So Help Me Todd Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2023!

So Help Me Todd returns for a second season of laughs, surprises, and heartwarming friendships. Even after its groundbreaking premiere in 2022, this American sitcom always makes its audience laugh and have a good time.

In an upcoming episode, Todd, his mother Margaret, and his colourful crew will deal with strange legal misadventures and funny interpersonal conflicts.

CBS renewed the show for a second season in February 2023, a few episodes before the first season ended. That only happens sometimes on TV!

The show’s success hasn’t surprised us, but it has validated our decision to include it in our broadcast schedule. However, the postponement of Season 2 may come as a shock to some viewers.

So Help Me Todd

Will So Help Me Todd have a second season?

Hidden Remote says that So Help Me Todd will have a second season. The legal thriller was picked up for a second season on February 2, 2023, the 12th episode of the first season aired. The renewal news came about halfway through the season, which is challenging. This only happens sometimes, especially in the world of broadcasting.

When will the second season of Help Me, Todd come out?

We have yet to set a precise date for when So Help Me Todd season 2 will come out. It could come back between January and March 2024. But we will have to wait until we hear from CBS before we can be sure.

So Help Me Todd

What can viewers of So Help Me Todd Season 2 anticipate seeing?

Even though the renewal came so early, we still know this much about the season’s central premise: A gifted private investigator with little purpose who reluctantly accepts a job with his mother’s controlling law firm.

The story of a private investigator with solid investigative instincts but no motivation because he comes from a dysfunctional family will likely continue.

So Help Me Todd

Todd works as an internal investigator at his mother Margaret’s Portland, Oregon, law practice only because he knows she will insist on it.

Margaret is a rule-follower who strongly disagrees with Todd, who often skirts the law to avoid impasses. Despite the radio silence, we can be assured that the program will pick off where the first season finale left off regarding plot and character development.

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Who include the cast members of So Help Me Todd Season 2?

Recurring series regulars include Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret, Skylar Astin as Todd, Madeline Wise as Allison, Tristen J. Winger as Lyle, Inga Schlingmann as Susan, and Rosa Evangelina Arredondo as Francey.

Scott Prendergast is the show’s creator and executive producer alongside his wife, Klaviter, Dr Phil McGraw, Stuart Gillard, Jay McGraw, and Julia Eisenman.

According to Web News Observer, As the premiere date gets closer, we’ll determine if any new characters will join the cast for the forthcoming season. What the authors have in mind for readers in the next chapter is a secret until later this year or early next.

So Help Me Todd

Where to Watch So Help Me Todd Season 2?

Season 2 of So Help Me Todd will likely include around the same number of episodes as Season 1 had (21), with an average length of 43 minutes (the same as Season 1).

The number of episodes could go up or down depending on the message the show ultimately wants to send to its viewers. Until further evidence is available, please be patient and review the first season.

When Season 2 premieres, viewers in the United States and Canada can watch it on CBS All Access, Paramount Network, and Global TV, respectively. However, it is said to be freely accessible on the CBS platform along with the rest of the network’s shows.

So Help Me Todd

Depending on where the viewer is located, they can also watch the show on FuboTV, as they do with many other CBS shows. iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu may also carry the shows for rental or purchase, though this will vary by user location and subscription plan preference.

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Trailer

Due to the recent airing of the series first-season finale, “Are You There, Todd?” on May 18, 2023 the network has not aired any new teasers for the show.  Since production on the show has yet to begin, the network is unlikely to air a new trailer.

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