Top 13 Best Pakistani Horror Movies of All Time (Updated 2024)

Regarding spine-chilling tales and hair-raising thrills, the Pakistani film industry has crafted some exceptional horror movies that have left audiences trembling in their seats. From haunted mansions to possessed dolls, these cinematic gems have managed to delve into the darkest corners of human fear while also reflecting the unique cultural nuances of Pakistan.

 In this comprehensive list of the best Pakistani horror movies of all time, we explore a chilling collection of films bound to keep you on edge and prove that Pakistan is indeed a force to be reckoned with in horror cinema.

Best Pakistani Horror Movies of All Time List

No. Movie Title
1 Kataksha
2 Nagin Jogi
3 Shaanxi
4 Hotel
5 Billi
6 Saya
7 Sarkata Insaan
8 Pari
9 Aks
10 Aksbandh
11 Siyaah
12 Maya
13 Zibahkhana

1. Kataksha

Kataksha is a newly released Pakistani Urdu filmge directed and written by Abu Aleeha. The total budget of this film is 9.8 million, and the box office collection is 20.1 million. This psychological horror movie starring Mubeen Gabol, Kasim Khan, Saleem Mairaj, Namrah Shahid and Kiran Tabeer in prominent roles.


2. Nagin Jogi

Nagin Jogi is a famous Pakistani horror movie in Urdu that earned lots of box office collections at Pakistani cinema. This best story film features Sultan Rahi, Nadira and Gori as lead characters.

Nagin Jogi

3. Shaani

Shaanxi is an Urdu language science fiction Pakistani movie in which Babra Sharif, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Sheri Malik, Asif Khan and Mohammad Ali play lead roles. It is a fantastic story movie directed by Saeed Rizvi and produced by Rafiq Rizvi.


4. Hotel

Hotel is a fantastic story Pakistani horror movie in Urdu, starring Meera, Jasmine Sandlas, Tariq Jamal, Baila Naz, Wiam Dahmani, Anees Raja and Nasreen Jaan in prominent roles. Khalid Hasan Khan writes the story of this film.



5. Billi

Billi is a fantastic story movie in Urdu that was released at the Pakistani box office on 20th July 2000. This best horror story movie features Saima, Nadeem, Meera and Noor as lead characters. This movie hit the Pakistani cinema.

Pakistani Horror Movies

6. Saya

Saya is a newly Pakistani short horror movie in Urdu released at the box office on 11th June 2017. This is a fantastic story film directed by H Ishfaq Ahmad. Zain Adnan plays a lead role in this movie.


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7. Sarkata Insaan

Sarkata Insaan is the best Pakistani horror movie in Urdu, directed and produced by Saeed Rizvi. This is a fantastic story horror movie starring Babra Sharif, Ghulam Mohiuddin and Izhar Qazi in prominent roles.

Sarkata Insaan

8. Pari

Pari is a famous Pakistani film in which Qavi Khan, Rasheed Naz, Saleem Mairaj, Azekah Daniel, Junaid Akhtar and Faiq Asim plays lead roles. This horror thriller was directed by Syed Atif Ali and produced by Mubeen Mahmood. Muhammad Ahsan writes the story of this scary movie.


9. Aks

Aks is a fantastic story film in the Urdu language that was released on 16th February 2018 at the Pakistani box office. Filmika pictures distribute it. This is a 3D horror movie directed, produced and written by Asif Pervez.


10. Aksbandh

Aksbandh is a famous Urdu language Pakistani movie directed and written by Emran Hussain and produced by Naveed Arshad, Seemeen Naveed and Emran Hussain. This horror thriller movie starring Ayaz Samoo, Danial Afzal Khan, Saud Imtiaz, Shehzeen Rahat, Mahrukh Rizvi, Bilal Yousufzai and Arshad Ali in prominent roles.


11. Siyaah

Siyaah is a best Pakistani horror thriller film released at the Pakistani box office on 15th March 2013. This is a fantastic story movie in which harem Farooq, Qazi Jabbar, Mahnoor Usman and Ahmed Ali Akbar play lead roles.


12. Maya

Maya is the best Pakistani horror movie in Urdu, directed by Jawad Bashir and produced by Hina Jawad. The total box office collection of this movie is US$190,000. It was released on 12th June 2015 at the Pakistani box office.


13. Zibahkhana

Zibahkhana is the best slasher horror movie in the Urdu language starring Ashfaq Bhatti, Sultan Billa, Osman Khalid Butt, Rubya Chaudhry, Rooshanie Ejaz, Najma Malik and Saleem Mairaj in prominent roles.



In conclusion, Pakistani horror movies have come a long way in quality and storytelling. From the eerie atmospheres to the spine-chilling performances, these films have captured the essence of fear and suspense. The films on this list showcase the talent and creativity of Pakistani filmmakers who push boundaries and explore new horizons within the horror genre.

Whether you are a fan of supernatural tales or psychological thrillers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So, grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and immerse yourself in Pakistani horror cinema – you won’t be disappointed!

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