Is Michael Jordan Still Alive? Find the Truth Behind the Celebrity Hoax

Michael Jordan is arguably one of the most well-known athletes of our time. He was the Chicago Bulls’ go-to guy and a big reason they could win many games and the NBA title.

Although the game has seen many great players since Jordan, few have been able to match his grit, talent, and dedication. You may wonder if Jordan is still alive, given that he was a player in the late ’80s and ’90s. Find out if Michael Jordan is still alive and where he is now.

False news on Facebook that Michael Jordan has died

A Facebook page with the headline “R.I.P. Michael Jordan” gained over a million “likes” on Monday, leading to further speculation about the basketball player’s supposed death.

The ‘About’ section gives readers a reasonable justification for the American basketball player’s untimely death: hundreds of mourners descended upon the Facebook page all at once, expressing their shock and grief at the news of the basketball legend’s loss at age 59. And, as expected, the death hoax set off a Twitter frenzy.

Michael Jordan

Others, perhaps having seen the stream of scams about celebrity deaths in recent months, were immediately sceptical of the tweet despite its seeming authenticity. The end of a basketball icon like Michael Jordan would be front-page news on all major American networks, so when no such coverage appeared, many people suspected a fraud.

A recent study by the Celebrity Post found that 72 per cent of respondents agreed that jokes about Michael Jordan’s passing are no longer funny.

Is Michael Jordan Still Alive?

The sudden and unexpected death of basketball star Michael Jordan earlier this week sent shock waves through his global fan base. As it turns out, however, the August 2023 report was simply the latest in a long line of phoney celebrity death rumours. Sportsmanor confirms that the former Chicago Bulls is alive and great, and thankfully, still with us.

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Why did Michael Jordan retire from basketball?

Michael Jordan left professional basketball twice. The first occasion was after the 1993 campaign had concluded. Michael decided to leave his job for several different reasons. The first was the tragic loss of his father.

James Jordan, Jordan’s father, was assassinated shortly after his son’s final game. James’s attendance at his son’s last game was a topic of conversation between him and his father. Michael realized this was true and decided to retire as a result. His dad had watched him play in his final game.

Michael Jordan

His father had urged him to retire after he won his first NBA title because he saw no use in him playing the game further. Jordan felt he had accomplished everything he could and had nothing more to prove, contributing to his decision to retire in 1993.

At the time, he had already won three NBA titles, one Olympic gold medal, and multiple MVP awards. Nothing seemed capable of challenging him further. He lost interest and motivation to play as a result. He was eager to establish his worth but believed he had already done so.

Last, he had become weary of the constant press scrutiny. Several articles had already appeared in the media concerning his gambling addictions and other personal concerns. In awe of his immense celebrity, the press devoured every information they could find on him.

It meant he was under scrutiny all the time. He needed some time away from it all. After retiring, Jordan signed with the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB).

After briefly retiring, he returned to the court in 1996 and promptly resumed his dominant ways. After waiting another three years, Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA.

Michael Jordan

Businesses Owned by Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a retired American professional basketball player who has ventured into various businesses. Here is a list of companies owned by Michael Jordan:

  • Charlotte Hornets: Michael Jordan is the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. He became part-owner and head of basketball operations for the Charlotte Hornets (then named the Bobcats) in 2006 and bought a controlling interest in 2010.
  • Air Jordan Brand: Jordan sneakers were so popular in the 90s that Michael and Nike agreed that the Air Jordan brand would operate 100% independently from the Nike Corporation. It has been reported that Air Jordan raked in $5.1 billion for Nike in 2022, and Michael’s deal ensures that he receives 5% of the sales.
  • Real Estate Portfolio: Michael Jordan has a real estate portfolio that includes a $7.5 million mansion in Florida, a $12.4 million mansion in North Carolina, and a $2.8 million condo in Charlotte.
  • Michael Jordan Steakhouse and MJ23 Sports Bar & Grill: Michael Jordan has invested in restaurants, including Michael Jordan Steakhouse and MJ23 Sports Bar & Grill.
  • Nissan Dealership: Michael Jordan owns a Nissan dealership in Durham, North Carolina, with over $18 million in revenues as of 2022.
  • DraftKings: Michael Jordan has invested in sports betting company DraftKings.
  • 23XI Racing: Michael Jordan is a co-owner of the NASCAR team 23XI Racing.
  • Golf Course: Michael Jordan owns a golf course.
  • Other Sporting Projects: Michael Jordan has owned various sporting projects.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has earned a vast fortune from his numerous partnerships and endorsements of brands like Nike, Hanes, and Gatorade. His collaborations with various brands have earned MJ over $1.8 billion in revenues.

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