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The Haryanvi Mashup (THM) 7 -

The Haryanvi Mashup (THM) 7
Album / FilmN/A
Music LabelN/A
Release DateN/A
SingerTotaram Sondhiya
Song WriterN/A
SongThe Haryanvi Mashup 7 | THM - 7
Female SingerNeeraj Khatana
RapGurmeet Bhadana, Desi King, Lokesh Gurjar
Music byDesi King
DirectedGurmeet Bhadana
Co-DirectedDesi King

The Haryanvi Mashup 7 song’s official video now has been published by I am Desi World music label. This song is sung by Totaram Sondhiya and Neeraj Khatana. This song lyrics have written by Gurmeet Bhadana, Anonymous and rapped by Gurmeet Bhadana, Desi King, Lokesh Gurjar as usual. Satip played a role as Satish and Desi King played a role Co-Director. Ravi Sharma ( Baba Bhairupia) Divya Jangid, Aman Gupta (Mr. AG), Rishabh Mishra, Sagar are starring in this song.

The Haryanvi Mashup & Lyrics

The Haryanvi Mashup & Lyrics are started as “Aaja Mere Pyare Tane Dikhadu Gajab Najare”…..

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