Safety Nailer Framer Net Worth in 2023: Analyzing the Financial Success of Safety Nailer Framer Post-Shark Tank

The Safety Nailer is a unique safety tool that keeps fingers safe when using a hammer or a drill. The Safety Nailer is a small plastic shield you can put on your thumb and fingers. The nail goes through the hole in the Safety Nailer. Find how much is the net worth of the enterprise.

What is Safety Nailer?

Safety Nailer is a business that makes the same-named product, their most popular item. The company is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Safety Nailer is a device that is worn on the thumb and pointer finger.

It protects the user from common accidents when using a nail and hammer, working with wood, or making home repairs. The tool has three guides of different sizes for putting in nails to ensure they are put in correctly and appropriately.

Safety Nailer

Who are the founders of the company?

Drew Zirkle, a civil engineer who worked as a Water and Wastewater Project Manager for an HRD design firm for more than fourteen years, and Kristen Eifes, an accountant who has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Administration and Management from Old Dominion University and a Master of Education in Elementary Education and Teaching from the University of Phoenix, started the company.

After he was medically discharged from the Navy in 2012, Drew’s college friend and Kristen’s husband, Daniel Eifes, created and patented the product with Kristen’s help. Daniel couldn’t work in the business because of his health, so Drew and Kristen worked together to get the effect on the market.

Safety Nailer

How does the Safety Nailer work?

The Safety Nailer is a small plastic blocker worn on the fingers and thumb. It keeps nails in place with magnets and lessens the damage from a swing that isn’t on target. It also works with screws and comes with a version for nails longer than half an inch and a “tiny” version for nails and screws that are smaller.

The first money for the company came from a Kickstarter effort in July 2019 that raised $8663. They also put in more money from their pockets and won $5,000 in a competition for entrepreneurs and innovators called Start Peninsula. For $8.99, you can buy both copies of the product on Amazon.

Safety Nailer

Net Worth of Safety Nailer Framer in 2023

During the pitch, the company was worth $714,286. Since then, the company has kept going, so its net worth might be better than in the pitch.

Safety Nailer got featured on Shark Tank USA on March 2020. According to Geeks Around Globe,

Safety Nailer’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank 714,000 USD (business valuation)
Safety Nailer’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]2021 2 million USD
Safety Nailer’s Current Net worth (2023)  4 million USD

Safety Nailer’s founder Drew Zirkle has a net worth of 3 Million USD.

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Shark Tank Deal

It might be an excellent idea for a product, but the fact that it’s a product and not a business worries some of the sharks. Kevin O’Leary is the first shark to lose. Drew tells him he has yet to quit his day job, and Kevin doesn’t feel he’s all in with the plan.

Mark Cuban is also out because he doesn’t want to back someone who isn’t 100% behind the product. At this point, the entrepreneur tries to sell his ‘clacker’ toy, which doesn’t click, to the sharks. Visitor shark Rohan Oza, on the other hand, thinks that the licensing deal for the Safety Nailer is a good one.

Safety Nailer

Lori Greiner agrees, so they both decide to go in. Mark asks if he can have the rights to the clacker, and if he can, he’ll join the deal. All three for one price? $100,000 for half of the business (and, of course, the rights to the clacker). Drew wants to bargain, and Mark says that if Drew can keep the clacker, they’ll lower the stock to 33%.

The businesses agree, but did the three sharks get a good deal? The safety nailer hasn’t caught on, but it’s still doing pretty well for a tool. It’s sold on Amazon, their website, and in Ace Hardware stores nationwide.

How much is Safety Nailer Framer Shark Tank worth right now?

How much the Shark Tank product Safety Nailer Framer is worth needs to be clarified. The company was worth $714,286 at the time of the pitch on Shark Tank.

But the company is still in business, and its net worth might be better than what the rise said. Reports said that Safety Nailer made about $2 million in sales annually in 2021.

Also, as of 2022, Drew Zirkle, who started Safety Nailer Framer, is worth $3 million. Remembering that a company’s value can change over time based on sales, income, and investments is essential.

So, the value of Safety Nailer Framer may be different now than what was said during the pitch on Shark Tank. Still, the product is doing well, with sales in the millions of dollars and a high net worth for the person who made it.


Safety Nailer is a product that has a lot of promise because it has so many benefits. If it gets enough attention, it can become something every building site does. The business is still doing well, but it could hit new heights with the right plan.

FAQs on Safety Nailer

What is Safety Nailer Framer?

The Safety Nailer is the most well-known and named product of the company Safety Nailer. The device is worn on the thumb and pointing finger to protect the user’s fingertips from injuries that can happen when using a nail and hammer, for example.

Who is the founder?

Drew Zirkle, an engineer, and Kristen Eifes, a certified public accountant, began Safety Nailer Framer.

What did they want on Shark Tank?

They wanted $100,000 for a 14% share of their business. At pitch, the company was worth $714,286.

Who were the investors?

Mark Cuban, Rohan Oza, and Lori Greiner put in $100,000 to buy 33.3% of Safety Nailer Framer. Is Safety Nailer Framer still doing business? As of February 2022, it is still in business.

Where can you find Safety Nailer Framer?

The company is in Virginia Beach, which is in Virginia.

What is the website for Safety Nailer Framer?

The website for the company is

Where can I buy a Safety Nailer Framer?

You can buy Safety Nailer Framer products on their website and

What is the business plan for Safety Nailer Framer?

Safety Nailer Framer is a home repair company that makes the Safety Nailer.

Do you send Safety Nailer Framer?

Yes, the company does send their products all over the world.

What makes Safety Nailer Framer different from nail magnet gloves?

The Safety Nailer works differently than the nail magnet glove. The Safety Nailer holds the nails in place, so you don’t have to put your finger over a hammer or drill head to keep nails from moving when the tool vibrates. The nail magnet glove goes on one hand and holds a single nail in place so that driving is more accurate.

Who buys from Safety Nailer Framer?

The prominent people who buy from Safety Nailer Framers are woodworkers, carpenters, and owners of home improvement stores in the United States who use a hammer and nails to fix their houses.

What is Safety Nailer Framer’s return policy?

Be safe. Items that have not been opened or used can be returned to Nailer Framer within 30 days.

What is the guarantee for the Safety Nailer Framer?

The Safety Nailer comes with a one-year guarantee you must ask for when buying it.

How much does the Safety Nailer Framer cost?

Safety Nailer Framers sells the Safety Nailer for $8.99 and the magnet glove for $12.99. Customers who want to buy more than one thing can put them all on one order and pay less for each one.

What is the source of income for Safety Nailer Framer?

The prominent people who buy Safety Nailers are woodworkers, builders, and people who own stores that sell home improvement supplies in the United States. Customers like these fix up their homes with a hammer and nail.

How do I pay for the Safety Nailer Framer?

Customers can pay for Safety Nailer Framers with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.

How long do you think Safety Nailer Framer will last?

Framers with Safety Nailers are made to last. The Safety Nailer Framer website says that the company uses high-quality parts and tests the durability of its goods at least once a year.

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