Is Eugenia Cooney dead or still alive? Does Eugenia Cooney Have an Eating Disorder?

If you are worried about “Is Eugenia Cooney Sick” and want to know what happened to the YouTuber and Internet star, you can learn everything new about her here. Eugenia Cooney is still uploading videos to YouTube in 2023, and the number of people who follow her is still growing.

Even though she constantly worries about her health, she stays upbeat and happy in her videos, which focus on fashion, beauty, and her personal life. Read on if you want to find out more.

Eugenia Cooney

Is Eugenia Cooney dead or still alive?

According to FreshersLive, Eugenia Cooney, a YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster, told her fans that she is “alive” after saying she had talked to the police after getting a call from someone saying she was in cardiac arrest and “about to die.” Eugenia Cooney, a YouTuber, hasn’t updated her social media in over a week, which has led to rumors that she is dead.

But there’s nothing to show that she is. In her last video, she did another Kingdom Hearts Kairi cosplay and makeup tutorial, but she seemed to have lost a lot of weight because her bones and skeletal structure were pronounced.

Many people have said that they think Eugenia has bulimia or anorexia, but she has always denied having an eating problem. Keemstar, Onision, and PewDiePie are all well-known YouTubers who have asked their fans to send her support.

Eugenia Cooney

Who Is Eugenia Cooney?

She is 27 years old and makes videos for YouTube. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Cooney was bullied a lot as a child, so her parents had to send her to school.

The internet personality has more than two million fans on social media sites. There were sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and more. Over 235.4 million people have watched her films.

Eugenia Cooney

The YouTuber returned in July 2019 with an hour-long documentary called The Return Of Eugenia Cooney, in which she and Shane Dawson both had parts. Her supposedly dangerous “eating habits” have caused a lot of talk. Eugenia reportedly calls people who worry about her weight loss “haters.”

Cooney started her YouTube channel in 2011 but didn’t become popular until May 19, 2013, when the video “How to Ratchetly Twerk” went viral. For those who don’t know, “ratchet” is a slang word for sexually promiscuous behaviour that sounds dirty or is dirty in some way.

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Eugenia Cooney

Does Eugenia Cooney Have an Eating Disorder?

A popular YouTuber named Eugenia Cooney is often used as an example of how to lose weight. Cooney has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, over 730 thousand followers on Instagram, and about 90 thousand fans on Twitch. People have thought that Cooney has an eating problem because of her appearance.

In February 2019, people asked her local police station to check on her. Early in 2019, a YouTuber named “Love Eugenia Cooney” posted what seemed to be a recording of a viewer’s phone call with the cops.

Even though the Greenwich Police Department in Connecticut was “aware” of the problems, it tweeted at the time that people should “respect [Eugenia’s] privacy and preferences.”

Eugenia Cooney

After these calls, Cooney said she was forced to stay in a mental hospital for 72 hours in February 2019. In February 2019, she quit social media and went to a treatment program for an eating problem, but she didn’t say which one she had.

Cooney returned to the internet five months later in Shane Dawson’s documentary “The Return of Eugenia Cooney,” in which she said she was getting treatment for an eating problem. But Cooney has kept adding videos to her YouTube account even after her comeback in July 2019.

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