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The Cat Girl (Bhootna The Demon Cat) - Hindi Dubbed Chinese Movie

The Cat Girl (Bhootna The Demon Cat)
Box OfficeCN¥530 million
BudgetCN¥170 million
Directed byChen Kaige
GenreAction, Fantasy, Thriller
Music byPhilip Chan
Produced byChua Lam, Michael Lai
Release Date22 December 2017
StarsHuang Xuan, Dye Valley will be too, Zhang Yu Qi, Qin Hao, Abe Hiroshi, Liu Hao Ran, Zhang Tianyai, Ou Hao, Zhang Lu a, Zhang Rong Rong, Tian Yu, Liu Peiqi, Xin Baiqing, Cheng Tai Sun, Li Chun
Written byYoneyama Mineo

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One Opinion on “The Cat Girl (Bhootna The Demon Cat)

  1. deepak says:

    The Cat Girl (Bhootna The Demon Cat) is a fantastic action, horror, fantasy thriller Chinese movie in Hindi dubbed in which you can watch a great mysterious horror story with lots of action scenes.

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