Mikki Mase Net Worth in 2023 – A Biographical Overview of a Successful Career

In this article, we will provide you with essential information about Mikael Gambler, a popular online gambling personality on Instagram. He is also known as Dirty Goth Boi, but his real name is Mikael Mase. As a pro-high-stakes player, he has gained fame for sharing his casino experiences and wins on social media. We will answer frequently asked questions about his net worth and sources of income.

Mikki Mase Biography

Real Name/Full Name Michael Meiterman
Nick Name Dirty Goth Boi
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 27 October 1991
Age 33 years old
Birth Place NA
Parents Name Father – NA
Mother – NA
Height NA
Weight NA
Languages English
Religion NA
Nationality American
Zodiac Scorpio
Girlfriend Multiple
Profession Poker Player, Gambling
Mikki Mase Net Worth $15 Million (Updated Sept 2023)

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Early Years of Mikki Gambler

On October 27, 1991, Mikki was born in New Jersey, United States. He moved to New York at the young age of 20 and has been residing in South Florida since 2013. Unfortunately, Mikki spent most of his early life behind bars, serving six years before his 21st birthday. During this trying time, he confessed to lacking social connections and self-awareness.

He wandered the streets of New York as a homeless person and eventually joined a local gang. However, his life took a positive turn when a friend invited him to Florida. There, he worked at a tattoo shop, scrubbing toilets and staying sober.

He took up a job at a nearby rehab center to get his life back on track. While working there, he realized he wanted to expand his knowledge about the rehab business and increase his earnings to $500,000 annually. Mikki’s ultimate goal was to establish his own rehab center. To achieve this, he began building relationships with influential people in the pharmacy industry and opened over 300 pharmacies. He worked tirelessly, putting in 18-hour days, to ensure he never faced homelessness again.

Mikki Mase The Man Who Really Beat Vegas- CasinoThe early success of Mikki Mase’s rise to fame

Mikki Mase’s skill in gambling comes from his natural talent for playing cards and reading his opponents’ body language. He gained a reputation as a skilled player in his early gambling years.

In the early 2000s, he won several high-stakes tournaments and became an elite player, winning millions of dollars in prize money. He gained recognition as one of the world’s best poker players.

Major casinos worldwide invited him to participate in their tournaments, thanks to his beginnings in gambling that played a pivotal role in propelling him towards financial independence.

Mikki’s early success as an online gambler is evident from his net worth of over $10 million, despite diversifying into other business ventures like real estate and tech startups.

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Mikki Mase Personal Life

Mikki Mase values his family above everything else and makes spending quality time with them a priority. He believes that a strong family foundation is crucial for success in all areas of life, including his gambling career.

Does Mikki have an Industrial Plant?

Mikki is a professional high-stakes gambler in 2023 who enjoys playing online craps and baccarat. He has two official Instagram accounts, @mikaelmvse and @dirtygothboi, with the latter being his most active.

People often raise controversial questions when Mikki shows up at high-stakes games due to his regular presence. These questions are similar to those asked about Dan Bilzerian, such as how he earned his fortune.

How does Mikki Make Money?

Mikki maintains multiple social media accounts, and rumors abound about how he amassed his wealth. Despite his numerous interviews, the mystery remains unsolved. However, some speculate that he may have padded his bankroll with casino or no deposit bonuses to kickstart his startup.

Wealthy parents, often land developers or major casino stakeholders, are the common origin of famous theories. These individuals may also engage in activities such as money laundering or Instagram grifting. One example is the self-proclaimed theory of Mikki Gambler, who opened multiple rehab clinics as a means of generating wealth.

Sources of Mikki’s Wealth in 2023

Mikki Gambler has openly shared his wealth through several no-jumper interviews. He revealed that he owns highly profitable rehab centers, among other sources of income.

    • Rehab Clinics
    • Money Laundering
    • Buying into crypto on a yearly basis
    • Instagram Scams
    • Story of being bankrolled by wealthy entrepreneurs
    • Wealthy parents are also responsible for bankrolling his game. They were casino owners or land developers.

Has Mikki Gambler scammed With Anyone?

Can Poker Player Mikki Mase Really Beat Baccarat Long

It’s unclear if anyone scammed Mikki, despite the prevalence of internet scams. While Mikki did have a large sum of money, there is no legal evidence to support any claims against him. Additionally, he has taken pictures with many celebrities while gambling, including a recent photo with Phil Ivey.

One of Mase’s favorite stories involves an interview with NASCAR driver Keith McGee, who asked Mase to fund a race. The story begins when McGee posted a video on TikTok showing him placing almost $4.5 million in a suitcase. Mase surprised McGee by agreeing to fund the race when he visited him.

Moreover, McGee and Mase met at a casino in Vegas where they tried their luck with $10,000. However, Mase lost all his money on the first day, including the $10,000 he borrowed from McGee, leaving him with a total loss of $20,000. Undeterred, Mase returned the next day with $81,000 to continue playing. Despite McGee not winning, he did manage to secure 32 positions. This is just one of the many memorable tales they experienced.

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Mikki Gambler Net Worth 2023

We cannot determine his net worth precisely, but based on his public videos and photos, it is estimated that Mikki possesses over $15 million. Moreover, he shared his $3.1 million MGM winnings on social media.

On his Instagram account, Mikki Gambler shares the ups and downs of his gambling career, with a focus on the highs. He acknowledges the unpredictable nature of gambling and emphasizes that it’s not always about huge wins. Despite facing nearly $250,000 in financial losses, he managed to cash out with $215,000. Based on his social media posts, Mikki Gambler’s net worth is at least $8.45 million, but this is likely just the beginning.

Mikki Mase As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media Site Linked Destination
Mikki Mase Facebook Click Here
Mikki Mase Instagram Click Here
Mikki Mase Twitter Click Here
Mikki Mase YouTube Click Here


Who is Mikki Gambler?

As Dirty Goth Boi Aka Mikki Mase is well-known for his success as a business owner, entrepreneur, poker player, and social media influencer. Formerly Michael David Meiterman, he left his job in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue professional gambling.

What is His Net Worth in 2023?

Mikki Gambler’s net worth estimated to be over $15 million.

What is Mikki Mase Real Name?

His real name is Michael Meiterman, not Mikki Mase.

Where was Mikki Mase born?

She was born on October 27, 1991.

Why is Mikki banned in Casinos?

Mikki cannot enter any casinos in Las Vegas, and they have not provided a clear reason for this restriction. However, Mikki believes that he is banned because he is a successful gambler, particularly in blackjack and baccarat where he has won millions of dollars.


Dirty Goth Boi, also known as Mikki Gambler, spent most of his early life in prison. Although his net worth remains undisclosed, he left the pharmaceutical industry after several years to pursue a career as a professional gambler. However, due to multiple reasons, all casinos in Las Vegas have banned him. Mikki Gambler considers himself a winning player in this regard.

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