Celebrities Who Went to Jail: The Stories of Celebrities Who Touched the Wrong Side of the Law

Celebrities Who Went to Jail: Not every aspect of a celebrity’s life is rosy. Being famous frequently comes with consequences, such as scandals and excessive spending that lead to the loss of everything. 

Consider Danny Masterson, the star of “That ’70s Show” who sexually assaulted two women and received a life sentence. A fall from grace, however, need not last forever. 

After serving their sentences, several famous people were able to start over and achieve great success in their chosen fields. Check out some of the celebrities who were put in jail for varied criminal cases

Celebrities who went to jail

1. Actor Mel Gibson

After entering a not-guilty plea to simple battery on March 11, Gibson was handed a sentence that included 52 weeks of counseling, 36 months of informal probation, and 16 hours of community service.           

Mel Gibson

2. Actor Nicolas Cage

Police in New Orleans stated they detained Cage following an incident he had with his wife outside of a French Quarter apartment while they were both drunk. 

Nicolas Cage

3. British actor Russell Brand

The New Orleans police department issued an arrest warrant for Brand on Monday after a photographer accused the British actor and comedian of stealing his iPhone and throwing it out a window.  

Russell Brand

4. Michael Jackson

On November 20, 2003, in Santa Barbara, California, pop singer Michael Jackson was captured on camera by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.  

On suspicion of molestation of a minor, Jackson turned himself in to the authorities and was taken into custody. After the 45-year-old musician was photographed, fingerprinted, and released on a $3 million bond, he was jailed.  

Michael Jackson

5. Robert Downey Jr.

A photo taken by Palm Springs, California, police on November 25, 2000, shows actor Robert Downey Jr. after he was booked on charges of possessing cocaine and methamphetamines.  

The problematic 35-year-old actor served a year in prison for drug-related offenses before being released from prison less than three months ago. 

Robert Downey Jr.

6. Lindsay Lohan

In this July 20, 2010, booking photo, Lindsay Lohan is shown at the Lynwood Correctional Facility in Lynwood, California.  

On Tuesday, Lohan turned herself in at the Beverly Hills Municipal Courthouse to begin a 90-day jail term for failing to complete alcohol education programs as required by her probation for drunk driving convictions. 

Lindsay Lohan

7. Calvin Broadus

Rap musician Calvin Broadus, better known by his stage name Snoop Dogg. After an arrest warrant was obtained charging the rap star with possession of a lethal weapon, he surrendered to authorities. After posting bail of $150,000, he was granted release.

Calvin Broadus

8. American actor Charlie Sheen

This handout photo was published on December 25, 2009, by the Aspen Police Department and features American actor Charlie Sheen. Charges against 44-year-old Sheen include criminal mischief, threatening, and second-degree assault. He was detained on Friday.    

 Charlie Sheen

A domestic violence element was included in all of the allegations. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department published this booking photo of Paris Hilton on June 4, 2007.   

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9. Paris Hilton

On Sunday night, as she began her a 23-day sentence in Los Angeles for violating her probation , heiress Paris Hilton traded in her Guccis and expensive clothes for jail gear. Her counsel stated on June 3, 2007, that she admitted to being scared.

This set of booking images taken on January 23, 2014, in Miami, Florida, showcases Canadian adolescent music star Justin Bieber, courtesy of the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department. 

Paris Hilton

South Florida police reportedly captured Bieber drag racing in a rented yellow Lamborghini sports car, leading to his detention on a drunk driving charge.

10. Mike Tyson

Following his 1991 rape conviction, Mike Tyson received a six-year prison term plus four years of probation. He was 18 years old at the time.   

After completing his term in less than three years, Tyson was granted parole. Following his release, the boxer cruised to victory in each of his return fights, the first of which earned approximately $100 million globally. 

Mike Tyson

He has also established a thriving cannabis company that has amassed millions of dollars in sales; an edible in the shape of an ear is one of their products. A video of Tyson allegedly hitting another passenger in the head went viral after the latter had taunted him on the plane. 

The investigation has been closed and no criminal charges were brought against Tyson.

11. Tim Allen

Tim Allen spent nearly two and a half years behind bars before he became famous as the lead actor in the popular comedy “Home Improvement.”

In 1978, Allen was apprehended at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport in Michigan for having over 650 grams of cocaine in his hands.

Tim Allen

In his guilty plea to felony drug trafficking charges, he offered the identities of other drug dealers in an effort to avoid a possible life sentence in prison.

12. Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes reported to serve his term in 2010, following his 2008 conviction for intentional failure to submit federal income tax returns. The Supreme Court did not accept Snipes’s appeal, which he submitted in 2011. 

He served out the remainder of his sentence while under house arrest after his release in April 2013. Even though Snipes spent time in prison, his acting career continued. 

Wesley Snipes

The 2019 film “Dolemite Is My Name” and the 2021 film “Coming 2 America” are only two examples of his ongoing feature film career. 

13. Martha Stewart 

In 2004, after a highly publicized trial that began with securities fraud and obstruction of justice, Martha Stewart was convicted of criminal charges included giving false statements to federal investigators, conspiracy to obstruct, and obstruction of an agency process.

Two years of supervised release followed Stewart’s five-month jail term. After serving her sentence, Stewart began a comeback campaign that gained her even more fame and fortune than before her incarceration.

Martha Stewart 

One of her most notable collaborations was with Snoop Dogg on 2019’s “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge,” which brought in more money and success than before her arrest.

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