Who is Alex Murdaugh? Check Out More About the Criminal-cum-Lawyer

The murder of a boy and his mother. The stolen money amount to millions of dollars. A catastrophic boat accident and a fatal fall suffered by a housewife.

Many events have transpired since the murders of Alex Murdaugh’s wife and youngest son in 2021. Murdaugh is a lawyer from South Carolina currently serving a life sentence for their murder. 

Investigate further into the case of the lawyer who was actually a criminal.

Alex Murdaugh Early Life

The man known as Alex Murdaugh came into this world in Hampton, South Carolina, USA, on June 17, 1958. None of this was ever in Alex’s (65 years old) wildest dreams.   

Alex Murdaugh

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While we have some information regarding Alex Murdaugh’s educational background, the specifics of his upbringing remain a mystery.    

Based on our research, Alex possesses a Juris Doctorate and a Bachelor of Arts in political science. Since 1994, he has been practicing law.

Alex Murdaugh Height & Weight

Alex Murdaugh

This is Alex Murdaugh at 6 feet and 0 inches. He is about 94 kg in weight. His brown hair and warm brown eyes are quite handsome.  His biceps, dress size, shoe size, waist to hip ratio, and other vital statistics are unknown.

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Alex Murdaugh Career

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been practicing family law in South Carolina and has been a member of the bar since 1994. Following his conviction for the double murder of his son and wife, he was debarred from practicing law in South Carolina by the state’s highest court on July 12, 2022.  

In the past, he has handled all facets of personal injury lawsuits on behalf of injured people. Alex Murdaugh boasted that he was an expert in product liability, wrongful death, and trucking cases. 

Alex Murdaugh

For the 14th Judicial Circuit, he has done part-time prosecuting work in the past.  After the murders of his wife and child go unrecognized, Alex decides to make a public statement about what happened.  

After Alex’s resignation speech, the public learned that he was sacked from his law firm due to the disappearance of millions of dollars’ worth of legal fees. The news said that he was fired from the company due to his misappropriation of corporate funds.

Alex Murdaugh’s Wife

Who is the spouse of Alex Murdaugh? Despite his love for Maggie, Alex Murdaugh, who wed her on August 14, 1993, is now guilty of her murder. Beautiful Maggie Murdaugh was Alex’s wife and the mother of his two kids, Paul Terry and Richard Alexander “Buster” Murdaugh Jr.   

Alex Murdaugh

During the time of his son Paul’s murder, Alex was a college student. The lone survivor of Alex’s family after he killed his wife and one son is his eldest son.

Alex Murdaugh will be incarcerated for the foreseeable future. His wife, Maggie Murdaugh, was born on September 15, 1968, and Alex murdered her on June 7, 2021, at the family’s vast hunting property called Moselle, close to Islandton in Colleton County. Maggie was 52 years old at the time.

Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial

The Alex Murdaugh murder trial involved the conviction of South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh for the murders of his wife and son. The trial concluded on March 2, 2023, with Murdaugh being found guilty after just under three hours of jury deliberation

Alex Murdaugh

The prosecution accused Murdaugh of being a “family annihilator” and presented evidence of a gruesome crime scene with blood and biological matter strewn across the ground and walls

Additionally, Murdaugh admitted to embezzling money from his law firm, misleading his clients, and lying to his family about his addiction during the trial

Despite his ongoing efforts to secure a retrial, including allegations of jury tampering by a court clerk, his murder conviction and life sentence remain in place, with him facing a long prison term.

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