List of Wealthiest Female Cricketers: Top 12 in the World (Updated 2024)

Embark on a journey into the world of cricketing wealth as we unveil the “Top 12 Richest Female Cricketers in the World.” Beyond their prowess on the field, these athletes have amassed considerable fortunes through endorsements, contracts, and entrepreneurial ventures.

From pioneering legends to contemporary stars, we delve into the financial success of these remarkable women, showcasing their business acumen and global appeal. Join us as we explore the intersection of talent and wealth in the realm of female cricket, celebrating the achievements and financial prowess of these leading figures in the sport.

Richest Female Cricketers in the World List

Serial No Name
1 Smriti Mandhana
2 Sarah Jane Taylor
3 Mithali Raj
4 Ellyse Perry
5 Holly Ferling
6 Sana Mir
7 Cecelia Joyce
8 Dane van Niekerk
9 Katherine Brunt
10 Sara McGlashan
11 Harmanpreet Kaur
12 Laura Marsh
13 Mignon du Preez
14 Isa Guha
15 Meg Lanning
16 Rosalie Birch

1. Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Shriniwas Mandhana is one of the wealthiest female cricketers in the world who plays for the Indian women’s national team. In 2018, the BCCI board named her one of the best women’s international cricketers. She also holds the double hundred record in One Day International match. The estimated net worth of Smriti is 1 million USD dollar.

Smriti Mandhana

2. Sarah Jane Taylor

Sarah Jane Taylor is a professional, most beautiful female cricketer who plays for the England cricket team. She is an aggressive right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper. She was born on 20 May 1989 in Whitechapel, London, England. She played 113 One Day International matches, scoring 3,786 runs for his team.

Sarah Jane Taylor

3. Mithali Raj

Mithali Raj is an Indian female cricketer who is the current National team captain in Test matches and ODI. She is also known as a football player who is noted to have scored 184 international Goals in her playing career. Mithali is the most beautiful woman cricketer of the Indian national team. She was born on 3 December 1982 and studied at Keyes High School. She was also honoured with the Padma Shri and Arjuna Award for Cricket. 

Mithali Raj

4. Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Alexandra Perry is a famous women’s cricketer for the Australian national team. She is the best all-rounder cricketer who made her first One Day international debut on 22 July 2007 vs New Zealand. She is one of the wealthiest women cricketers in the world, with a total net worth of 14 million USD.

Ellyse Perry

5. Holly Ferling

Holly Ferling is one of the wealthiest women cricketers in the world. She is a member of the Australian women’s national team. She is a Right-arm fast-medium bowler who played 3 test matches, 16 ODI matches, and 9 T20 matches in her career. He made his first debut in 2013 vs Pakistan.


6. Sana Mir

Sana Mir is the most beautiful female cricketer in the world and captain of the Pakistan women’s national team. She ranked in 6th position among ODI bowlers in the world. She made her first debut on 28 December 2005 vs. Sri Lanka. She played 108 One Day International matches and 75 T20 matches. She is one of the wealthiest women cricketers in the world.

Sana Mir

7. Cecelia Joyce

Cecelia Nora Isobel Mary Joyce is popularly known by her stage name, Cecelia Joyce. She is the hottest women’s cricketer in the world who plays for Ireland women’s national team. She scored 965 runs in ODI matches and 305 runs in T20 matches. She is a Right-arm leg break bowler and right-handed batsman.

Cecelia Joyce

8. Dane van Niekerk

Dane van Niekerk is the hottest female cricketer in the South African women’s national team. He was born on 14 May 1993 in Pretoria, South Africa. He is the best all rounder cricket player who holds many cricket records. She made her first debut on 8 March 2009 vs West Indies. Her ODI shirt number is 81.

Dane van Niekerk

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9. Katherine Brunt

Katherine Helen Brunt is a famous cricketer in the England women’s national cricket team. She was born on 2 July 1985 in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England. She is a right-arm fast bowler who played 10 Test matches, 106 ODI matches, and 57 T20 matches in her career. She also played in the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Katherine Brunt

10. Sara McGlashan

Sara McGlashan is the hottest women cricketer in the world who was born on 28 March 1982 in Napier, Hawke’s Bay. She is an aggressive right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper of her team. She played 80 ODI matches, 2 Test matches, and 16 T20 matches in her career.

Sara McGlashan

11. Harmanpreet Kaur

She is now the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team in T-20I. She is one of the best six-hitter woman cricketers in the world

Harmanpreet Kaur

12. Laura Marsh

Laura Alexandra Marsh is a famous women’s cricket cricketer in England’s national cricket team. He was born on 5 December 1986 in Pembury, Kent, England. He is an attacking Right-arm off-break bowler who played 7 test matches, 89 ODI matches, and 60 T20 matches in her career.

Laura Marsh


In conclusion, the list of the “Top 12 Richest Female Cricketers in the World” showcases the intersection of talent and financial success in the realm of cricket. From Smriti Mandhana to Meg Lanning, these athletes have not only excelled on the field but also leveraged their skills to build lucrative careers.

Through endorsements, sponsorships, and strategic investments, they have secured their positions as leading figures in both sport and business. Their achievements serve as inspiration for aspiring female cricketers worldwide, demonstrating the potential for financial empowerment and success within the sport.

As cricket continues to evolve, these women stand as shining examples of excellence and ambition.


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