly stylish nail design. You can see a sneak peek of the design in Kourt’s latest feed images in addition to her Instagram Stories post about this manicure (done by @nailsbydiem).

Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s milk bath nails

According to these photographs, Kourt’s nails are kept short, filed into a manageable short squoval shape, and coated with Manicure’s Milky White manicure lacquer, which costs £14. The semi-sheer finish is perfect for any occasion, even A-list baby gender reveal parties.

Blueberries milk nails by Sabrina Carpenter

You now have a basic understanding of milk bath manicures; the next step is to incorporate some color. Similar to its milky forerunner, the blueberry spin maintains a minimalist approach: carefully filed nails coated with a creamy varnish.

Blueberries milk nails by Sabrina Carpenter

This time, though, a subtle pastel blue hue is present. As a first step into the world of vibrant manicures, this sky-blue hue is ideal for the warmer months. A golden light makes this one shine.

Glazed Pool Nails by Hailey Bieber

Gone are the days of glazed doughnut nails; glazed pool nails are the rage this summer. Using OPI’s “I’m Yacht Leaving” hue and some chrome powder, celebrity nail artist @nailsbyzola reproduced Hailey Bieber’s Tiffany-blue chrome-effect manicure. The result is so stunning that it makes me want to jump into the icy blue ocean.

The mermaid-core nails of Halle Bailey

The live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” by Disney has finally arrived, and with it comes the beauty trend known as “Mermaidcore”—a term that encompasses elements like pearls, wet looks, gloss, glitter, and various shades of green and blue.

The mermaid-core nails of Halle Bailey

If you didn’t know already, Halle Bailey plays Ariel. She wore the most amazing manicure to the premiere, and I’m betting everyone will be trying to replicate her otherworldly look for summer.

Glittery nails by Hailey Bieber

One of the most influential people in the world of manicure trends is Hailey Bieber. Her impeccable choice in nail art is irresistible (refer to the previous section!), and the set she sported at Coachella serves as the pinnacle of festival nail inspiration.

Glittery nails by Hailey Bieber

Despite their seemingly ordinary neon hue, these nails truly lit up when exposed to darkness. She unquestionably exuded immense “main character energy” as the festival’s sun sank.

Sunshine nails of Camila Cabello

Without a doubt, Camila Cabello has the most cheery manicure. One technique to lift your spirits and bring about warmer weather is to paint your nails a vibrant shade of yellow.

Sunny nails of Camila Cabello

J. Lo’s glittery French manicure

Another famous person who is never seen without a stunning manicure is Jennifer Lopez. Tom Bachik’s glamorous version of the traditional French manicure.

J. Lo's glittery French manicure

Cherry nails by Kourtney Kardashian Barker

Kim Truong, a famous nail artist, painted Kourtney’s delicate cherry nails, and they are just adorable. I believe the cherry nail art trend will be around for the whole summer because it is so cute and trendy right now.

Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s cherry nails

Rihanna’s 3D floral fingernails

Rihanna donned a breathtaking custom Valentino wedding dress adorned with a cape made of 30 gigantic camellias, as she typically does at the Met Gala. We couldn’t help but notice her nails, even if her attire was the buzz of the town.

Rihanna’s 3D flower nails

As the topic was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” the singer flaunted a delicate three-dimensional camellia design on four of her five fingers, reminiscent of Chanel’s signature flower. Her manicure was a milky white French manicure.

Gentle pink nail art by Zendaya

Every event calls for Zendaya’s light pink manicure—simple, elegant, and neutral. The fact that her ring bears the initials of her lover, Tom Holland, is something I can’t get out of my head.

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The pink skittle nails of Selena Gomez

Seasonal pastels? Groundbreaking. When you go to the salon next, follow Selena’s lead and get a colorful Skittles-inspired manicure.

Selena Gomez’s pastel skittle nails

The ebony stilettos worn by Anne Hathaway

These transparent, chrome-plated stiletto nails are very stunning, and they’re just one of Anne Hathaway’s recent stunning beauty and fashion choices. These would be the nails that Cinderella would wear if her glass slippers were real.

Anne Hathaway’s clear stilettos

A Glazed Donut Nail Design by Hailey Bieber

Original and unrivaled, Hailey Bieber rejected gatekeeping in favor of sharing her now-iconic nail art design, which went viral.

A Glazed Donut Nail Design by Hailey Bieber


Sculpted nails by Emma Chamberlain

This breathtaking Met Gala style was created by the esteemed Betina Goldstein, a nail artist known for her hand-painted and sculpted 3D cavetto molding.

Margot Robbie’s minimalist black-and-white

Tom Bachik fashioned Margot’s subtle, cool-girl look with Essie’s “minimal deliberate chic” brand.

Margot Robbie’s simple monochrome

Shay Mitchell’s Louboutin look

These nails were a knockoff of the famous shoe—naked on top and painted a vibrant Louboutin red on the bottom.

Shay Mitchell’s Louboutin look

Camila Cabello’s galactic look

It appears that this stunning design by Tom Bachik will continue to be popular far beyond the year 2023.

Camila Cabello’s galactic look

Wedding mani of Jennifer Lopez

These wedding manicures, in the JLo style, were subtle and neutral with just the right amount of shine. Wedding dresses will be modeled after this one.

Jennifer Lopez’s wedding mani

The lustrous pink creation by Jenna Ortega

We want in on anything Jenna Ortega does after Wednesday on Netflix. My next appointment will be attended with a photo of this glossy pink manicure.

Jenna Ortega’s shiny pink offering

Glittery tips of Serena Williams

Tips got a glittery makeover for the party season. Why not give it a go in gold if that’s your color preference?

Serena Williams’ glittery tips

The candy-cane nails of Hailey Bieber

These glossy red nails, another Hailey favorite, were shown off toward the tail end of 2022. Even if they aren’t as popular as a doughnut glaze, they are stylish.

Hailey Bieber’s candy cane nails

The goldie luxe design of Kate Hudson

In 2022, chrome powders were all the rage, and everyone wanted to get Kate Hudson’s stunning high-shine bronze hairstyle.

Kate Hudson’s goldie luxe design

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